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Check out this video on YouTube:

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 +John Padilla  I think now I understand why you got a Jeep.

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Like Whoa.... Pretty clever.
"An Australian researcher has worked out how to store 1000TB on a CD ("

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Looking at these photo's made me realize that I often imagine the past in black and white. I found myself thinking "Wait a second, I didn't know the world was in color back then." Haha.

Cool NASA photo's from early 1960's.

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Way cool. Color me excited.
Definitely not what I was expecting them to look like...which was closer to something between the Nintendo Virtual Boy ( ) and a pair of Oakley's.

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I swear it was only a week or two ago I was thinking about how I hadn't been inspired in awhile, and was even making notes to remind myself to look for some new TED video's. If it isn't just good timing or sheer luck, I think I might be in some kind of rhythm with the event because it is happening right now.

Can't wait for all the video's to be posted. :)

TED Full Spectrum - "February 27 - March 2, 2012 - Happening now"

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I wish I could attend TED...maybe one year.

This was really cool to see. I know a lot of these video's made their rounds over the last year (ish), but it's nice to see them with explanations of the individual achievements in order.

I was most "Blown Away" when I saw the robot, "Jump" (not fly) and pirouette to fit through an opening. It was also cool to see them dive through hoop's that were tossed into the air.

Amazing, exciting, and inspiring work.
TED 2012 Favorites: Robots that fly...and cooperate

I found this TED talk to be impressive not only in terms of the technology being demonstrated (amazing "news from the future") but also as a masterpiece of teaching. Vijay Kumar doesn't just give a stunning demo of his cooperative flying robots, but also explains how they work. It's a masterpiece of teaching. This is a model TED talk.

As more of the videos from this year's TED go up, I will share the talks that I found most compelling.
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