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Delete & Block Google+ Spammers with One Click
Just click "Nuke" next to comment, confirm deletion, and instantly the comment will be deleted and the user will be blocked. No need to visit profiles individually, it all happens from your page.

I'm using it right now and it's the only reason I'm turning comments back on for everyone tonight. This extension caught the attention of +Vic Gundotra.

Install (Google Chrome):

Thanks to +Tzafrir Rehan for developing this great extension and letting me know about it!

Buh-bye, spammers!
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I have installed this, so if it's a trojan, go for it. Now I have to spew enough to get a trolly comment so i can NUKE the fucker! YEAH! .huh?
Thanks for sharing this, wonder if g+ will adopt the idea...
+Maula Nurul Khakam It would be if it is not related to the posts or other comments and the purpose is to promote something else
nearly ever time I have installed something from Google Chrome Web Store it invariably slows my computer down terribly or ends up being some kind of spyware....once I deleted ALL extensions or apps that I had, my problems went away. Nevertheless, I am going to try this because it would be SO worth it...Hijacking Posts w/Links to divert readers is getting worse and worse! this will only work on your own still have to FLAG and go through the same old steps if you see this abuse in others' posts - is that right? Many times I see that the original poster does nothing about it...for example, I read one post from Dalai Lama the other day that one creep had put in about 5 entries w/Links to his "male model" page. I went through and flagged all I found, but flagging them does NOT always successfully delete the post as I see it there again sometimes when I go back to read new comments??
What/how much were you using, +Valerie Lemon? Thankfully, I have not encountered such troubles.
That's too bad. I agree that it working with other's posts is a necessity.

That aside, well done. +Tzafrir Rehan
+Eric Goulet I probably had between 10 - 15 different extension/apps downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. I made the terrible assumption that because they were in GOOGLE'S STORE, Google had "ok'd" them in advance to ensure we would not have to fear torjans and spyware....but I soon found that this assumption was pure stupidity on my part as apparently Google will let anyone put anything in their store?? The ones that seemed to cause me the most problems were associated w/time management - appointment aps.., I also was shut down by FaceBook when I installed two apps - one stopped ads on the side and the other eliminated FB from forcing users to see a default view that no one wanted...FB sent me a nasty message to say that they were going to deny my access to FB for a few days because of it. I had a hangman game and a dictionary...and a web camera toy that did not work WHILE the web camera was in use...not sure of the point of it....anyway, I had to delete them ALL before my computer would run at normal speeds again. +Tzafrir Rehan has indicated w/his Link that there are not Trojans in his product, so I will see if it is worth keeping, but since I am more an observer then creator and this only works for the creator of Posts, I am not sure if I will get much use out of is a GREAT idea though!
There is nothing wrong with the extension and it uses a fraction of the memory other extensions do. 
Everyone + +Valerie Lemon: I have personally inspected version 0.1.3 of this application and found no malicious code. It's safe.
Thanks for checking it +Brandon Campeaux cause I wouldn't know a malicious code from a good one if it stood in front of me w/a neon sign that say "hay, I'm a malicious code". You guys are so smart!!
I haven't gotten to NUKE anyone yet, but having that Nuke option down there, like a small, sharp, unobtrusive boot knife, standing guard against the trolly posters, is quite reassuring...
+Tzafrir Rehan I noticed tonight the nuking feature stopped working completely. It still deletes comments but it doesn't block the commenters like it did before. Perhaps something changed on Google's end that caused the extension to break? Just letting you know.

Btw, I did refresh the page, uninstall the application and reinstall it just in case to see if that would do anything but it didn't.
+Brandon Campeaux all seems ok for me.

Can you clarify what's not working for you? Are you seeing any of the Nuking.../Nuked/Failed to nuke messages after deleting?
+Tzafrir Rehan When the issue was occurring I saw the "Nuking Failed" message. The comment would be deleted but the offending profile was not blocked.

I tested it today but it seems to be working now.
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