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Missionary, Photographer, Apple Fan, Google Lover

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This has been a little thing that has always bothered me. Glad to see they've fixed it. 
You can now delete a file from Docs, Sheets and Slides without having to leave the editor. Try it out by going to File > Move to Trash. 

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I was excited to see that has a redesign coming up. It's an opt-in experience at this time, but anyone can check out by clicking the banner at the top of the page.

BibleGateway is a site I visit a lot for its variety of translations and it's easy customization when copying small sections of texts for worksheets or presentations (for example, getting rid of all verses and notes). However, the design of this site has always driven me crazy. And as the years have gone on, other Bible sites have stayed on the UI and UX updates while BibleGateway hasn't.

The new design is a welcome change.
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Wow, big word. Хотя it's perfectly logical.

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"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks" just doesn't have the same ring to it in Russian.

It's interesting to me that Shakespeare is as famous as he is in foreign languages since a huge part of his appeal was how he used the English language, not just the stories he told. However, as I read through this dialogue, it appears that they've kept the iambic pentameter even in Russian. That's actually more impressive to me than writing the original—translation's hard!

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 2 in Russian

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I woke up this morning and followed a link to a local news site about the construction on the new cable car rides and was pleasantly surprised to see they used my picture from Sunday! The only problem is they attributed it to the city's official site. Sent them an email and we'll see if they fix it.

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I was quite excited when I heard that the cable car ride in Kharkov was being redone. However, after that moment of excitement came the moment of dread I have with a lot of new projects here. Would the new ride be as solid as its 40-year-old Soviet predecessor? I had my doubts, but given the attention to detail the rest of the new "Gorky Park" was given, I remained hopeful.

As I saw the new cars going up, I was quite dismayed to learn they would be nearly completely enclosed (save the side where you enter). The openness of the old cars was a huge part of the fun; open air and great pictures in all directions. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the windows they had up in the cars would be scratched up and etched into and there wouldn't be much of a view at all.

The updated cable car ride was promised to be open by May 1st, and it was quite obvious that they cut a lot of corners for opening day. First of all, both stations are far from being completed on either end of the ride. It looks as though they intend on completing them, but they obviously wanted people on the ride as soon as possible.

What was most disappointing, however, was the fact my fear of low quality seems to have been correct. My wife and I rode on the new cars just four days after their grand re-opening, and I was quite disappointed to see excessive wear and tear on the cabins and on the construction at the ride entries.

I really hate to see this because I know there won't be a lot of effort put into to making this right. Plus, it makes me slightly more nervous riding on equipment that doesn't look quite up to the task.

Check out my photos for details on the disappointments.

#Kharkiv   #Kharkov   #харьков   #харків  
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If you're wondering why it took an hour and ten minutes for me to get my haircut today, I am too.

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I woke up to a new Google search results page. The headers are larger, with no underlining. Nice and clean. I like it! 

(Katie said Google just knew that I was getting older so they decided to make it easier on my eyes.)

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I was able to take the Nelsons' picture this afternoon. It's been weeks since I've shot with my DSLR and it was good to pick it up again, even though it was only for a quick two-minute photo shoot. The kids did extremely well given the fact they were both pushing their limits on going without naps.

It's been a joy to photograph this family for the last three years. I'm really going to miss doing that after this year.

Canon 550D
Tamron 17–50mm, f/2.8 lens (@f/3.2)

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I decided to do a little experiment: I'm not going to post to Facebook for two months. I want to see how much interaction with people I already know I can create over here on Google Plus.
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