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Apparently "Athena" will have split screen mode.
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+Brandon Lall thanks, sounds interesting. I'm thinking that Chrome and Android are getting updates to make them work the same way.
VERY interesting. One thought though: why would a split screen type of mode be needed on a ChromeOS tablet. We can already pull tabs out to their own windows and apps can run outside of the browser. I'm stymied on this one.... (although I want to think that a ChromeOS tablet is coming!) 

I wonder if this would be more apt for a phone, which is typically a one-app-on-screen type of experience....
This is interesting (was Googling but this might be from one of the links above): 

"Add support for system gestures in athena. The initial set of gestures include:
  * Dragging up from the bottom edge should get into the overview mode (see mocks)
  * Dragging right from the left edge should
    - get into split mode if the finger lingers at the end of the gesture.
    - switch to the previous task

Phone or tablet, Athena is clearly related to touch with ChromeOS. Hmm.... I may have to write up a short post that I'll link back to this G+ posting....
+Kevin Tofel Good point. One idea I had was that it would work more like android where apps are always open/locked in full screen mode and managed through os' resources management system. Therefore, in a chrome os tablet they would get rid of the close minimize and maximize buttons which would require a different way to split apps side by side. Most likely this would be handled through the overview mode.

Also a gyroscope and accelerometer does justify a chrome os tablet might be on the way. 
+Brandon Lall Appreciate that. I found about 4 dozen tracked issues here and pieced what I could together. Post on Gigaom with thoughts will be live in a few, along with a link back to this original G+ thread. :)
There is already (since v34) a type of split screen mode, and anchoring of smaller windows. The former is useful on an 11" screen when you want 2 windows open but don't have a lot of space to waste.
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