Friends and Colleagues: Please take a moment to sign an online petition that seeks to eliminate "fox/coyote hunt pens" in my home state of North Carolina. These pens are currently legal if licensed by the state wildlife commission---HOWEVER, they are cruel and inhumane. Here's what happens: people trap alive foxes (red and gray) and coyotes and sell them to fox pen operators. The operators then keep these wild animals in penned/fenced areas that may encompass anywhere from several hundred square feet to several acres. Hunting dogs are then trained to bay the foxes and coyotes, and the dogs often injure and kill them in the process. It's entirely unfair odds with several dogs set on each coyote or fox. Because the foxes and coyotes are killed, often by mauling, more are needed to keep the pens running and this means more foxes and coyotes are trapped from the wild to keep the cycle going. Opponents to the pens say that sometimes competitions are run where dogs are scored on how fast they can bay or kill the foxes or coyotes. In my opinion, this is not any different than dog fighting. And if dog fights are illegal, then why are we allowing our wildlife to be killed in such a gruesome, inhumane and unnecessary manner? Please, take two minutes to add your name to this petition. Thank you.
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