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Could Android 4.4 bring Google's launcher, camera and phone app to the Play Store.
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This would be an even bigger help to the fragmentation issue people could get the look and feel of "stock" android without having to wait for a specific oem/carrier updates.
+Rajesh Handa In the images posted the launcher, camera and phone app have been renamed to Google Home, Google Dialer and Google Camera, why else would they rename these apps unless they were going to bring them to the mainstream(via the play store).

Also note how most of Google's apps in the play store begin with Google just like the recently added Google keyboard which used to only be part of aosp.
Well name change still doesn't guarantee play store's inclusion. Anyways..
Well it doesn't guarantee it, but why else would they rename them if they weren't coming to play store.Normally the name of these apps would be hidden in system/app of an aosp device where no one usually sees its "real" apk name, and note the current name of the phone apk which is telephony.apk is not really a mainstream name for the dialer. In this case Google Dialer is a better name.
Interesting. Just like they renamed the Android keyboard to Google Keyboard and put it on the Play Store.
Yes as +Ron Amadeo told me currently Gallery app & Camera app are 1 app, Dialer is dialer.apk and launcher is just launcher.apk...

So plausible.. 
Yep +Derek Ross and just like they did with the Calendar app that was once part of aosp. They also brought it to the Play store as Google Calendar.
I really hope the Phone application makes its way to the Play Store. It will be nice for all of us who prefer the stock phone dialer but have, and wish to keep, the other software that came with our phones. 
Hopefully Google Settings and Google Notifications makes a appearance along with the ones talked about here. With that, it would be so easy to go pretty much stock Android with only the OEM frameworks still there.
This would definitely be a welcomed addition!! I mean yeah, I'd love for Google to really push OEMs to give us the OS updates we deserve, but this is a great start. 
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