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I hate to reshare, but I believe this is topical.
Dorothea Lange, most known for Migrant Mother, also photographed the internment camps of Japanese Americans during World War II. Her photos were impounded, because they (very clearly) expressed a point of view, and the injustice and abuse of our fellow citizens and human beings was writ by light into the dark frames of the negatives.

Made public years later, they show us the power of a point of view.

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Rumors are swirling about the return of a shard game. I've had people from both factions ask what sort of things go down during for this kind of sprawling, global event.

Why not go back to the source? These two posts chronicle +Vitaly Kabernik and my own sitreps from 13Magnus.

This is probably the most intel you'll ever see from someone like Vitaly or myself about how decisions get made during a big global event -- and I think they're worth a read regardless of your faction.

Also check out this excellent sitrep from the Resistance:

#shards #13magnus #highadventure

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This world may have blinded me, but the Lord has let me see.
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Something to bear in mind when you think about civility on cites with adamant real names policies like Facebook.

Still sad my former employer Google was so dumb about names. Hope a lesson was learned?

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Dorothea Lange, most known for Migrant Mother, also photographed the internment camps of Japanese Americans during World War II. Her photos were impounded, because they (very clearly) expressed a point of view, and the injustice and abuse of our fellow citizens and human beings was writ by light into the dark frames of the negatives.

Made public years later, they show us the power of a point of view.

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Election Day: The only time of year when I support the idea that


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In our communities, we talk about “rabbit hole moments”. The moments where you are so enraptured by an experience, once you let go you will be completely lost to it.

The last three years have been this way, except that I jumped in and didn’t look back.


I’ve been fortunate enough that this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered an experience like this.

One of the great loves of the second half of my life is photography. The secret is, I didn’t start because of an artistic goal, or even a technical one. It just stuck with me because when I started, it made real life less boring. Standing in line, commuting, waiting on people: that stuff is why they invented the term hum-drum.

But carrying a camera did more than make real life interesting -- it showed me that there was a universe of two dimensional wonder waiting to be captured; a kingdom of light and shadows, all happening every moment on every street; the truth is, reality is always on.


Carrying a scanner is the closest thing to that experience; I just get to see the world through a different lens.

Have you ever plotted a conspiracy over milk and cookies in a bank parking lot at 1am? Taken your first 3 mile hike at 10,000 feet? Used your physics degree and high school spanish to fast talk your way into Mexico’s most famous observatory? Off roaded into a desert where the rocks by the side of the road are a billion years old? Showed up to a city in style with eight hundred of your closest friends for an all day contest? Started a day in a salt mining town in Baja and ended it walking the ruins of a three hundred year old monastery? Held someone’s hand and felt their pulse race in time for a checkpoint?

Crazy thing is, all those experiences are real. Or more than real.

That’s Ingress -- and it’s easy to see why it’s taken so many of us down that rabbit hole.


About a month ago, I was explaining something like this in a job interview, and I got asked, “What could I offer you to give that life up? To come back to a day job after all that?”

The answer is:

The real world isn’t actually boring. Along with the wonderful things, it’s full of all these jagged little edges. Protecting innocent people from these dangers is a tough, challenging problem. If I can work at a place that’s solving these problems, I’m interested. And if I can help a community I care about at the same time? I’m sold.

Plus, I think it’s about time I got in on the supply side of the rabbit hole business.

That’s why I’m happy to announce I’ve accepted a position working for Niantic as a security engineer.


Over the years, I’ve worked with some of the best and the brightest in tech and at bleeding edge companies, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to get a chance to help a community I love while solving technical problems that are a professional passion of mine.

It’s also important to note that my job at Niantic is technology focused, and not that of a community manager. As a security engineer first, and Ingress agent second, I will not be a contact for in-game issues, bringing an Anomaly to your city, providing codes, or anything in that vein: Niantic’s help center and our excellent community managers like +Andrew Krug are the people you should contact about these issues.

Concordantly, the opinions expressed by myself on this or any other social media site are my own, but on a personal level, it means my job is no longer to advocate to Niantic on external channels or media on behalf of either side. There is now no shortage of effective voices on both sides; all of whom know that my heart will always be with you.

Until then, I wish you good fortune in the fields to come.

#niantic   #fields4evar  
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I have to say something about this debate. It's obvious Trump is someone who is not only a moral pygmy, he's also wrong on virtually all the facts. As much as I am a just-the-facts kind of guy though, I feel like HRC is winning, but she could be knocking it out of the park.

Here's an example:

Every time Trump goes on about the wall, or immigration, the right answer to this guy is this:

I want immigration because the first step to making America great is to stop it from being small.

You look at when America was at its best, it was always done with the help of the people willing to come here. We didn't do it by building a Wall, and we didn't do it alone.

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Yahoo fights for the user.

Oh wait, no, in reality it actually rolled out the red carpet for the surveillance state while underfunding security in ways that got XXX million users hacked.

Now we get to ask ourself: were Yahoo's security problems a result of a lack of duty of care with user data, or something more sinister?

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“Three Minutes to Midnight”

As those of you who read our sitreps know, the Bay Area ENL had a streak going in the Bay Area -- we’d won 59 of the last 59 cycles (, with about 80% of those cycles won through large scale field ops. The Resistance managed to break this streak for cycle 2016.33 for Charlie 02/07 over the Labor Day weekend, by throwing fields shortly before the midnight checkpoint. I spotted them approximately three minutes before checkpoint as I checked into my hotel in Baja, as others began sounding the alarm.

The fields over San Jose did not survive, but the fields over San Francisco did.

After this checkpoint, Resistance did the smart thing, stationing multiple agents to guard the south anchor and other lanes over the city, relying on our light staffing from the holiday weekend to rethrow for another checkpoint at 5am.

Despite most of our planners and many field agents being out of town (As with the case with two of our best field agents who were hiking Mount Whitney), we rallied and almost got a set of bay-wide layers up in time to claw back the cycle.

A final checkpoint field is always a roll of the dice; in our case, we had a tourist in the area of Pigeon Point Lighthouse throw a last minute blocker, which gave Resistance time to respond with additional blockers preventing the field going up before checkpoint.

On behalf of the Bay-Area Field Group, I would like to congratulate the Resistance on a cycle well won. You picked the right time to strike, and exercised the sort of relentlessness that typifies the best play in fielding.

We wish you good fortune in the fields to come.

#59  #MU #bfg  

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