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Philadelphia, PA
Boca Raton, Florida - Lubbock, Texas - Sumpter, South Carolina
CEO of 90DayEntrepreneur
I want you to know right out of the gate that I will personally do anything to help you. That's my motto and I stick to it, it's that simple. Business or personal, reach out to me directly anytime, I am more than happy to be a helpful resource and point you in the proper direction.

My primary focus and number one goal is to help you become more successful in business as fast as possible. How do I help you become more successful? I listen to your concerns and biggest pain points and come up with immediate and simple solutions for them. If I don't personally know the answer, I bounce the concern or pain point off of my incredible community of entrepreneurs, and get the best answer back for you. 

I'm not here to say that what we're going to do together is always going to be free, what I am telling you is that I will work with you to raise your business to levels that are hard to imagine. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge in entrepreneurship, building brands online, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing with you at anytime, all I ask of you is that you reach out to me personally to do so. 

Enough about me, know I want to hear about you... are you ready?
  • Wharton Small Business Development Center
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Check out these "3" traits that all successful #entrepreneurs live by, and let me know if you live by all "3" of them as well. Thanks, Brandon.
New +BRAINY MARKETER by +Brandon Schaefer 

3 Super Important Traits That All Successful Entrepreneurs Live By

Brandon shares the 3 Super Important traits all successful entrepreneurs have and work with.

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurialspirit #smallbusiness #startuptips #besuccessful  
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TY for sharing it +Brandon Schaefer​
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Handling your fears as an #entrepreneur is no joking matter. When your #fears are greater than your #courage... you need to take a few steps back and really see what's going on with yourself, and why you're feeling #fearful. The good thing is, it's usually never as bad as you think it is. If you feel like it, check out my latest blog post to learn more about what I'm referencing in regards to handling your fears and courage. Enjoy, and ping me if you need help or have questions... Brandon.

#leadershipskills #smallbusinesshelp #entrepreneurresources 
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If you’re an #entrepreneur, and you’re not taking full advantage of the opportunity to join #LinkedIn groups that are related to your #market segment, you’re really missing out on a great #opportunity. By joining LinkedIn groups, and by actively #participating in them, you will position yourself as an #authoritative resource in those groups, thus creating new opportunities in #business for yourself. Think I'm crazy for saying this... read my latest blog post, and check out the benefits that you'll receive by joining LinkedIn groups in your market segment, then stop back and tell me if I'm crazy for loving LinkedIn groups. Thanks, Brandon.

#linkedingroups #linkedinmarketing #linkedinconnections
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Do you know what time it is... well, It's that time again... for you to stop on over in our Leading Bloggers #LinkedIn group and share one of you latest #blog posts. Simply share a little bit about what your latest blog post covers, and be sure you include the link to the post as well. This link will take you to the right spot, so that you can share your blog post with the group. See you on the inside... Brandon.

#bloggingforbusiness #entrepreneurs #linkedingroups
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As an #entrepreneur, it’s easy to get sucked into wanting to be involved in every facet of your #business. This is fine in the beginning, because it’s most likely just you doing everything, but as time goes on, and your business grows, you’re going to need to get out of your own way. It's important to learn to let go a bit, and to hire and empower your staff to make decisions... it's truly the best way. If you like what you've read so far, and want to take a little deeper dive, check out my latest blog post where I explain everything in a bit more detail. As always, ping me with any questions... Brandon.

#smallbusinesshelp #entrepreneurhelp #entrepreneurship  
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We're looking for some #entrepreneurs that dabble in #blogging and #content creation, to stop over and share your blog posts in our Leading Bloggers #LinkedIn group. Stop on by and share your latest and greatest, so we can all check it out. Thanks, Brandon.  
#bloggingforbusiness #marketingyourblog #bloggingformoney
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Have him in circles
9,042 people
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Brandon Schaefer

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What do you do on a daily basis to maintain a positive attitude?
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+Ana Hoffman - love it... just had my afternoon coffee a few minutes ago!
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Here we go... another SUPER POST of twenty-one #educational and #inspirational entrepreneur articles. The articles cover everything from building your #email list, to forming a #LinkedIn group, to building strong #business relationships... and much, much, more. Have a quick look at all of the entrepreneur articles in my latest blog post, and let me know if you need any help with anything that you learned. Thanks, Brandon.

#smallbusinesshelp #entrepreneurresources #businessresources  
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Do you have a focus of interest in your #business? You need to get a focus of interest because if you don’t, you’re going to be all over the place with your ideas, and when you’re all over the place with your ideas, you have no focus… and when you have no focus, you’re setting yourself up to have limited success. If that doesn't make sense to you, or if it does, and you want to learn more about what in the world I'm talking about, stop by and read my latest blog post which goes into more detail... thanks Brandon.

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #businesshelp 
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Andy Grove, CEO Intel awhile back once said "Only the paranoid survive" and so it goes ;->
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+Don Purdum - really enjoyed doing this podcast... we covered a lot of ground, in a short amount of time. If you listen to this, you're sure to come out feeling like you can do anything you want to in business!
Be Who You are and Build an Amazing Business

Don Purdum and mega entrepreneur Brandon Schaefer in Episode 7 of Unveil the Web’s podcast discuss the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face and how an entrepreneur can grow the business they’ve always dreamed of.

Learn more about the podcast or listen in at

Or you can also access it on iTunes at
Don Purdum and mega entrepreneur Brandon Schaefer in Episode 7 of Unveil the Web’s podcast discuss the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face and how an entrepreneur can grow the business they’ve always dreamed of.
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What a blast we had +Brandon Schaefer! I was really excited about the amount of high quality information we put out in a short time as well. Let's do it again!!!!
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Putting time back in your day is actually a highly skilled art… and the #entrepreneurs that master it, definitely have a distinct advantage over those that don’t. Luckily, there are a few simple #timesaving tips that you can implement into your own day... learn what they are in my latest blog post. As always, if you need help, let me know, and I'll be sure to offer my assistance. Thanks, Brandon. 

#savingtime #beingproductive #productivitytips  
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Being an #entrepreneur is like being on a rocket ship... you need to use every second, of every day, to the absolute maximum. To learn how to make the absolute most of every day... try this for a few days... at the end of every day before you go to sleep, ask yourself… “did I do everything that I was possibly able to do, with the time that I had today?” It's a simple #habit to get into, and it will yield you big results. As always, here's my accompanying blog post to back up what I'm talking about. If you have any questions, or need help with anything related to #entrepreneurship, leave me a comment, or ping me privately. Thanks, Brandon.

#timemanagement #productivity #leadership  
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