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Takedown appeals  - 
Appeal Type: Takedown Appeals
Portal Title: Deep Space Station 14
Location: 35.425642,-116.887397
Reason for Appeal: Portal Takedown Appeal


The Goldstone Observatory (or Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex) is run by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, with a primary purpose of communication with space missions. 

The facility is one of three of its kind in the world, and has communicated with space missions since 1958; its place in history established, it is a US historic landmark.

Along with its vital role in space communications, the telescopes have been used for a wide variety of other scientific purposes -- mapping asteroids, observing high energy neutrino interactions, and a host of other applications. 

It is of educational value, since school groups are brought here with regularity on tour -- the last tour I went on to this facility had military personnel there for educational purposes, and the desired visit of my tour was blocked off by school children who were taking all the remaining tours this week. 




The architecture of these telescopes is staggering; they are modern marvels of engineering. I could quote you the figures on the size and scale, but I included an image I shot there for you to judge for yourself. 


And now for an unfortunate political note. A Niantic community manager active in local Resistance field ops approached one of our agents in the Antelope Valley, asserting that this portal should be removed since public tours to it had been delayed indefinitely. 

We did our research:

Indicates tours will be re-opened June 30th. 

We additionally contacted the facility regarding tours, and they provided a direct response that tours would not be indefinitely closed, and they would resume June 30th.

Insofar as this and many other agents are aware, this portal meets all the criterion for public accessibility -- if limited tours are enough for removal, there are many hard portals currently being used as anchors that should be removed -- which we believe would be a disservice to both the field and the artifact game, much of which involves strategic and tactical control of these portals.


For these reasons, we ask that you please re-instate this portal.

+Brian Rose +Terry Stout +John Hanke +Josh S +Crystal Bell +Daniel Musto 

+NIA Ops 
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Ok, I'm going to lock comments on this thread. It seems like everyone has had their say on the issue (and even with some productive debate), and now it's degenerating into personal attacks.

I'll say this: I think a Niantic community manager targeting a portal specifically of use to one faction for removal when the entire precedent system in the game says that portal is OK and the Resistance is in fact currently using portals just like it is inappropriate.

That that same person was the first agent to throw a blocker across the lane that went down as a result of this removal -- very shortly after its removal... it doesn't sit well with me, and I think it's really not great behavior.


But it also doesn't sit well with me to have lots of personal attacks either -- so I recommend people please chill with that, and instead focus on constructive thoughts.

Like, "How to design a portal removal system with less bias", or "A referee system for Ingress that allows us to have sane rule adjudications" are two topics that spring to mind.

+NIA Ops you can contact me directly if there are any questions about this portal.
Hey so +NIA Ops,

Here's the deal. 

I just noticed one of my portals that came back from being gray was a portal at the Trinity Site. 

I'm not sure if you know about it (I'm guessing you don't), but it's only open once or twice a year. There's torturous data connectivity, you basically get to stand in a line of crazy atomic tourists who came from all over the world to be there, and if you're lucky, your scanner works in the fitful network environment enough for you to stand in a cloud of radioactive dust while you fight it out with the other side.

This year at the Trinity site, I convinced eight crazy people from California to go. Most of us drove over a thousand miles aggregate round trip to get there. We joined up with the New Mexico Enl, the AZ Enl, the Texas ENL, and even some Colorado ENL to beat the Resistance there for a bare handful of portals.

These are important anchors: The last time we had trinity site, we threw a 19 hour gigafield anchored off one. The portal we left behind was level 8 -- perfect for the shard game or whatever else might be thrown at it.

It's bad enough that we have to deal with spoofers crapping all over the game board with no remediation from Niantic. It is worse when the people running the game disappear 6-7 figures of portals, and then they come back gray. It's super apparent you don't play your own game, or you wouldn't understand exactly how ham-handed this decision is, or what it does to the morale of your players. 

"Come participate in this extreme game... but hey, did I mention we don't post the rules, still have crippling bugs a year and a half after leaving beta, and your actual accomplishments that you work days, weeks, or months to get, we will happily zap out of existence whenever we uncover a bug too hard for us to fix."

RIP, Jumbo.,-106.476373&z=17&pll=33.67314,-106.476373

+John Hanke +Brian Rose +Dustin Harwood +Crystal Bell 
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+Brandon Downey our anchors and guardians never came back. From my point of view (subjective it may be) the fix was unintentionally biased. They should have left well enough alone after fixing the bug.  
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Hey so +NIA Ops, portals which vanished are coming back gray.


Just FYI, I dunno how many portals vanished today, but it was a lot. I saw some fairly nasty anchors vanish and come back gray -- I cannot imagine what will happen when people find out you just killed more guardians in one single stroke than the other faction ever could.

This is endemic of a deep-seated problem Niantic has with running a game:

- There is no clear remediation for bugs. 
- There is no referee
- There is an apparent callous disregard for the time and effort your players put into the game. 

I guess thank goodness you have all these new 'soft' badges to get black in, but it still is going to be a metric shit ton of suck for all the fine folks out there who worked to get a Guardian. 
The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrigue and conquest.
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Brandon Downey

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"Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self destruction...."

This has to be a joke... right? 
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Being tattooed or being a hipster is not a protected class. ;) 
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Brandon Downey

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g+ still does not have draft auto-saving, a feature present in browsers for at least ten years.

Fuck you, g+. 

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It doesn't matter. Autocorrect will mangle it, anyway.
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Brandon Downey

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Hey on the plus side, all that pretexting to get info just makes it look like she was an early adopter for all Prism. ;) 
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will launch her campaign for president on May 4, according to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.
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When HP's sales were falling, Dim Carly cut the sales staff. Pressure's dropping in the space station, better open the doors...
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Brandon Downey

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Just watched the first season of the Twelve Monkeys show. 

I thought for sure it was going to be terrible (show based off movie: Score +1 Terrible, post BSG Sci-fi: +1 Terrible), but it was actually a lot of fun. It used all the time travel tropes, rather than wanking off to them, had pretty good acting, and it felt like a visual page turner to me. 

Obviously this is not the terribly brilliant Gilliam original, but it was a lot of fun: 8.5/10, and 2016 is too long to wait. 
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We still need to watch the last couple episodes but I was pleasantly surprised, as well. Was hoping for more of the feel from the original movie but all in all a great make of the show
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I just saw the change to badge listing, and for the life of me, I can't understand this change.

The first problem is formalistic:

Anomaly badges are listed first, in chronological order.
Regular badges are listed second, but in reverse chronological order.

This makes no sense visually or from a ux perspective; to someone who didn't know the badge system, they would be at a loss looking at it.


That's not the real problem though: This change robs us of our history. When, where, and how we got badges matters to a lot of people. I've got a good friend who tries to interleave black badges and anomaly badges (he's a badass that way). I have others for whom the badges -- anomaly or otherwise -- commemorate life events. I remember how my girlfriend and I both got our platinum explorer before Darsana, and it was something I could look at in our badge history and see.

That's gone now, but for the life of me, I can't understand why. Nobody I talk to understands the change -- is there some elegant way of looking at this I'm missing?

+Niantic Project +Kevin Wojta +Crystal Bell +Wendy Pyle +Richard Pino 

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You know maybe you could give us the option of reorganizing? Please I've been asking for this for years literally. 
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So, here's the deal.

There's another shard game going on, and (once again) there are game breaking bugs.

* Last night, it appears shards 30-41 simply "did nothing" for the jump window. 
* Today, portals have been vanishing all over the world. Uh, including the portal for S3, which disappeared in front of a crowd of enl and res. 
* Just now, I watched some critical blockers to hard anchors simply disappear from the map (portals still there). 

+Niantic Project, if you can't fix these problems, would you please considering pausing the shard game until you do? It's incredibly disrespectful to the many players out in the field to watch their hard work thrown away because you can't get these game-breaking bugs under control. 

Maybe it's time to take the weekend off? 

+John Hanke +Brian Rose +Joe Philley 

+Terry Stout +Crystal Bell +Daniel Musto +Kris Habraken +Brent Hollett 

+Dwayne Maxwell +Kris Murray 

#bugs   #persepolis  
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Requesting ingress player solidarity on this, please.
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Brandon Downey

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Kind of hard not to read this as another attack on the open web. 
Today we're excited to introduce Instant Articles, a new product for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook.
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News orgs are scared sh*tless of this. Feel like they are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. (Not unlike Google News in EU, come to think of it, but for different reasons.)
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Brandon Downey

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More in the #unelectable  file, Bobby Jindal. 

The same day he wrote this, 60% of Americans polled supported gay marriage.

You'd think the South would want to exorcise the demons of discrimination. 

Wait, too soon? ;) 
I won’t let companies block Louisiana from protecting religious liberty.
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+Olav Vitters I think +Darian Drake's original comment at the beginning of this thread adequately addresses your question.
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Dear +Hank Johnson,

The long campaign for Shonin has prevented me from writing sooner, but words cannot express my joy at seeing the reunification of your mind, body, and memories as the result of our earlier victories in Shonin. 

Indeed, every agent who was there at Cross Plains to safeguard your memories into the safekeeping of the fabric of XM "dial tone" cheered to see you back and fully human once more:

Welcome back!

Those of us who fought that desperate battle to save your memories from the clutches of the menace of ADA recognize that day for what it was: a victory for human values, and the power of the human potential.  

As such, we would very much appreciate it if you could offer a token to those of us who stood with you on that day -- your badge code for our scanners. 

Thank you again, and know that we will continue to do all that we can to assist you in your journey to Persepolis. 

+Crystal Bell +Jon Harmon +Loyd Hutchings +Weasel +Megan Perry 

+Brian Rose +Niantic Project +NIA Ops 

#shonin   #interitus   #persepolis  
Interitus had more than the normal level of scoring churn: the bonus from fields changed mid-anomaly sequence, and then the victory conditions were not defined until near the end. I asked the innocent enough question of, "How does one win Interitus", and ended up with a wild card event involving points scored for linking Cross Plains, TX to previous anomaly sites.

I messaged +Jon Harmon at 4am (the moment the rules were posted), saying "How'd you like to win at Interitus?". 

A flight to texas with +Crystal Bell and +Megan Perry later, ~300 keys to the Robert E Howard museum farmed, 27,326 mosquitoes and 200-odd links later, we had scored enough points to win that day of the anomaly by four figures, and put the series back in play.

We had a team of operators helping us that day, including +Kris Habraken and +Jennifer Barry, and we made the impossible happen that day with their help -- linking across Texas to Cross Plains under hostile, anomaly style conditions.

These operators, along with myself, spent the better part of a day glued to the intel map, directing a city-wide clearing in Austin, and and then again clearing teams to clear blockers in between Austin and Cross Plains that sprung up mid-event. 

None of them could have done it without third-party tools like IITC, or the leeway to hover over intel for uninterrupted hours. 

#intelisnotacrime   #madewithiitc   #keephankweird  
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Seemed pretty lackluster, and clerk was rude/incoherent when I asked to use a bathroom (even when I offered to buy something).
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Website says they close at 6pm; was closed at 5:15pm when I arrived.
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