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Concerning CM12 for HTC One M8: Is anyone else experiencing an issue where "OK Google Everywhere" doesn't work when the device is asleep?
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+Jason Tschohl​ What's funny is it works when the phone is charging. 
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Listen to Action Bronson's "Actin Crazy" (Prod. by 40) 
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Thank you and you're welcome.
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This the most beautifully-designed weather app I've ever seen. 
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Enjoying an Italian soda on this lovely afternoon. 
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I think notifications may be half-baked, as I don't receive them at all. 
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+Tanmay Parikh I am still not able to get notifications because the "alarm bell" button has disappeared. It was visible once, but is now gone. Please help! 
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I would love for you to include a visual indicator for verified accounts. 
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I sincerely want developers to put their chips on this product. This has the potential to facilitate so many trivial aspects of our daily lives. I hope this ultimately eliminates the need for passwords among many things.
Today's the last day to get your Nymi Band Discovery Kit at the introductory price of $79! Tomorrow the price will be $149 so don't miss out. Make sure you get yours soon so you can start developing applications in the new year. You can purhcase here:
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The temperature displayed in the app always seems to be 3-4° off in comparison to other sources. Where is the app pulling it's data from, pray tell?
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+Tanmay Parikh​ I'm okay with that. 
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Gracepoint is my shit. 
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Not mad.
You can now download custom Android Wear watch faces from the +Google Play Store
The Android dress code, says Google, is to simply wear what you want. In the spirit of promoting endless customization and personalization, Google is today rolling out a big update to Android Wear...
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Yes I be.
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