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Brandon White
Outdoors, Tech, and Constitutional Enthusiast.
Outdoors, Tech, and Constitutional Enthusiast.

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... It's the best choice your gonna get this election

I'm so sick of seeing people post "...feel free to unfriend me if you don't like what I just said". This goes for FB and G+ alike...I unfriend just for seeing that sissy, passive-aggresive garbage.

Grow up; be brave enough let those folks decide that for's what the 'like' and '+1' buttons are for.

#unfriend #uncircle

I like TestOut Corporation's LabSim online certification training courses good enough. I have not tried other vendor's products for proper comparison, but I previously completed their A+, Server+ and Network+ courses while in tech school and have just began their Security+ course. The format is consistent across disciplines and efficient (enough). I wouldn't say "enjoyable", but it is engaging and thorough. I recommend so long as you're sure the certification is worth the cost.

#testout #labsim #A+ #Network+ #Security+

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Again, the possibilities are limitless.

I need another one,  mine's stuck working for a living as a file server.

#IOT   #RaspberryPi  

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Just picked enough beans for a meal for 4 ... Oct 16 wow. One-third year of AUCE fresh beans; plus another 2-3mos in the freezer.

Time to pick all the peppers left ... Gonna frost tonight.

Goodbye beans and peppers ... just you now broccoli.

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This is #MadeInKorea on #Netflix now ... just finished the entire series with my soon to be 12 year old daughter. It's good, we liked it.

(physicist would be my absolute dream)

I want the cast button to just cast and not ask me what device to play to ... it's obvious.

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