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Brandon Lighter
Someone you've probably met even if you don't know his name...
Someone you've probably met even if you don't know his name...

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For anyone else that is upset that even the likes of Bob Mondello and Kenneth Turan are being dumb about spoilers and not giving proper reviews and synopses of THE MOVIE (you know, the only one worth talking about right now), these are from a true friend. I am really looking forward to going to see it now...

Finn is a stormtrooper and not a rebel in disguise
Rey is going to be the Jedi not Finn
The First Order has a new solar system destroying weapon that devours a Star to do it. Its weapon can shoot through hyperspace.

(Me) Do they reveal who the bad guy is?

Kylo Ren is Ben Solo
Kylo Ren kills Han Solo

(Me) Relationship?

Father and Son, Leia's the mother

Chewie doesn't die

(Me) Does the hero of the series show up? Or is it all the little rolling-ball knock off?

Not all the ball. He is tastefully done right

(Me) No the one who saves the day in all six prior movies

You aren't talking about JarJar are you?

(Me) You're kidding right?

He isn't even mentioned
I have no idea who the hero is

(Me) R2-D2. The one who saves the stupid humans in EVERY SINGLE SCENARIO through all six prior films...

Oh... yes he does appear
And c3po
He doesn't save them this time. The humans do it
and the weapon was built into a planet... meaning it is a planet
That should be everything

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The Next Generation of Players: Silas's First Character
This week, my son, who turns four in five days, insisted that "I want to use that book [5e Players Handbook] to make a character for my stories!" So, I broke out the six-sided dice, taught him how to roll stats (4d6, drop lowest), asked him a few basic ques...

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Regarding Experience in 5th Edition (a helpful chart)
The following numbers are based on the Character Advancement chart on page 10 of the  Player's D&D Basic Rules pdf , the Experience Points by Challenge Rating chart on page 5 of the  DM's Basic Rules pdf , and the XP per Adventuring Day per Player Character...

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PBM: Chapter 3: An Old Lady in Melvaunt: Part 2
In which the party experiments with democracy, considers the benefits of human sacrifice, and makes plans to defend a village against a horde of kobolds... Lyra “Thank you.” Lyra seemed to be looking more at Sister Ryesha when she said it. After Lyra accept...

Dear Wizards of the Coast, I would really like to give you money for D&D 5e, but I have no room or desire to own another large, heavy book. It appears that I cannot buy a PDF of the Players Handbook anywhere. I guess I will just have to torrent it. Please let me know if you ever provide the book in a format that is at all useful so I can give you my money.

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To Cage the Mind
Wow, 100 posts, let's post something a little different for this one, how about something about myself other than my gaming habits. My son's favorite dinner-table conversation starter is "Daddy, tell me a story about when you were <insert randomly generated...

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Under the Sea with Han-Yi
Regarding recent events in the Middle Kingdom... Another bad poem by Han-Yi Srotāpanna Mister Ba Lee, a southern gentleman Rides a swift boat, us to pursue Armed with a harquebus We meet in a storm, screaming words A strait shooter, clearly untrustworthy Th...

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Justification for Your Paranoia
Here is your friendly aggregation of computer security news from the last tenday. 1.  One of my favorite movies was just proven to be a lot more plausible: If you've never seen the 2003 remake of  The Italian Job . Back in college one thing I found particul...

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Leveling without experience?
My regular gaming group is an odd mix of software developers, lawyers, and theologians (okay maybe not that odd of a mix). We've been playing together, in various permutations of the group, for at least seven years (much longer for some). We've played games...
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