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It's a pity you can't save these things. Fucking drm
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How did I never hear about this until now? Or maybe my memory really is worse than I thought.
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"Like others in the Obama administration, he focuses on changing the terminology, not the substance."

Wise move since that's all the matters to people. Seriously, spend a decade or two trying to change people's minds on anything with facts alone. You'll find out what even Max Planck essentially said that only death can change people's minds.
In comments yesterday during a cybersecurity conference at the New America Foundation, the Director of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers faced vocal criticism from the tech community (including cryptography expert Bruce Schneier and Yahoo CISO Alex Stamos).
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"Google is also constrained in explaining publicly how it detects bad behavior and click fraud on the web, because doing so would help those creating the fraud."

Bullshit. Security through obscurity is always a bad idea.

Also that conflicts with the entire concept of having a declared code of conduct.


I wish I had just one way to make money at a sane rate that wasn't making me a party to ethical repugnance.
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That's just cool.
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She really really should be. The fact that they are competing at all is annoying. It's blatantly obvious what the nature of the choice is.

A. A real progressive who wants to change things.
B. Another "democrat" who will "compromise" policy deeper into the right.

At least people know about it. Every day I feel like her odds in the primary are shrinking. By the time of the actual vote I don't think it'll be a contest at all.

The only real card she has versus Bernie is gender. He's another old white man, and he's been speaking publicly since he was like 12 hehe, that means he's going to have said something sexist somewhere by virtue of having passed through certain decades speaking on the record.

Hopefully the sheer magnitude of the change he'll bring will drown that out, and further still I hope she won't even play that card.
Hillary Clinton does not yet seem fazed by Bernie-mentum. During a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Friday, the Democratic presidential front-runner responded to a question from a reporter about the massive crowds her challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has seen at his own campaign events...
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I hope it goes as well as that, with voters voting their conscience intelligently :-)
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It's adorable when a teacher thinks his/her job is to empower children with knowledge.

How blind to the facts these traitors to the species are.
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"Among the most interesting and advanced features of the malware is its ability to compromise and rewrite hard drive firmware. Reprogramming the hard drive itself in this way is a deeper level of compromise than infecting an operating system, and can let the malware re-install itself from a hidden sector of the hard drive even if the drive is securely wiped and reformatted and the OS is reinstalled from scratch. Conventional wisdom about reinstalling operating systems in response to suspected infections may therefore not be enough for the victims of attacks like Equation's."

And because ipl/"trade secrets" I'll never be able to prove or disprove if a drive's firmware is compromised.

"This raises some interesting questions—is the NSA stockpiling 0-day vulnerabilities? Is it doing any reporting of 0-days to the affected companies? How does NSA decide whether or for how long to stockpile such knowledge?"

Yes. No. Forever.

"...did the hard drive companies collaborate with governments to develop this firmware?"

I doubt they even had to ask. Just email a given insider and threaten them with prison rape. It's amazing what people will do for a tyrannical government to avoid being tortured. Just ask the residents of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

Would you keep your mouth shut if the NSA told you that if you didn't child porn would start popping up on all your devices? I think you would.

"Seeing these attacks in the wild has spurred new anxiety about whether our hard drives and other parts of our computers could be compromised."

I assume I'm being watched at all times. It's the only rational way to live in Oceania.

The only sense in which you have privacy is whether or not an actual human is being tasked to parse your profile. In terms of code, until the entire system of IPL is abolished, you'd be wise to assume that everything you do on a computer is recorded by someone somewhere.

And don't think that makes you safe either because even if you live totally legitimately, if the government doesn't like you, they'll find a way to manufacture the "evidence" they need to destroy you or take ownership of you.

It has always been this way. If you believe otherwise you're living in a fantasy world.

"Hardware manufacturers must ensure that their firmware is open source, can be audited for security, can be updated and replaced by consumers. We must also create ways for average computer users to verify that the firmware on their devices is the firmware that they expected to be there."

They will never do that because money/IPL. And average users can't verify anything expressly because they are average.

Information asymmetry dominates everything in this context. And it always will until we can upload training like in the matrix. But even then there's only so much time a given human is allotted to spend. You have to trust someone at some point or else you can't have a culture of specialists.

"We hope those vendors will reconsider that overconfidence and get to work improving the safety of their products."

Heh. As if they actually believed what they were saying, as opposed to just saying it because in the minds of 99% of people a press releases equals a statement of fact.

Go watch more TV, drones.
Over the weekend Russian IT security vendor Kaspersky Lab released a report about a new family of malware dubbed "The Equation Family". The software appears, from Kaspersky's description, to be some of the most advanced malware ever seen.
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.... Wow. This stuff is Awesome!

h/t Jayn Sargent (who deleted her account, but credit where due)
1. Conservatives opposed the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and a lot of other righteous stuff as well. By definition a conservative is one who wishes to preserve and/or restore ...
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+J. M. Weber Awesome movie :)
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Then don't be in it for the money.

I've been writing my whole life. I think I've made about 100$ the entire time.  Because I'm not in it for the money.

Be thankful anyone cares about your shit at all.

P.S. It's impossible to abuse a corpse. Only the living can suffer.
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This game was completely awesome on dreamcast. I was a true ninja of the rope for awhile there, but alas it is a perishable skill :)

I always giggled when one of my my worms would drown and the text would say "X Swam like a brick."

The ability to name all your worms and save them as a team really attached you to your worms. :)
About: Imagine taking the perfect online gaming experience and one of the most popular Worms games ever made, adding a touch of achievements, leaderboards, full controller support; a little sprinkle of 1080p / 60FPS, all rounded off with enhanced weapon sounds effects and an improved frontend.
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