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Australian billionaire plans to build near replica of the Titanic
Brisbane QLD, Australia

Mon Apr 30, 2:21 p.m. AEST: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has unveiled plans to build the Titanic II.

Palmer said his new company Blue Star Line Pty Ltd had commissioned the state-owned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard to build a near replica of the ill-fated Titanic in China. The cost is unknown.

The ship's maiden voyage from England to North America is scheduled for late 2016.

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Photo: The Titanic (+The Associated Press)


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Might want to add more life rafts.
This one will be made out of rubber.
Nothing says "brilliant" like building a "near replica" of a famously insufficient design.
What a waste of money and effort. Track record was not at all good on the last one. Has more money than sense!
Good idea, since nowadays there're less iceberg than 100 yrs ago cuz they're melting. The new Titanic would need to focus really hard to hit one even if it really wants to. LOL.
I'm sure there's some sort of copy right infringement going on here...
What a complete waste of money. Couldn't they do something more useful, like invest in medical research or energy research?
Mr Palmer said the rebuild was a tribute to the spirit of the men and women who constructed the original Titanic.

A fine tribute to the shipbuilders of Belfast, building the new Titanic in China.
Soon... The Nonary Game shall continue in earnest.
OK >>this<< one will be unsinkable...
☠ How stupid is that? Replicate a 100 y old technology?
One born every minute! Fools are two a penny... Poor man is certainly rich, in stupidity!
And after the titanic he plans on resurrecting the Challenger space craft...
Maybe make a zeppelin

I dont know if there will be enough time after BBB and home depot
How could this possibly go wrong!?
This plan is FAR TOO CLEVER to fail TWICE!!!!
The Titanic was a terrible design when it was built a hundred years ago. The Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic, was also badly damaged in a collision - because they didn't manoeuvre well at all. this boat hits an ice berg you may wanna do a check list and make sure the old rose does not throw the necklace over board,please let the women and children go first in the boats instead of the rich people.
Someone on Twitter just asked if anyone knows how to make an ice berg. I suggested a bloody big freezer.
Definitely not a smart business move. Very expensive gimmick to be left holding after about Year 2.
that's what the world needs another Titanic...
Hope he remembers to close the tops of the side tanks in case he hits an iceberg.
How come Navy Big ass ships never get sunk unless they in War or get shot down ? Then this one hits an Iceberg and get's dropped like a hot potato ? They need to have better captains , like why the fuck would you want to be on a ship that's going to pass somewhere cold in the 1st place ?
Somehow I would place a bit more trust an exact duplicate ship built in Belfast. As a side note, is the interior planned to be as opulent?

And most darkly: You didn't think there would be a sequel to the movie did you?! :D (Is he inviting relatives of the original passengers?)
I Think they should not try to get money off of dead people ! Let the story stay in the history book's ! Stop making Titanic Movie's ! Let them people rest in peace !
hmm movie sequel! Presumably this replica will have watertight doors all the way to the top of the ship and be made using modern hull technology
yeah and thery're gonna launch her on friday the 13th at 9/11 pm
It's okay guyz. Bruce Willis is at the Helm. They've got nothing to fear.
what a nice, brilliant, sparkling foolish idea..............seems to me the world is foolish like 100 years ago - if the people think there is no better option how to "invest" money -.............if yes, please, fill it with people, less safe boats and into the iceberg, please, into the iceberg......
Titanic the only way to reduce human population and to make another tragic movie for us to watch
Sean S
In 1995 I was in the 6th grade and I remember someone saying that a replica of the Titanic would be built and it would sail on the 100th anniversary in 2012. At the time I thought it would be neat to go on the Titanic in 2012. It's now 2012 and no replica.
Blame it on Poseidon he's the fool that thinks Titanic is another word for Titan lmao just playing I agree with Tomas to !
Might be a good idea to build as many as possible before Dec. 21, 2012
This should be done way before..I hope the replica this time not sink at least....
Now we just need: 1) an iceberg, 2) Celine Dion (preferably as a lounge singer onboard), and we're all set!
owww..i remember the titanic movie here=(so sad...
NEAR Replica is the key :) As long as it is better in design then the previous one..
Wow !!dat is kitty,i wuld rada sink on canoe.oh bush
So many other ideas, if he wants to spend his money...
Someone stop this madness, I can't live through Titanic II movie.
Imagine getting on board that ship for its maiden voyage from England to the USA, all the while knowing what happened to it the first time around. That must be an erie feeling. Then when they're passing the exact spot that the original Titanic sank... everyone on board can try to imagine the unimaginable...
Plans to build Titanic 2.... because the first one went sooooo well, amirite?
Or is it (read in movie backing voice) "Titanic 2, revenge of the Titanic"?
he should give his money to the charity, UNICEF instead to feed many instead of building shit like this...
I hope it won't have the same fate as what its predecessor had.
For those that fail to study their history, it is destined to be repeated.
china! Of all tha places in tha world.hahaha here in kenya we call it bonoko republic!
Clive Palmer is the most insane person in the world, he's also started his own Football association, and plans to become a politician!
Actually, probably a good business decision. It would not be a hard ship to fill, there are a lot of people who would not go on a regular liner but would love to go on the Titanic...
Better build new one titanic so i can going around this world..hehehe..
If it is historically accurate LOOKING on the outside and above water, but 2012 technologically proven otherwise, then it's kind of an interesting idea. I bet it will do quite well in terms of business, even if it were just permanently docked as a tourist attraction.
i am new here,i want to learn how this works,help if u can plz!
Don't think I'd fancy a trip on that and those that do book one way and save the return fare. ;-)
@ Marcus Lee...Don't forget that more life boats would be a great idea
When asked if he thought it would sink, Clive replied "if it had a hole in it it would, but it is being designed without a hole" classic... oh and this nutter changes his mind more often than I change underware, so I dout this idea will ever float.
Wasting money and resources on an insignificant aspect of human history. Ridiculous really.
I think the beautiful south have a song that has "don't call your boat Titanic II" in the lyrics :) Guy's obviously not superstitious... if he joins the maiden voyage that is?!
Ah, yes, the second one will be Titanic V - The Iceberg Strikes Back
In the conclusion it will be Titanic V - Return of the Ship.

He will then go and make the prequels that lead up to this great triology...

Titanic - The Phantom Sea
Titanic II - Attack of the Ice
Titanic III - Icebergs Revenge
Actually, the Titanic would have been all right if they hadn't used a steel with a high sulfur content for the hull. Tests showed that the steel used becomes brittle in freezing conditions. As for "waste" of money, traditionally, rich people using money on follies has often propped economies up, at least a little. Not that I support him, anyone that believes the CIA funds people it labels subversive is a fool.
Wow..way to capitalize on a tragedy.
I'm currently in the commissioning stage of building an exact replica of the ice berg that sunk the 1st one. I should be able to launch it around 2016. I don't know whether to put anti shipping mines in the designs though?
I love how everyone is saying 'Gee I hope you seal the top of the compartments' like they're experts after watching a few programs on why it sunk. When he suggests a 'near-replica' I think he means it'll nearly be like it. You know, with all the modern safety features of a 21st century ship. Another thing that grinds my gears is 'OMG how dare he spend his hard earned money other than give it all to charity'. The guy is a billionaire. Get a grip. He probably donates a higher percentage of his earnings than you all do
In other news the billionaire's arch-nemesis building a near replica of iceberg!
Based on this weeks weather I've commissioned a large wooden ship on which I aim to take two of every animal I can find. I can't think of a name for the ship though. Suggestions welcome
Cute, watch out for d ice berg construction engineer n his plans please
I would sure like to be on it
Move on don't look back life go on...
And he announced his intentions to stand in the next Federal elections against the Treasurer.
it would be nice if there is a Titanic ||
titanic movie is a worlds best romantic movie
who ever are u plane to make titanic u are great my dream ship is coming back thank u for granting my wish i never experted that the ship would come form the deep sea one day i m going to travail once again the gurney begins thank a lots
you would definitely have take a life jacket and your winter wetsuit
like we say in this part, 'too much mood'.
we say in this part, 'too much money'.
Replicating a disaster? Well... guess they will find some people wanting to buy into it simply to satisfy their curiosity...
titanic - always a mystery, don't matter how many "demystifying" documentaries broadcasted.
what a great news i love Titanic ship give some unknown information please
I feel sorry for him!
wow.......i want to feel this adventure
Does every rich mans money must be an investment in business or donation? You all should understand, that doing things like these are also necessary. Besides, this rich man, doesn't sound like a bad guy and he's definetly clever if he succeded in becoming rich.
I'll be waiting impatiently for the 2016.
This seems like a great endeavor! I wonder if this may actually be able to benefit Palmer, though.
any bet how long would they be able to finish the whole ship?
This rich man is a pompous, self-important blowhard who made his money out of mining ore during a resources boom, and suffers the delusion that his vast wealth entitles him to instruct the rest of us in how we should run this country. He is currently bragging about his intention to run for federal parliament at the next election - a surprise to the leader of the party he hopes to stand for. H'll have thought od some other daft idea to waste his funds on long before they even lay the Titanic replica will probably never eventuate: he'
i saw it in discovery or whatever yesterday on tv and bikini girls having sex on tv also
this is very big ship in europe, maybe
This ship should be the real ship that never sink. NO collision with iceberg anymore.
I hope so they watch out for Icebergs this time ;)
Surely there's a better way he could be spending his money? 
Ed Han
I keep thinking there's gotta be an o so cunning failwhale comment that can be worked in here but I'm just not getting there right now.
not only that this time the linear should not past the iceberg too. :-)
I think I wish to see dat lord of the rings
Made in China, Will it be a counterfeit ship?
I hope they issue water wings with the tickets.
This time prayers must be offered before it sails! But in case anything happens, I'm just giving the advice that _more than two people can fit on a plank that size. Just stuff yourself there!!!!! _
Here it comes defender of the universe
Bored with lots of money...also temoting faith much
In the world there are millions of person like Clive Palmer who can show money power but such persons can't show generosity in helping physically handicapped because they have nothing to do with human sentiments. J.K.Shukla,
Finally, was wondering why no one was interested yet !
As others have said, hopefully while it'll look superficially like the original, it will use 21st century technologies and materials; hopefully 21st century means of propulsion as well (securing enough coal would be pretty expensive!); have a stronger hull, and possibly even full-height bulkheads.

Yes, it is a folly, but then again rich people have been building follies of one form or another for centuries (e.g. a hill in Gloucestershire has a squat tower that serves little purpose other than raise the height of the hill to exactly 1,000 feet. Oh, and possibly allowed him to spy on his neighbour!)
You people are stupid.. its like saying why build a new World Trade Center? The last one was allegedly attacked by terrorists twice.. so of course the next one is going down, right? I bet they are buying that steel from china too..
Its going to be small compared to the cruise ships of today...
That's so stupid, They could Feed a thired Word County with all
that money.
Now they do this when the ice cap is breaking up so there is a better chance of hitting an Ice burg again...
but feeding a 3rd world country wouldn't make as much money
And every single time you buy yourself something nice, +Connie Moore - whether it be a snack or something far more expensive - that money could too go to the third world. It may not be as significant, but if everyone like you who complained about this kind of thing donated every spare cent/penny they had to charity, people in poor countries wouldn't be so poor.
It's easy to judge others.

A person's money is their own and how they spend it is up to them.
As long as it isn't operated by an Italian company it will be fine.
+Connie Moore how do you know that this guy isn't giving a bazillion dollars a year away to feed third-world countries already? He's well be doing far more for those countries than you or I, I can assure you.
Good idea, I strongly believe that specification and standard materials will be taken into consideration.
Good idea, in as much as specification and standard materials will be taken to consideration.
Palmers is clinically insane. He also said that some of the Australian Greens politicians are working for the CIA to ruin the Australian economy by not destroying all the forests. I hope his Titanic sinks before anyone gets on it.
OKAY!!! Then go to the Ice Berg!!! woooohhh...
Steph M
Oh dear, shits about to go doooowwnn! Haha. Naah seriously though, why the hell? Could put money into research for things like cancer and aids. Find a cure. But no, lets build a boat they say...
Mr Palmer's plan or intension to build the Titanic replica is according to me not a bad thought after all.Why do I say this?Because he said the rebuild is A Tribute to the former Tittanic Builders and most of all,he is going to rebuild the replica at his own expense.So I see no reason why should his plan be the society's nightmare.
I think few more billionaires will join with Mr : Clive Palmer.
dont bother because it could crash land in sea
My 10 year old is so disappointed to hear this. He's been designing Titanic II for a couple of years now.
guess what will happen to a Chinese made Titantic??? :l
NC Reen
so another voyage will soon be done?and many will die too?i hope not...
this will remind people about accident.
it is good..
I don't see anything wrong with it. I would like to see it come to pass.
know one go on it becuase every titanic sinkes bcause of the captin
Dues that mean it will sink aegean too?
(with Aussie accent) No wucken furries mate, she'll be right!
Hey there, Clive Palmer. If you're reading this congratulations on amassing such a magnificent sum of money. Please consider scrapping your plans to build a Titanic 2.0 and putting 100% of the money into developing sustainable and renewable food supplies for the people of this world that are starving. Greenhouses powered by solar and wind may be a cool place to start. Thanks!
Titanic's design and Chinese make is quite a combination...Wonder who will inaugurate it ...steven spielberg?
There's already a titanic II movie with exact same plot as this article. Yes, everyone died.
He'd be better off making this as a submarine
I don't care whether he builds it or not. It's his money and he can spend it how he pleases, and he has no obligation to give it away to anyone. If everyone with a bit of spare cash lying around did that there'd be no more development. The Freedom Tower wouldn't have been; the plot that the Shard in London is on would still be derelict; Dubai wouldn't have a ski "resort"; no one would be buying the A380.

The bottom line is: it's my money, I worked for it, so I'll do with it as I choose.

Who cares if Palmer really is a fruit-cake, anyway?
Will be an attraction in every port, its commercial value would be astounding..
Nice idea,,,
Good luck,,,,,!!!!
Only trouble is that Clive Palmer wants to build it.....if he goes on it's maiden'll sink for sure....
Who would take a cruise on a replica of the boat equivalent of Jaws. At least Jaws wasn't real. 
I think it would be pretty awesome!
people starving why not help people and forget about that sinking ship!!
if third class tickets are $30 still...sign me up!
Great idea, but the amount of cash that will be required will be huge. I would be happy to take a trip on the "New Titanic" assuming they dont plan on sinking it..
This would be a great undertaking as well as create some great jobs. May I suggest an entire fleet of these master pieces all running on Bio Diesle.
Bet Apple will say it was there idea and sue him lol
Don't go anywhere cold to avoid ice... Will save him a bundle!
it better be float this time and complete the journey
The ice berg is a great idea IF, 1: you know what the original ice berg looked like, 2: you can keep it from melting in the waters between North America and England, 3: you can stay out of being jailed as a terrorist.

As for the replica Titanic, it will probably fail as a cruise ship being rather out dated for the cruise set.
yeh ! it could be a better place for criminal. & does not able to flee outside.thats good,
I'm just going to say this "god damnit it's sink again I blame
the captain" but let hope this is not a waste of money
Oh Hell !!! I am not watching Titanic the movie part 2... Crazy ass people have nothing better to do with their Millions
Too much money and too much time on his hands.
james cameron presents, The Titanic 2: trouble in shanghai
I'm just surprised it's not James Cameron doing it.
Because there's nothing better to spend money on... Ay!
+pat joseph Before you get your ticket for the voyage remember what happened to the first Titanic-- supposed to be replica so it's something that China is good at doing.
just know it does not sail anywhere near the arctic.
Useless... Now we got modern material, why wanting to sail on a old concept ?
because of that damn movie i dont get near ships deep water!
What is the point? I guess some people have money to throw away on their every whim.
Near-replica? Meaning, there are actually enough lifeboats? Lol.
Exact replica? Including the design flaws? lol
I'd like to take a ride on it before it sinks again.
I'd like to take a ride on it before it sinks again.
haha i hope the name titanic isnt the bad lucky for the cruise
Because history doesn't have a tendency to repeat itself.
Who in their right mind would want to be apart of this maiden voyage?!
the Titanic was run from the White Star Line now this is from the blue star line coincidence???
Some people have way too much money and time on their hands....
Uh oh, made in China. No thank you.
ok, lets have china, a country that attacked our ships with war planes during pearl harbor, build us a ship to cruise on.....does anyone else think this is stupid or is it just me?
To Taylor Hughes - Since China was our ally in WW II, but Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, I don't have a problem with China...or Japan, for that matter, because maybe the world moves on to be a better place where people actually get along.
The Titanic (MGY) will sail the seas again! Why?
Taylor when did China bomb Pearl Harbor?
a while ago.ha ha i am so funny not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am agree with your comments, Arshi Fatima.................
I wish people with tons of money would do something more usefull than say, rebuilding the Titanic...
I totaly agree with Rebecca there is poor ppl die with out food and some spending the money for nothing
What happened to helping people in need rather than wasting our money.
That's strange, I heard he was building the Hinenburg II next...
+Ketobbey Waters - he is feeding the poor. The unemployed who need a job. Seems dumb to me, but that is what makes the economy go around. shrug Its his money to do with as he wishes. I prefer him do this than hide it away in a bank somewhere.
If you hate your life just get on that. Your end is only two midnights away... or one I don't remember.
stop hating - titanic was a good ship with the exception of bolts and crew
Lets hope they don't cut back on safety measures as the first did.
I wouldn't say "safety cutbacks" where to blame for the Titanic sinking. You'll prob find the fact that 6 water safety compartments were ripped open by the massive iceberg, were to blame. That's ALOT of water for anything to take on board.
faltará a "aura".... passou passou... é passado.... e que descansem em paz todos os passageiros que se foram naquele momento quanto com o passar dos anos...
The Titanic 2? Really? BWAH HA HA! HA HAAA HAAA (wheeze) HA HA!! HAA HAA!

It's totally going to sink.
And please, no replica of the tragedy.
and remember how to stop the ship correctly
Nothing better to do with his millions? Save a small country from starvation or human trafficking, maybe?
Let it be. This project will help many Chinese families in the short term and also skill up the work force. There are 1 billion plus people to feed to feed in China and only 22million to starve in Australia.
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