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Canadian police arrest teen in connection to Heartbleed bug attack

+CBC News: Canadian police arrested a 19-year-old man in London, Ontario, on Wednesday in connection to the theft of tax-payer information through the Heartbleed bug.

Police allege the man stole 900 social insurance numbers from the Canada Revenue Agency by exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability in the OpenSSL encryption software. He faces counts of unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data.

This is the first charge related to an attack exploiting the Heartbleed bug. 

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Everybody that uses the internet should already know, if somebody wants to break in, they will find a way. If it's not invented yet, they will invent it. If you get targeted, you should not put confidential business online. 
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Boston honors marathon bombing victims

+NBC News : A year after two explosions and the events after killed 4 and injured more than 260 in Boston, mourners gathered at the bombing sites to remember the victims and give thanks to the first responders and average citizens who aided rescue efforts.

A memorial service is being held nearby, with Vice President Joe Biden in attendance.

After the service, attendees and others will gather at the Boston Marathon finish line for a moment of silence at 2:49 pm ET, the exact moment the explosions occurred.

Watch live video of the service and see more updates at

Photo: A Boston firehouse that lost two of its own in a fire last month pay tribute to the marathon victims on April 15. (Jim Seida/NBC News)
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Regardless of the intentions, he's right in that it's pointless to honour dead people. They won't be here to witness it.
On the other hand, those victims would be as deserving as any other innocent victim in some random accident, but unlike them those other won't be honoured. Discrimination persists even after death.
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Guardian, Washington Post win Pulitzer for NSA coverage

+USA TODAY : The Guardian and The Washington Post both won a Pulitzer Prize on Monday in the public service category for their coverage of the NSA.

The Boston Globe also won the breaking news prize for its Boston Marathon bombing coverage.

The fiction prize went to Donna Tartt for ‘The Goldfinch.’
Tartt is the author of the best-seller 'The Goldfinch.'
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Bubba Watson wins a second Masters, finishing 8 below par Bubba Watson overpowered the course over the final nine holes after going out in a super impressive 33 on the first nine. He shot 69, just like he did in 2012 when he won his first one, and beat the 20-year-old prodigy Jordan Spieth by three.
The script flipped four shots worth on Nos. 8-9 as Watson went birdie-birdie and Spieth went bogey-bogey and we got a taste of what was to come.
The fight ended early on the second nine, too as Watson survived the first three holes then lit No. 13 on fire with a 366-yard drive and easy birdie.
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Foreigners take part in North Korea’s marathon

+The Associated Press : North Korea's annual marathon opened to foreign amateur runners for the first time on Sunday, as runners from 27 different countries took part.

A truck playing patriotic music on loudspeakers followed the runners as they raced through the course. North Korean nationals won both the men and women's events.
Pyongyang was filled with runners from all over the world on Sunday for the annual marathon, open to foreign amateurs for the first time.
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shit gavn надоела соска.иди нахуй
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Police detonate bags left at Boston Marathon finish line

+NBC News: Police evacuated the block surrounding the Boston Marathon finish line Tuesday after a man dropped two bags in the area. 

As a precaution, a bomb squad detonated the bags after using a remote-controlled robot to examine one. It is currently unclear what was inside the backpacks. Police took the man into custody.

The threat comes on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that killed three people.

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Police, fire and bomb squad crews investigating several unattended backpacks blocked off a city street Tuesday night near the finish line of the Boston Marat...
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y dont they jis let these people run
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New York police unit that spied on Muslims is disbanded

+The New York Times The New York Police Department has abandoned a secretive program that dispatched plainclothes detectives into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop on conversations and built detailed files on where people ate, prayed and shopped, the department said.

The decision to shutter the surveillance program represents the first sign that William J. Bratton, the department’s new commissioner, is backing away from some of the post-9/11 intelligence-gathering practices of his predecessor.

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A surveillance program begun in 2003 that recorded where people ate and prayed and that was criticized for sowing distrust of law enforcement is no longer functioning, the New York Police Department said.
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+DB Morgan they did it when no one was watching 
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Malaysia jet search area too deep for submarine

+The Associated Press The search area for the missing Malaysian jet has proved too deep for a robotic submarine which was hauled back to the surface of the Indian Ocean less than half way through its first hunt for wreckage and the black boxes, authorities said on Tuesday.

Search crews sent the Bluefin 21 deep into the Indian Ocean on Monday to begin scouring the seabed for the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 after failing for six days to detect any signals believed to be from its black boxes.

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Photo: : Bluefin 21 submarine/Australian Defense Force, via Reuters
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+Gareth McNorton I can show you how to do it. There's only like 50 apps on the Market that can do it. Matter of fact, Google it! If you don't believe cell phones can be turned on remotely these days, then your more behind the times than I thought! 
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Judge: Ohio must recognize out-of-state gay marriages

+The Associated Press : A federal judge ordered Ohio officials on Monday to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

"The record before this court ... is staggeringly devoid of any legitimate justification for the state's ongoing arbitrary discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation," Judge Timothy Black wrote in his ruling.

Ohio plans to appeal.

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+kel Johnson. You are strange! Instead of saying that your father was a true man in life in every respect save being a gay ;you are justifying gay relation by counting your father's goodness???gays are abnormal, in nature and among animals you can't find same-sex marriage .our advantages can't justify our weaknesses.
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Shootings reported at Jewish-related sites in Kansas

+KCTV5 : One person is dead and another is in critical condition after shootings at two Jewish-related locations in Overland Park, Kansas.

A suspect has been arrested.

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One person is dead and a second person is in critical condition after two separate shootings at Jewish-related locations. The suspect appeared to yell an anti-Semitic phrase when taken into custody. <br />
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KKK, I'm sure the old dotard was emboldened by the stupid wannabes out in Nevada. Its sad that the young don't realize that actions in this world have a ripple effect.
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