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I started critiquing for +Adorama's PhotoZap section and I must say; many many commenters seem to disagree with me there. 

More discussion here:
PhotoZAP #79: Light of his Life. Our Panel of Perfectionists Picks Apart Your Pictures. I wouldn't worry too much about the rule of thirds because, as the photographer, you make the rules, and shouldn...
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Well it was certainly not a great photo, black & white or not.  Some photo's I can't imagine in anything but black & white.  Sally Mann for example. .  If you haven't seen her documentary it's on you tube and worth watching.  There are a lot of fallbacks today for poor photos, black & white is not immune, I just wouldn't classify an entire genre of art as a fallback.  Black & white can be exceptional.
+Jason Reed I shoot b&w on medium format; I am certainly not classifying an entire genre as a fallback. But it's all too common to see digital photographers converting their crap images to b&w to save whatever is left of that image (I do the same, sometimes, but never for clients). ;)
Safe to say that pretty much any filter today is utilized for that purpose.  Have to say I would still prefer to see someone try to save a photo with B&W than HDR!!
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