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Troubleshooting  - 
First day with Marshmallow had horrible battery. How long until things settle and Doze starts working?
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+Hagen Miller​ Thanks, but I'm a long time root user, I'm not afraid of any of that. I was hoping to never need to root my N6 and stay completely stock. It would be nice if Android finally provided an experience that didn't require root, guess not. I'll check out my apps.
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Reality hurts....
I'm in a +Starbucks Coffee for the first time since this fake Christmas controversy hit. 
They've got Christmas blend coffee prominently advertised, "Merry Christmas" gift cards by the cash register, and Christmas music playing on the speakers. 
For a company that supposedly hates Christmas, Starbucks sure is into it. 
#Christmas #politics #wingnuts #HoHoHo #tw
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Brandt Hambrick

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Lol. "Why would you run a marathon if you weren't going to tell someone about it. I mean, just go for a long run"
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Brandt Hambrick

The Clone Wars  - 
It bugs me that the Mandalorians are all shown to be Blond haired, light skinned people when Jango Fett was the opposite and also from Mandalore.

Anyone know why they did that?
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They were not from Mandalore :Boba had a thing for Mandalorian Armour, just like Jango, probably the best quality personal protection in the galaxy.
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Brandt Hambrick

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Brandt Hambrick

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Somebody take away his passport.....
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Brandt Hambrick

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The Sith will rise again.
Awaken the Force within you. Choose a side and your Google apps will follow your path.
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Just a theory, but maybe, just maybe they wanted TFA to open at Christmas cause they thought it was Oscar material.

Just kidding it's because of the toys. But one could hope the story is that good.
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You're actually right, they want it to be Oscar material for best effects and costume design and sound editing and all of that (not best picture or best acting obviously) 
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Brandt Hambrick

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There is no plan B...
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Brandt Hambrick

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I'm Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)
The wait for James Bond 007 Spectre is almost over. Daniel Craig's latest take on Bond is due on October 26, and buzz around the film is rather positive.
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I got Alec Trevelyan - GoldenEye
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One might simply ask, why don't we use the same model? Surely scientists are able to share such things?

Popular Science: Why Is America's Weather Model Falling Short of Europe's?
The uncertainty of Hurricane Joaquin stirs up underlying problems
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Total Lunar Eclipse over Waterton Lake 
Image Credit & Copyright: Yuichi Takasaka / TWAN /
Explanation: Recorded in 2014 April, this total lunar eclipse sequence looks south down icy Waterton Lake from the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada, planet Earth. The most distant horizon includes peaks in Glacier National Park, USA. An exposure every 10 minutes captured the Moon's position and eclipse phase, as it arced, left to right, above the rugged skyline and Waterton town lights. In fact, the sequence effectively measures the roughly 80 minute duration of the total phase of the eclipse. Around 270 BC, the Greek astronomer Aristarchus also measured the duration of lunar eclipses - though probably without the benefit of digital clocks and cameras. Still, using geometry, he devised a simple and impressively accurate way to calculate the Moon's distance, in terms of the radius of planet Earth, from the eclipse duration. This modern eclipse sequence also tracks the successive positions of Mars, above and right of the Moon, bright star Spica next to the reddened lunar disk, and Saturn to the left and below.
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