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Sail the high seas with a Housewife! Teresa and Taylor announce their new 'Fabulicious' cruise.:
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natural beauty is the thing,and every woman have it ,soft,tender etc
natural,ordinary,i hope i find it some day
I'm sure you will. It sounds like you get us.
Hooray for the lucky girl :)
Who give a fat one what stupid Teresa is doing?  She's a lame one for sure.  Get off your bro's jock girl
sounds like a torture cruise spending time with those two haha. i'd rather be on a cruise ship full of old nudists. hahaha
When dumb housewives in bad marriages hit the high seas. I hope cameras are around.
What happens If you get stick ona shop with screaming kids on One dode and drunk guys on the other that get you fulla lager then you Fins your self spitroasting your gal n thinkn wtf lol
Szerintem jó kép lett.... ??!? :)
The blonde is a housewife of Beverly Hills cast member who's husband committed suicide because he was a bad businessman who was jealous of his wife's new career.  The brunette is a New Jersey housewife cast member who is married to a homophobic asshole that is also a bad business man jealous of his wife, and apparently cheating on her on the new season.
Az egyiknek olyan az arca mintha benne lenne a szájába egy egész közepes méretű golyó... :)
That'll b one wild sail.... sorry Taylor this pic of u..not so nice...
Ugghhh! Wouldn't..
THAT'S TAYLOR!!! WoW!!! she looks diff
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