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Rare ♌❤️💯🖕
Rare ♌❤️💯🖕

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I stumble and I crawl This heart was useless after all Of all the things we have said You chose to pretend your dead Honestly I thought we could be better than this Constant cycle of mistrust and deviance I want you, I want you to know This heart is fragile...

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Man In The Dark
He was gentle He was soft and sweet He let out a wildfire Angry thought took me too deep Fickle mind terrified Every time he comes around I waste more time With the man in the dark No face to see Just an empty heart We let go of our bodies With the man in t...

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Once I fell in love Once I fell to the wind We're ghosts of each other Kiss me once again Young and empty words Shaken by the things we heard It's everything Wishful thinking Eyes still blinking Once I needed everyone Once I burned beneath the sun Your lies...

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FIRST LOOK: New Apartment (Move In Date: March 1st, 2017)
So as many of my friends know, I've been on a long long journey since last year, working hard to garner what sanity I had left in me after dealing with a lot of stressing situations but I'm finally making strides in ways I never thought would happen. I've a...

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Birth of Brandi
For a long time I wondered where I belong. Where does one fit? Who am I really? Brandi Mikaela Whaley

Knives to the heart 🔪🔪

2017 has to be different. I can't live another 2016 or even another 2015.

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I hate myself for loving you.

I'm done being kind.

Last night I took down the tree and today I returned everything I bought for Christmas.

Call me a bitch; you will see one. ✌

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A few weeks ago, our apartment was broken into due to irresponsibility on my roommates part. Since then, things have just been chaotic to a point that I'm turning crazy. I feel like a stranger in this 'home' that seems to only fit one individual who doesn't...
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