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So that's it. Democracy is dead and America no longer has elections. It has 1% selections.

Voting for Jill now.


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Also, for what it's worth guys, I've pretty much moved to twitter.

= This is the first video you should show people new to Bernie Sanders. =
READ> (((((( )))))) <THIS

The real election is the democratic primary. Be sure you can vote in it. Use this handy tool to see if your state has open or closed primaries:

See also this map for events near you:

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"It is discrimination, plain and simple. I have a well-documented chronic pain condition. Social Security has deemed me 100 percent disabled,” wrote Lora Lemons. “No other chronic condition that requires medication to combat the disease is flagged the way pain producing diseases are.”

“I am prepared to commit suicide if my pain meds are drastically cut,” wrote a woman who has adhesive arachnoiditis, a chronic and disabling spinal condition. “We don't want to die, but the legislators in the federal and state governments are going to force it for those in intractable pain.”

I see comments like this all the time in my chronic illness groups. It is inhumane to take away medications from legitimately disabled people, without giving them other options that work.

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I can't believe Trump has the nerve to criticize John McCain. He likes war heroes that don't let themselves be captured???!!! And the poor man has a brain tumor. If McCain were poor, he would need Obamacare. I think he's the only reasonable member of the GOP. I also think Trump is confusing the word moral with mortal. He is the definition of mental illness , but I don't think there's a name for his particular hateful syndrome yet.

Greedware doesn't work, shocker. And you should see all the IPs the app wants to talk to.

Gotta make that paper.

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Not just sexism, but racism, mental illness stigma, etc. are all present within the medical establishment. I wouldn't have believed it before I got sick.

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Nawwww, we're not a literal police state, not at all >.>
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