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Wondering what WebGL texture formats your device supports? See it at a glance here!
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Oh, that's interesting, thanks! Out of curiosity - since we'll have to wait for WebGL 2.0, I guess: Do you have any information on how ASTC would perform against the other texture compression formats (maintaining similar quality losses)? Comparing them using one single image is a bit unfair, I know. But just to get a feeling... :-)
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Brandon Jones

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Are there any gamepads out there that are compatible with Apple's new Game Controller API that work with OSX? It's supposedly a cross-platform API but I've only seen iOS controllers so far.
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I added Xbox One controller support to Chrome on OSX. Because: why not?
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+Hannes Wiedenhofer I'm not going to bother with Windows drivers because:

- I've never written a proper driver before, and would probably botch it.
- Microsoft went after the last guy who tried to release a driver with their lawyers. that's a fight I don't want to pick.
- Microsoft has already promised support sometime this year. I don't understand why it's taking so long, but I'm happy to let them support their own hardware.
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Brandon Jones

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cough Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.
We're excited to start discussions with the South Bay to bring Google Fiber there. Share this graphic to let your neighbors know the news. Learn more and sign up for updates:
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Logistics and Politics. It takes a while to deploy these systems and there's only so much manpower to throw at it. On the political side deployments like this require cooperation from local officials who may drag their feet getting the necessary permits (or are "incentivized" by existing ISPs to drag them). It's complicated :P
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Very cool! Chromecast is one of my absolute favorite gadgets, and this will only make it more awesome. :D
Chromecast is now open to developers

Starting today, the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for developers who want to build Chromecast support into their apps and websites. 

For the non-developers, that means even more of your favorite movies, TV shows and music will become available on Chromecast over time. Just be on the lookout for the cast button in your favorite apps and websites, and stay up to date about apps that work with Chromecast at
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My biggest worry about Facebook purchasing Oculus is that the siren song of an iOS-style closed ecosystem will be too much to resist.
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VR didn't become mainstream in the past and it won't become mainstream this time around. The problem is the headset, it's only attractive to tech geeks, and that problem isn't going to go away until technological progress brings the headset down to a Google Glass size wearable.

Let's be honest, it's embarrassing enough watching adults flapping around like fish while using a Kinect. VR headsets take that up a notch or two :-D
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Spent a few minutes with the Steam controller at GDC yesterday. It's very interesting, but will definitely take some getting used to. I tried three games with it:

Broken Age:
The right trackpad was controlled mouse movement like you would expect a trackpad to. Right trigger was mouse click. Mousing with your thumb is interesting. Felt more awkward than using a normal mouse but miles better than trying to use a joystick for cursor movement.

Portal 2:
Controls were what you would expect from a Xbox/Playstation gamepad, with the touchpads acting as the joysticks. Primary difference was that the paddle buttons on the bottom jumped, which felt really nice and natural. Left touchpad felt twitchy to me because you move simply by touching a quadrant, not pressing. This meant I made a bunch of unintentional moves simply because my finger was resting on the pad like it would a stick. I think I would prefer actually requiring the touchpad be pressed to trigger movement. Didn't actually have a way to try that, though.

The right touchpad, though, was a totally different story. Rather than strictly emulating a stick it actually mapped to mouse movement. This meant that simply resting your thumb anywhere on the pad didn't trigger movement, you had to swipe. This felt very natural and precise, and I was super happy to note that you could flick your finger across the pad and it would spin the view around fast (180 deg+) with some momentum. This is unquestionably a superior way to handle first-person view orientation over a joystick, IMO.

Left  touchpad controlled the movement again, with the same "touch to move" configuration. Again, I think I would have preferred explicit presses, and the touch model kept triggering from random thumb brushes. Luckily the Dpad could also be used, and I think that I would end up playing most games like this with those buttons instead simply due to the better tactile response.

General observations:
The controller, in all it's 3D printed glory, felt very nice to hold and use. Even at this early stage it felt like a high-quality piece of hardware. I hope they don't lose that feel as they ramp up production.

I'm super glad that Valve chose to go with the two button diamonds rather than their previous design. I can't see games like Towerfall working with the old layout.

The touchpads had an interesting vibration that triggered in response to your finger movement. This game the pad and interesting sense of "texture". I don't know that it helped or hurt the experience, but it was certainly interesting. The Valve rep pointed out that games can control the vibration in whatever way suits them best, just like the vibration in current console controllers.

And finally, the mappings I described above were just the ones that Valve chose for the demo stations. You'll be able to customize them to whatever you're comfortable with.

I see a lot of potential here, though I don't think this will replace the standard console pad anytime soon. I actually feel like if I could replace the left pad with a joystick, though, it would be the perfect FPS controller. It will be very interesting to see what kind of bindings the gaming community standardizes for this controller.
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+James Darpinian I didn't find anything immediately offensive about using them. I'm not super familiar with Towerfall, so maybe my opinion would be different if I tried it with Spelunky or Super Meat Boy or something. They seemed perfectly usable, though.
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How I spent the better part of two months tearing one layer of unnecessary graphics abstraction out of Blink
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#DevTools Tip: Emulate device orientation in real time

Emulate the alpha, beta and gamma of a device by dragging the Accelerometer model in DevTools > Emulation > Sensors.
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From the post:

To give web developers the tools they need to create high quality touch-driven interactions, we are retooling Blink's core rendering engine to run smoothly at 60 Hz.  Specifically:

1) We are switching the style and layout subsystems to be driven by animation frames instead of by arbitrary timers, reducing synchronization issues between these subsystems and the compositor.

2) We are making the rendering engine's state machine explicit to be more disciplined about what information can be read in which state, removing the need to continually recompute compositing state

3) We are minimizing the amount of retained state that's invalidated inside the engine in response to DOM mutations, reducing the total amount of work the engine need to perform in order to compute the next animation frame.

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The short version: I went to get help with a difficult year of taxes, but had I not been paying close attention H&R would have happily filed a return that cost me thousands more than I owed. The long version: I typically do my own taxes, but between moving to a different state, my wife and I changing jobs, and renting out our house my filing last year wasn't exactly simple. So I decided to go to "the pros" for the first time hoping they would help make sure that I didn't miss anything. Unfortunately what I actually got was a "tax professional" that spent half the time we were together running to other employees to ask what to do. In fact, I had to advise him in many cases on how to properly enter my data. This was made worse by the fact that my W2 actually had an error which H&R completely missed despite the fact that it resulted in an absurd amount of taxes for my income. I had to explain to them, very carefully, why the numbers they came up with were nonsensical. I also had to come back several times over the course of three weeks because they failed to advise me which documents I needed to bring. In the end they STILL missed a fairly important portion of my return that ended up delaying my refund for weeks longer than necessary, and charged me $500 for the privilege of allowing me to babysit their "professional" for three weeks. I wouldn't trust H&R Block with your taxes unless you know enough about what's going on to double check their work. Of course, if you know how to do that you shouldn't be bothering with them at all. So really just steer clear under any circumstances.
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This little place isn't much to look at, but the staff is very friendly and the food is pretty good. My wife is a vegetarian while I am not, and the food here works well for both of us. I recommend the Kung Pao Chicken!
Food: Very goodDecor: Poor to fairService: Very good
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One of my favorite lunch break destinations. Sandwitches are great, and the daily specials are usually awesome. A little more expensive than your average fast food joint, but worth every penny!
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Great little locally run shop, my wife and I's favorite dessert stop. Good prices and fun flavors/toppings! Awesome for kids!
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