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For your Lone Ranger fans out there on both radio and television, here is the real story.
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#SWTOR   I really like playing the video game Star Wars the Old Republic, but sometimes it is a pain in the ass!  Their updates are forever to complete especially when you have to restore your computer from scratch.  I think I started downloading the game close to 9AM EST.  It is now 6:10PM EST.  It looks like it is a little over 75% completed.  That is far too long!!
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Brandon Bowers (Frater Phoenix)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I believe that all people/human beings are wonderful.  The future of the world is not the USA only.  We are all human beings that will support on another.  Just the same, what the House here has done is complete and total idiocy.  NO NATION can fight for the entire world.  Since 1994, our nation has suffered through a great deal to a point almost lands us in a peripheral nation.  If we cannot get out own head out of the sand, who are we to help others in worse conditions?  The United States of America is not a nation to police the world.  That is what NATO is there for.  Let them help the Ukraines.  The President is the Commander and Chief--not Congress.
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On a sad note and I will think of this one American girl that really went to a Russian Pioneer camp died not long after her visit to Russia.  I hope that this great story can make the same big impact on us all as Samantha Smith had done.  I thank ever so dearly for the one that made that story about her.
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Obama Strikes Terror Into The Hearts Of Republicans By Supporting Mandatory Voting

Mandatory voting would be the most direct way to neutralize Citizens United. Mandatory voting would also hand the House and Senate back to the Democratic Party. The Republican Party would have to completely change, and the competition for votes in politics would shift to the center. Democrats and Republicans could not exclusively appeal to one side of the ideological spectrum and be successful. Republicans would be forced to move to the center or face extinction.
President Obama has sent a wave of terror through the Republican Party by suggesting that the most direct way to get rid of Citizens United is to require mandatory voting by every eligible citizen.
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For them to do what President is asking, then they would need brains.  The Republican Party has not shown they have them less alone use them.
"No one can claim she’s unqualified. No one’s saying she can’t do the job. Senators from both parties say they support her. This is purely about politics. First, Republicans held up her nomination because they were upset about the actions I took to make our broken immigration system smarter and fairer. Now they’re denying her a vote until they can figure out how to pass a bill on a completely unrelated issue. But they could bring her up for a yes-or-no vote at any time." —President Obama on why it's time for the Senate to confirm Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch:
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You guys and gals are going to think I am nuts, but doing more research "Russian pioneer camps Samantha Smith," I ran into a very interesting video of another real Samantha Smith that write Putin on about the same thing.  I wonder if the ones that created "Everlasting Summer" knew about these two:
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+Commie Jesus Yah Humans!!  Interesting we are the most intelligent beings on Earth... sometimes I wonder.
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Due to this wonderful story, I have been doing a lot of research on Russian pioneer (summer) camps.  There is a workshop story on Steam about an American girl at the camp.  Believe it or not folks.  There was a Samantha Smith that really visited one of the camps:
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Brandon Bowers (Frater Phoenix)

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WOW!  I just gone through with the Miku ending.  It was far beyond the most wonderful story I have ever read.  I was constantly at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.  When Semyon kissed who I thought was Masha.... I realized she was waring a pioneer uniform right before (after he woke up on the beach) but when he kissed her, they both were wearing one.  Then I came to realize it was Miku all along.  In that it was Miku's ending than Masha's.  WOW!  What a story!!  There is so much more to say about it, but for the ones that have not been through Miku's ending, I do not want to spoil anything. 
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+Yegor Danilov Sorry for the long reply.  College is taking most of my time lately.  I for one love the whole Miku ending.  Yes it has a very different twist, but to me at least, that is what makes it so exciting.  I had no idea, the (ME) character would go back to the camp like that and have Alga question him.  I was set back as well.  Every turn was teasing me to keep on reading.  That is a sign of a super writer.  Each different twist lead me to a new and wonderful path without me having to choose anything.  I cannot wait to read other ending. :D
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Murrayville, Georgia
I am a frater phoenix
I am a person that fights to win and never stand down from a challenge.  I have been to a technical college (1998 - 2006) with a certificate and three diplomas in the computer field.  Due to jobs overseas due to NAFTA, Delphi, the Koch Brothers, and all the rest, I am started back in a college since 2010.  I am under an English Major that is about to be done with my Art Associate in about 2 semesters (if fate will allow me to do so and I want to do so).  I am planning to take take a Bachelor Art degree in English once I am done with the A.A.

I love to write and would love to get a career in it.  I have written stories and posted up to 11 fan fiction saga of stories of a crossover of Star Wars & Stargate SG1 that I hope will be a good portfolio in what I can do.  I also have several blogs and write a diary/journal.  There is nothing I do not write about... even this profile.

I am not a big online gamer, but I do play Star Wars the Old Republic (as the only MMORPG online game), Diablo III, Starcraft II, Magic 2014: Duels of the Plainswalker, and a few simple ones that Windows 8.1 has for me to play for free.   I play them between the  raindrops of studying very hard in my classes at University of North Georgia at the Gainesville, GA campus.  Most importantly, I write!  I also read a lot too.  With collecting free ebooks from a service (, I can collect a good many genres and other books for several ebook software/readers. 

Believe it or not, playing these games mentioned has helped me be more creative in my stories.  Thinking and learning outside the box is essential.  Also realizing winning all the time is very important.  Playing Magic 2014: Duels of the Plainswalker has made me realize that winning is not everything.  Even in real life, if we keep on going, we will gain more than a winning hand. 

That is why I am a frater phoenix.  Frater is an old word meaning friend, companion, lover, or any other in similar respects.  If I stand tall when a fall in  life, I can be as powerful as a phoenix even though it is a mystical bird.  I am not!  Neither is all I have done to this day that makes me who I am right now and will become tomorrow.

PS.  If you have been reading my stories via Wordpress, please start using  It is getting harder to update and not the best blogger services in my opinion.  I now regret using it for my stories.  Anyhoo, please use this link for now on.  Thanks :D
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