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Kim (and her side-boob) finally tie the knot! Watch here:
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Love the boobs not the dress!
look like you about to bust with those busty boobs lol
Big fake boobs, big fake hair.. Anyone see her reveal? Her real hair looks so much better than her wigs any day! She actually looks pretty! 
her weding was so cutee i likee the dreses that her kids was weirin i love the way that it was
Kicked her own mother out of the reception for going into the house with her aunt to use the ladies room instead of the porta-potty?!?!? Come ON...
BAAHAAA! Who wrote that? I don't care who you are, that's funny! "Kim & her side boob, got married"!! :-D
woohoo your married... it sure took a long time but im sure its worth it...
I have never heard someone throwing their mother out of their wedding , wow!! Good for her for sticking to her guns
Happy for her girls. Hit the jackpot. Her mother is a horrific narcissist and should be kept away from Kim's family.
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