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Brandon Love
Rare ♌❤️💯🖕
Rare ♌❤️💯🖕

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Birth of Brandi
For a long time I wondered where I belong. Where does one fit? Who am I really? Brandi Mikaela Whaley

Knives to the heart 🔪🔪

2017 has to be different. I can't live another 2016 or even another 2015.

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I hate myself for loving you.

I'm done being kind.

Last night I took down the tree and today I returned everything I bought for Christmas.

Call me a bitch; you will see one. ✌

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A few weeks ago, our apartment was broken into due to irresponsibility on my roommates part. Since then, things have just been chaotic to a point that I'm turning crazy. I feel like a stranger in this 'home' that seems to only fit one individual who doesn't...

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Life Update {Apartment life + roommate}
So, it's been a busy month and I've been hard at work doing things to get further into my future. About a week ago, I moved out of my family home and moved into an apartment with a roommate. Things have been going relatively well considering we are still wo...

In the words of Miranda Sings, "Back off haters"


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Current setup.

Who says you can't Pixel-fy your Nexus 5X. Hey Google, thanks for holding back most of the features on the new Pixel phones. Also, no reason to be charging almost $900 for a phone that isn't even WATERPROOF!?!!

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At least I'm honest.
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