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Brandon Wann
You can't promise good dreams to a person treading nightmares.
You can't promise good dreams to a person treading nightmares.

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Poetry and image
©Brandon Lee Wann

The crimson waters below my stride
dares not part for my feet to fall
when crossing Styx among the tide
bound in honor though life may stall

that any upon me attempt to sway
are trampled beneath my will
in depth of Hades to clear the way
'through death' - my vow to fulfill

© Brandon Lee Wann

I never saw how beautiful
the darkness in my eyes.
Never have they seen beauty
but this profound discovery,
or the loss of my mind to,
an insatiable metamorphosis
to see with my own eyes
as an outcast among blind -

when turning blind eyes
does turn eyes blind -

And I changed, so what am I?
Am I a moth or butterfly?

I was naive before my dawn, I
abandoned curative reasoning
before the shell-break of dusk.

I am now, but
not once before...
...before once, not
but now I am.

My meanings can get lost
but never lost as me.
If I lose them,
if I lose them,
I can't go back to who I was.
After the growth of my wings,
I am no longer bound
until I return to my earth.

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to how, with a single gaze,
a Gorgon would turn one to stone...

...she had brought me back to life with hers.'

Poetry and image ©Brandon Lee Wann

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A peek at moon's serenity,
so beautiful to look at...
...impossible to touch.
The moon is in the sky
because it doesn't want to
be contaminated by
dirty human hands - - like mine.

Image and poetry ©Brandon Lee Wann

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Harmony among negatives
brings to light the positive.

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I love being in tune
with nature and wild,
and hearing the forest song
in the break of a misty dawn.

Image and haiku poem
©Brandon Lee Wann

© Brandon Lee Wann

Parched from the arid, I
seek clues in the sand
for my hidden footprints,
before they fade beyond
rolling serpent stretches,
that flicks away sunlight
with the snap of a wave.

My Oasis, could it be?
I long to taste her springs,
to wrap myself with fronds
from her exquisite flora,
to shade my body
from night's cold gaze,
and lull myself to slumber
in the melody of her calm.

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Haiku: 'Bloom'
© Brandon Lee Wann

an apple core rots
the earth eats a hollow seed
light brings new blossom
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