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So that's it. Democracy is dead and America no longer has elections. It has 1% selections.

Voting for Jill now.


Original post:

Also, for what it's worth guys, I've pretty much moved to twitter.

= This is the first video you should show people new to Bernie Sanders. =
READ> (((((( )))))) <THIS

The real election is the democratic primary. Be sure you can vote in it. Use this handy tool to see if your state has open or closed primaries:

See also this map for events near you:

I wanted to make a category for posts and comments elaborating on just how awesome a fission powered future would/could be.

Gordon's latest video made me realize that was something missing from this community. A positive pitch.

Perhaps if we can share our visions of the future and tie those visions to fission we might get a little more traction.

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Bar none the best video on the subject on Earth. Concerns about its length are misplaced because we live in a binge watching era.

So long as it's good, we'll keep watching.

And this is good.

+Gordon McDowell Is The Man.

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I've been saying this for awhile.

If my punishment for saying no to work is homelessness, torture, and an earlier death, then how am I not essentially a slave?

If my value to society is contingent on my productivity then how am I not livestock?

The current system is economic conscription. A slow motion draft that kills untold tens of thousands every year.

h/t +Adrianna Wanderer


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"To date, 10 people who did not commit the actual killings have been executed in the U.S. under "parties" or similar laws. Half of them have been in Texas. In some cases, the actual killer received a lesser sentence than the accomplice who was put to death. "

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Just thought I'd share this while I'm rereading it. Not sure if anyone (including me) shared it directly hehe.

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/shm slowly /made a blubbering aghast noise /said "WOW" out loud.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Please tell me this is satire or onion or the like.
When capitalists have effectively figured out how to use public outrage as a marketing scheme and the masses lack the self-awareness to understand their lemminghood. 

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"I don't know what would have happened had I not been one of the lucky ones, had I gotten sick before the internet, had I not found my community. I probably would have already taken my own life, as so many others have done. How many lives could we have saved, decades ago, if we had asked the right questions? How many lives could we save today if we decide to make a real start?"

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Dark Day in AMERICA

""America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
Abraham Lincoln


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I bet we get fusion before we get our head out of our ass. Let's hope Indonesia proves me wrong.
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