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Brandon Jones (Toji)
Chrome WebGL Implementor at Google
Chrome WebGL Implementor at Google


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Check out this awesome new collection of WebVR experiments!

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WebVR is available as an Origin Trial in Chrome 56 beta!

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Got some important updates about the WebVR spec and Chrome's support plans for everyone!

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The Chromium team is working on several features to bring the web to VR. They’ve recently added an experimental flag at chrome://flags/#enable-vr-shell to enable a browser shell for VR. This allows users to browse the web while using Cardboard or Daydream-ready viewers.

They’ve also been working towards WebVR¹ support in Chromium and launched VR view² to help web developers embed VR content in their web pages. The team is just getting started on making the web work well for VR so stay tuned, there’s more to come!



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Despite being able to play with one for the last few months, the accuracy of the Vive's controllers still blows me away!

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WebVR build with the Oculus SDK is available now! Needs some more love before it's performing at it's best, but it's good to have builds that use the latest SDK again.

Do you have an HTC Vive dev kit? Do you work with WebVR? If you're one of the 3 people on the planet that answered yes to both those questions, I have build for you! Just grab the build with "OpenVR" in the name here:

Yes, it's an OpenVR-based WebVR build, fresh off the compiler! This build is pretty early and has it's share of quirks, such as:

* Windows only. (Not my choice, folks)
* Does NOT support the Oculus Rift. Input may work, rendering is  definitely broken. 
* Forces rendering with OpenGL.
* Forces Vsync off (Will cap at 90Hz when in VR mode)
* Forces “basic” theme, so no transparent title bar in Win 7.
* Forces the GPU sandbox off. Badly behaved WebGL apps may crash the browser.
* Will probably still judder a bit. Seems to depend on the page.
* No Vive controller support at this point, sorry!

But I'm guessing if you're eager to get your WebVR on in Valve's headset you'll be willing to work with it.

This build should trigger the OpenVR compositior if run by itself, but I’ve found that I get the most reliable performance when running the SteamVR status app in the background. I'd be curious to hear about other dev's experiences!

(Oh, yeah, and I renamed all the other builds for consistency, which tweaked their upload date. Sorry, nothing new to see there!)

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Have a Project Tango device? Get your WebVR on! This is a very early build and will almost certainly have some crazy bugs, so let me know when you find something that seems a bit off! This build also doesn't return an HMD data, only the PositionSensor. It's intended to be used with the tablet in hand.
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