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Silent predator
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It was taken at the Toronto Zoo the other day +Vincent Dale. I had a bit of a hard time getting this image since it was so dark. I had to put on my 50mm 1.8 and bump the ISO up quite high even with the fast lens just to get it. A bit of Lightroom processing and voila!
I hear ya! I absolutely love using it.
Moon jellies in the Australasia Pavilion, +Brandon Luk? Those guys are ... a challenge to shoot. Nice job. :)
Yeah that's the place all right! I must have taken about 20 shots before settling on this one. It's so dark in that area, I was happy just to get this one.
My wife and I have a Zoo membership, so I get plenty of chances to shoot there. In there, it's always ISO1600 for me.
Wish I had one. Don't think I would use it enough though.
If you had one, you might use it more. :-)

That's how it worked for me, anyway. 
Very cool shot, +Brandon Luk! Your zoo has jellies? I feel really jipped right now, because our zoo barely has bears.
Thanks +Tisha Craw. I guess we're fortunate to have a pretty decent zoo nearby. Well if you are ever up this way, we can head over there!
I wish I was able to go to Toronto!
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