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Brandon Maher
FS Engineer for Prominent Microprocessor Manufacturers... The Nerdiest... Xbox Live Community Ambassador.
FS Engineer for Prominent Microprocessor Manufacturers... The Nerdiest... Xbox Live Community Ambassador.
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If we begin to censor the internet we censor the open ability to communicate with any one, any where, any time...
Our ability to learn, share information and current limitless possibilities will only be limited to the controlling few, allowing strength of the people, by the people, to be subdued.
Our rights as humans to gain and garner knowledge will be severely limited.  Do not take us back to a time where knowledge was only that contained in a published book.  Where ideas never left the students lounge or water cooler.  Where instead of expressing one's self openly and without worry, is instead held back because of lack of medium.
Do not allow for censorship.  Do not take away that in which we already have.  Do NOT limit the human race.  Limitations and censorship should be taken upon as an individual; the only limitations we should have is limited by the lack of motivation and limits of what our bodies are capable of.  Push yourself, learn a new hobby, activity, language:  You have the means to do so with an open internet.  OPEN yourself to new experiences and open your mind to new adventures.

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+tyler segel +Erin Maher +Emily Segel +
This is for the Portland peoples...

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Chriiiiiiiis - you need to check this out, maybe get employed there. :D ha ha
+Christopher Hendrix

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Again for +Emily Segel and +tyler segel
Inception Cat

Also go check out Age of Empires Online... It's sweeter than candy! - and FREE!

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I just memed my mother-in-law... Kinda feel dirty...

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Because you can't, you won't and you don't... STOP!

Happy Birthday to my wife Erin! (Look honey it's official now)

Bastion is amazing! I wish I had an announcer for everything I did!
"The kid gets up and shakes his head. The sound of sweet Final Fantasy alerts him it's time to go to work. After a quick scrub and brush he grabs his gear and heads ot the door... He jumps on his bike and revs the engine; 1100cc between his legs and he's just starting his day..."
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