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Bravery happens at all ages.
Bravery happens at all ages.

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Brave Magazine is currently at the printer for pre-press. You should start receiving your copies mid October, around the 15th! 

Our cover art for the October 2014 issue of Brave Magazine has been chosen. We'd like to thank altF Photographer, Dalisa Cooper for permission to use this gorgeous wedding photo taken inside the Dreamland Ballroom last February. 
If you haven't guessed it from the new header image, our main feature will be about historic Taborian Hall and the Dreamland Ballroom and the bravery it took for one woman's vision to restore a building historic building from near ruin. 
Each issue is dedicated to a certain cause, person or event that took bravery, strength, vision and ingenuity to bring to fruition. 
The Friends of Dreamland Ballroom is a non-profit 501C corporation, meaning any donations given go directly to restoration projects and is tax deductible for donors. 
The issue publishes in October a month before Dreamland's largest fundraiser, "Dancing into Dreamland 2014". Now in its 5th year the event on Nov. 7th is in the planning stages and tickets can be purchased at

We are currently working on building our website. We look forward to debuting it here on Google+. 
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