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This thing sucks compared to my Android phone, but I need to play around with it for a secret project.
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John B
Ingress for IOS. =(
Fingerprint recognized... Logon commencing. 
What a day for me to sell my iPhone 5 on 
Kent Long
I think you are supposed to put your finger in the  round thing to get it into money drain mode.
Its difficult to.decide.thank god money plays its ugly hand !
Yellow Faction on IOS? Explaines the Yellow Bumper ;)
Sometimes I wish I had an iOS device just so that I could test problems and issues and better be able to assist people as a TC, but I can never bring myself to do it because outside of those tests I'd never use the damned thing!
Too narrow and too crap a battery to play ingress.
You have my condolences. You should figure out how to flash an android rom on to it. That sounds like a more entertaining use of an iphone
Alright now my work cell can become my backup battery when I kill my android phone + external battery.
Sorry to hear +Brandon Badger but before this secret project goes live, could Mass/packaged drop and recycle please please please be implemented? 
I'll trade you iOS for new levels!
Hey man, if it's just too painful for you, I have a 4s and a 5 AND professional experience as a software quality assurance tester.. I could help you out with whatever that is you're working on…
Time to test Ingress play duration with battery under 1600mAH.
Oh dear, here it comes. 
Ugh.. apple fanboys in Ingress. This will bring "NOOB" players to a whole new level.
John B
Great now Apple fanboys will turn Apple Store into a portal!! SMH!! 
Expand.....adapt....include...all are perfect for game plots..expanded areas of play...teams become paramount...we can use our experiences to do this... New faction or influx of new players changes the game. I sat bring it
I kind of hope when this is live for iOS, that between the 2 current factions, the leading faction(in MU's) will be the Android side, then iOS will be the other. Let the epic battle commence. 
Oh well, now the paranoia can completely grab a hold of me when playing Ingress... So far you were safe and could relax if you saw a guy with an apple device. But if this is coming... Gnaaaaa 
Nah, Niantic servers ("ADA") will shard, and iOS agents can play in their own little, shallow sand box.
Hope iOS users get their own faction... a third faction would make the game more interesting again
Sooooooooo... Hypothetically, if one was running an Ingress teen camp in the summer, say, last week of June, and that someone has a print deadline of March 1st, should that someone put an "Android Only" warning in the publication or not? 
I miss my android phone. Lost my Galaxy and had to get an iphone.  The small screen hurts my eyes :)
+Richard Gibbens  I suggest using "On Android and iOS coming soon" but then again, summer camp is still months away... lots of things can happen
Ingress for iPhone? Crap. I can already feel the incoming wave of new "Enlightened" agents.
Boooooo. We don't need iPhone people playing ingress 
Nah, probably the Niantic part of the Endgame cross-medial young adult novel. ;-) 
Influx of players isn't bad. To bad when they sign up they don't say who's dominant in the cell when asked to pick.
it isn't a secret when we all know that ingress is coming to suckOS
With great power comes great responsibility.
First stupid badges making people play like idiots, then this 5 hour crap making people play like idiots once every 5 hours, now iPhoners...  This deal gets worse and worse all the time.
Jailbreak it and your customization options go up ALOT. Only way to own an apple product IMO. Remember... its not just for pirates!
+Loyd Hutchings I don't think telling a starting player who is dominant in the cell is a particularly great idea. I've heard indications that might happen, but I suspect that it's better to leave people to their own devices.
Talk of Ingress for iOS, New Red (and yellow) factions, new Player levels, new weapons and mods.

Let us hope half the rumors are true, and half are not. 
If Google has to develop Ingress for an Apple phone then Android development will be slowed. Anything that makes you show your thumbprint to proceed is an insult! Humans will Resist! Join the Resistance!
yuck. i had an iphone5 for work - hated it
+Gregg Gadonneix The door is just a click away.

For everyone, I'll repeat what I said on another "We hate iOS" threadfest.  Android fanbois are just as bad as iPhone fanbois except that they have an inferiority complex.

The rest of us like the advantages and dislike the disadvantages of each phone, but are not defined by the phone they use.  You are not a arrogant douche because you carry an iPhone, nor are you a stubborn hick because you carry an Android phone.  People are people.  Learn some social niceties and treat them on their own merit rather than which handset manufacturer they purchased from.  Or go back to the basement you scream invectives from over the internet.

But the real question is how much will the resonators cost? 
Iphone sucks! Ingress is a powerful game that make an android unique
The iPhone is going to be the next blackberry... Let them have their fun I suppose. Their factions will die out eventually, when this fad with iPhone does.
All I want for my birthday is in on alpha testing Ingress for iPhone. :-D

... or beta, I'm not picky. I've beta'd for iPhone before....
You guys realise that the day Ingress get's iphoned, these fun comments about crappy iphones will become lesser fun flamewars? :/
You'll see,... It'll start with the usual iphone comebacks about how they're great without ever giving any real reason why, and comments about how it's a matter of taste, when in reality taste has nothing to do with inferior technology...

Anyway,... I'm enjoying this as long as it lasts... ;p
Maybe Niantic can commemorate the introduction of iPhones with the release of some new Ingress widgets😉 Muhaha!!!
+Angel Sanchez Agreed, and I very much doubt they'll get preferential treatment.

But the "Red Faction" concept is nonsense.  Why actively make a faction based on a phone that is twice the size of the other two.  There are enough iPhone users out there to equal the Android users, so you'd be signing your own death warrant, not to mention limiting people's ability to play on different handsets without a reroll.
+Brent Hollett We both know one can do both... And we also both know it will happen,...
And on your earlier note: iphone users aren't all the same, and definitely not the same as all Android users. I give you that there are decent iphone users that know what crappy phone they have (and probably bought it half price at max), and you have those idiots who actually think their phone is better than any Android (even though when you open it up, 90% is leftovers from other companies that have better hardware in their own phones...). You also have a lot of Android users who just use the going flamewars to join in flaming on others, not even knowing they bought a crappy Android phone as well, and you have those that actually know what hardware they're buying, the openness of the Android system, the linux access underneath, and make a valid point as to why iPhones are crap.
There's a reason real hackers all use Android phones... iCrap is only used by hackers in television series and movies, because Apple buys their own popularity, as to where Android earned it the hard way...
+Nico Thomas I've used a number of Android handsets too, and some were pretty crappy too.

The iPhone market is for people who don't want or need a system they can 'hack around in', but that just works without having to learn its arcane ways.

The 'average iPhone user' is definitely less 'tech-head' but that doesn't make them worthy of the BS that these G+ threads throw around like gospel.  Echo chambers work well if you want to reinforce bigotry.
That should be the point at which all Android devices, even my lame Samsung tablet, get Ultrastrikes. 
+Brent Hollett Like I said: there are indeed a lot of crappy Android phones too, which generates my third group of people that think they are better because they have an Android, ignoring the fact it crashes, is laggy and can't replace it's battery. I hate those as well,...
And buying an iPhone just because you don't want to learn it's arcane ways, makes you part of the first group I described: knowing it's crap, owning one for a purpose other than screaming "my phone is the best ever!"... No problem with those...
But for those claiming their iPhone is better than anything, just because they like it more, ignoring any evidence of the contrary and not even caring about what hardware is inside,... They are just idiots in my eyes, just as you said the android users can be when they do the same with a crappy Android phone... My point being, there are 2 other kinds of Android and iPhone users than these 2. And, if you're really going for the best in hardware and the one that let's you do the most when you need anything, there's no doubt for going Android, but you'd have to know your way around tech, indeed.

On a sidenote: I don't care if the non-tech people get insulted because they join technical stuff without any knowledge of it, as that's the first thing that ever bothered me about commercializing the internet. I loved it much better when people online where by definition technical adept and I'm totally for a "if you don't get how it works, and you're not willing to learn it, stop using it, ffs." kind of world/existence.
You wouldn't give anyone a free driving license, just because he's got a user-friendly car that simulates smooth driving either...
+Nico Thomas Ingress isn't a 'technical' game, so insulting players should be a no-no.  The major market is really travellers, exercisers and people who like to explore, not technical people.

There's too much in the world to know to expect every single person to know "your" favourite discipline. You wouldn't hurl the same sort of abuse at a person driving a Honda because he doesn't know how to personally maintain a Rolls Royce Phantom, nor does he need to know since he just wants a car to go from A to B.  Using a phone is like driving (though you're less likely to kill someone using a phone).  What you're expecting is that no-one step into a car without being a mechanic.
+Brent Hollett One step too far. I do expect anyone driving a car to be able to know a bit of the car, so when he gets stranded in a remote place, he can handle himself (or her). And I also expect from when you drive a car, you at least can drive, so when you get bugged by an asshole on the road, you can react appropriately and not crash into the nearest tree.
You do not need to know how to hack to use a SmartPhone, but I'd expect for you to know what hardware is and does before boasting yours is the best.
Also, the insulting begins when they use this little overpriced toy to go on the internet, where they meet experienced users and to which they can't stand to loose a "my phone is better than yours" discussion... Resulting in idiotic and totally worthless comebacks. This all IS a result of misbehaving in places you're not supposed to be as a noob that does not want to learn tech...
+Nico Thomas Android fanbois are just as responsible.  For evidence see comments above.  And don't tell me they have a right to be arrogant douches because "Android phones are better".
Red Nexus 5 released. Red iPhone 5C. Red faction?!
+Brent Hollett Now you're doing the whole "stereotyping" yourself, while I'm telling you there are users that actually know what they buy too...
So, no, not all Android fanbois are idiots, but yes, the idiots probably have the lead, like they do in any category.
Starting with no phone at all and enough information and knowledge about hardware and software, you can buy the wrong Android, but you can't buy a right iPhone...
Actually, a fan of Android is fine.  I'm not saying all fans of Android are "Android fanbois".  The term refers to those fans of Android who are rabid and mindless in their own defence of Android and attacks on other handsets (not just iPhones).  Not stereotyping all Android users or even fans, but referring to the douchey sub-segment that starts flame wars just as bad as any "iPhone fanboi".
+Brent Hollett Plz tell me when you're taking this personally, I have no intention at all to insult you or anyone, I just love discussing this, since I actually know what's inside iCrap. ;p
+Nico Thomas I use both phones, and they have their advantages and disadvantages.  I haven't found an Android phone yet that survives the Australian heat while giving the same features as an iPhone (though I've got to start trying the more rugged versions soon with the extra price tag).  

My issue is when people use personal attacks and flame wars to describe a person who simply chose a phone that they found appealing.  Mainly because it stops normal everyday people from being willing to get involved and learn, for fear of getting caught in the flamewar of troll-demons from the sub-planes of "I know more than you do."

Abuse is a "barrier to entry".
+Brent Hollett Well, If by 'android fanboi' you mean only the douchebags, yeah, well,... Then there's no disagreeing,... They are indeed exactly the same as the douchebags screaming iphone's the best without knowing what they're talking about... We totally agree there. I thought you meant the entire Android userbase with it. :p
Like I said in my previous post: Idiots rule any category, just because there are more idiots than decent people in the world... It's sad, but true...
+Nico Thomas Yeah, and my original point is that the majority of iPhone users don't fall into that "iPhone fanboi" category either, so I welcome them with open arms, rather than deciding that they all deserve to be cast into a pit wit comments like:

"No don´t do it. iOS is not the soloution. Better no mobile then an apple."

"Ugh.. apple fanboys in Ingress. This will bring "NOOB" players to a whole new level."

"The end of this great game is near..."

"First stupid badges making people play like idiots, then this 5 hour crap making people play like idiots once every 5 hours, now iPhoners...  This deal gets worse and worse all the time."

"Iphone sucks! Ingress is a powerful game that make an android unique"

... and this thread is tame compared so some of the Ingress ones mentioning iOS.
+Brent Hollett And there you said it: As long as they are willing to learn, welcome. But the "I don't care" sticking to the "Mine's best." is just plain idiotic, and that's what a lot of iPhone users do,... Again probably also because there are more idiots than decent people there as well...

btw: Have you tried the SGSII yet? I deliberately bought myself a new SII instead of an S4 for many reasons. Given the hardware isn't top notch, it still runs the latest Android without any problems (4.4.2 now) and even reacts on the microsecond now that it's running ART. I never really needed a higher resolution (as I think the resolution-wars are commercially driven useless options forced upon users), unlike many Android phones these days it still is able to replace battery and most importantly: there's still a mm space between the touchscreen and the actual gorilla glass, making it still throwable down the stairs and on hard floors without damage.
It has also already outlived 2 rainstorms where I was just compelled to play Ingress anyway, even though water was getting everywhere, and my older one even fell in the toilet once... :p
+Brandon Badger please don't, I had to tell a young man today, "Apples are for eating." :-)
Hehe, getting dstracted now +Nico Thomas but how did you find the GPS?  All the S2 users I know had drift and accuracy issues whenever inside a vehicle or under any sort of shelter or roof (which can be a must when you need shade or shelter from rain?  My trusty S3 (which is what I keep coming back to) seems to be a much better GPS implementation.
+Brent Hollett Well, this is the first I hear of this. Do they have the GT-I9100 or is it a relative? There are many SII's with different hardware inside these days (dunno if the GPS ever changes, though), and aside from those variations of SII, you also have the SII Plus devices, which look exactly the same as well. (Doing something we all blame iPhone for doing, making different models look exactly the same. Not very smart, imho.)
I myself have 2 GT-I9100 models, of which I've never had any complaints of the GPS. Only thing wrong with this model (and I've got no shame telling you this as well) is the 2G/3G drivers, which if switched a few times, won't reload anymore (and get stuck in one or the other position until you reboot) (this is on both phones throughout every ROM I've ever had, starting from GB, still doing it in KK), but that never bothered me as I just set it to only use 3G and never touch the setting again...
I'm usually the first getting the right GPS coördinates among my HTC friends.
As we're Australians, its probably a slightly different model (For my S3 its the GT-I9305 instead of the GT-I9300).  It could be difference between them.
+Brent Hollett Right, and I think Australia uses a few other satellites than Belgium does as well, since you're almost on the other side of the world. ;p
Yeah but then a third faction will be found, those that can't make fields only steal them from other agents, using tech at least 3 ages older than the new stuff. 
Ingress out on iphone in march from memory.
Like, like, like, like. 
No worries, the iSheep will continue to operate in their own little "reality"  They won't understand that COMM messages will be able to be read by people with non iOS devices.  (iMessage)
Good luck.....I am forced to carry one of those for my job and use it only for business calls...... Hate touching it📵
This reminds me of the iRage when Instagram for android came out. I don't care what device you have as long as you press the blue button. 
You know I am a conflicted Apple girl and Google lover who gave up her iPhone just to play Ingress in Beta. I can never go back to that child's toy. In fact, my old one is now a toy for our preschool girls.
+Brent Hollett the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 is only the 4G one.. the 3G version was also sold on telstra, vodafone and optus as the I9300T and I9300 (optus)
As long as the intel sucks as much as it does, it really doesn't matter which phone you use...
Wait, how do you plan on playing Ingress on a brick?
+Loyd Hutchings best idea so far! Fingerprint identification "one fingerprint - one account", fingerprint proof for fast long distance moves, fingerprint+photo on a portal... OMG it's like bad times for possible iOS cheaters!
Just a long as they can only hack common link amps
Rico W
That description x) 
Ignorant iPhone users who check out Ingress for the first time: "Hey! Cool! A game featuring Siri! I bet Android users don't have a game like this!"
Cool, then I can multi-account with my business-I-phone...
nah, just kidding :-) don't ban me!
Hope there will be a separate pink faction for the i-religion.
Ingress for business leaders. Yuck!! 
I'm not so sure.. But I'm seeing an iPhone in the picture.. Why... 
I hope it will run on the iPad Mini with Reitna display. 
Also interesting you are showing a yellow iPhone 5C. We know blue and green exisit. Red in Ingress is the damage indicators. So naturally a yellow faction is coming. All four colors mentioned are Google's colors.
if that secret project is to adapt ingress to play in that "i" thing I will quit ingress... RulRo L8 almost 3'000,000 ap.

You guys at google will just promote to rise the sales of those annoying phones.
I look forward to playing Ingress on my N7 and my iPhone.
Just toss the work for the iOS version off to an intern to test so we can get the Glass version into reality! 
iPhone comments not needed, just get Ingress on iOS. :) 
+Brandon Badger So, with this... is a third faction going to rise up that is iPhone only? Perhaps they should have red portals?
+Andrew Gorgi Only if you have the cellular one - non cellular does not have GPS.  I know you need data to use it but you might think you can use portable hotspot - not with non cellular retina.
It's too bad you think that your app will "suck" on iOS. We had an app to play Ingress on iOS that was actually coming along nicely, but you guys wanted to do an official solution, so I guess we'll all be stuck with that. It doesn't give new users a lot of confidence in your platform if you think that you have to badmouth our choice to convince us to come over.
+Jonathan Tonkin-Collison I'm well aware of Apple's weaknesses. Something an Apple "Genius" has no clue about.

It's unfortunate that I have to pay an extra $129 just for GPS. But it's main purpose is a field tablet.
+Paul Linger If you want to be beaten by Apple fanbois, make iPhones a third faction.  But having twice the playerbase on iPhone as on each of the other two factions (because Android is split in half) is just sheer dumb.
+Maciej Pawłowski you idiot, why'd you mention it by name?   Now Google complained to Apple about a copyright infringement and it's been removed from the Apple app store.
ist es doch schon lange...
Let's get real, guys, and quit drinking the Haterade (TM). Yes, Android is a much better system, but we all have friends and family who are iPhone users. Having more of our friends in the game is what we want (most of us, anyway). This is a good thing.
For those calling for a 3rd faction of just iPhone users, don't you want to be on a team with your iPhone carrying friends who are just joining the game? Why would you want segregation? That's a just dumb idea, as all agents should be created equal regardless of device (the Ultra Strike debacle non withstanding).

I would bet 100 L8 XMP that +Ingress is NOT going to segregate iPhone users, because they know better.
All we need to know is when?!
When can we (finally) play Ingress?
Say Brandon if you need beta testers just let me know :-)
All of these idiots bashing iPhone users make me ashamed to own an Android. You're making us all look bad. shut up.
Brandon since the project is not very secret anymore, can you give an update of the status? Or at least confirm the "secret project" is Ingress? Since everyone is just assuming it is.
It's not Ingress.  It's actually how to get Google Glass to interface with an iPhone instead of an Android, since Google wants to market Glass to everyone that owns a smartphone, not just people that own Androids. :p
+Brandon Badger I'd be a very happy and willing beta tester.  I bought an Android just to play Ingress (EA7 now), but my primary phone is an iPhone 5.
So, +Brandon Badger, how's it going? Like James, happy to help beta test. I got a Nexus 5 to play Ingress, but similarly, I'm one of those unwashed heathen iPhone users most of the time.
Brandon an update would be nice.
And yes we would like to help you beta test this. Just send me the IPA file :-)
The iPhone 5S isn't that bad of a product, and Android is most certainly not for everyone... Google and Samsung has made some great products, but I'd like to see them make a phone with a fingerprint sensor... Security needs level up on Android...
I would beta test this on my iPad with Retina Display (TMobile)
I would like to test this too on my 4S (Vodafone Germany)
May I sign up for beta?
so how much longer do you think it will be till it is released?
+Craig Wallace False. iOS's amazing, unreplacable battery and garbage, GBA hardware will run ingress flawlessly. sarcasm.
I would gladly beta test Ingress on iOS. Haven't been able to play since iOS-Ingress got "fixed" last year. iPhone 5, Australia.
+Gareth Jones How to beta test ingress on your iphone. Step 1: jailbreak. Step 2: install Android. :P
Can't wait! Don't like to carry my samsung galaxy, with my iPhone, just to be able to play Ingress.
It seems that Brandon is loving his new phone so much. He is forgetting us all..
+WJenMoon terVeld His secret project was secretly changing his phone from a Nexus to 5S. He never intended to make an iOS ingress. He's abandoned us all.
wow +Eric B. you are soooooo funny! i must write that down so that following generations can laugh about your jokes too!!!! 
+Robo Term Would you believe I've done stand up before? Because I have. No joke.
+Brandon Badger Have you used the new iOS Hangouts client? It's brilliant, much better than the Android one now. If the Ingress app is of the same quality it's going to be awesome. 
+Brent Hollett iOS probably won't be capable of ingress. My phone, a dual core 1.5 GHz with 1Gb of RAM can barely handle it, and iOS is single core. Absolutely garbage designing on apple's part.
Actually I checked. iPhones have been dual core since 2011. And I started Ingress on a Huawei Y300 with 512mb memory. It played Ingress just fine. It couldn't do anything else at the same time, sure, but that's what I had the iPhone for. 😏
+Robo Term I guess there's no point in arguing with a guy who smokes weed. You were probably high when you commented anyway. lol
+Victor Andino The intel map sucks, don't bother with it. If you want a map, get IITC. It's on pretty much every good piece of technology.
+Eric B. are you a member of the Tea party or why do you think that you can discredit people by claiming that they are smoking weed? Maybe you should smoke some weed to get a little more insight of the world behind the edge of your platter. 
+WJenMoon terVeld They're inexperienced as a gaming company, so they're treating it like a retail product and keeping everyone in the dark.  We'll find out eventually, probably the day of the release.
+Eric B. na was für ein Quatsch, ich spiele Ingress auf ein HTC Desire und das ist nicht annähernd so schnell wie mein 5C. Ich freu mich schon auf die iOS Version von Ingress. Androide ist eine mittelschwere Katastrophe! Wenn die iOS Version im App Store ist und auch brauchbar, dann geht das HTC SOFORT weg.
Let the apple peeps have this awesome game! More competition and we all can use that!
Well to be honest - I used to have 4 Adroid Phones (Galaxy Y, HTC Sensation S2 and S3) They all suck (104387654316 updates per day - running unstable or not anymore after not even a year..)...bought a year ago a used IPhone 4s for 150$ and compared to that Adroidcrap - it's not even a rival....It's running stable and I've never had any other issues with it ! The only Problem I have, is that Google needs roughly 2 years to write an "official" ingress ios app....oh wait...ingrios...ohh google....but probably you recieve an additional payment for saying: Apple suxx ;) - to the others...i know about the datacollection of apple, but do you guys really think google is different ???!!!! I just have to say: OMG
and to this eric b. - wtf are you for a guy ? Small penis no balls ???  IOS is singlecore ?? WTF its dualcore ! and it's running that stable that there is no need for a quadcore like in a Crapdroid - leave the corporationpolitics at the place where they are because google isn't better...
And how fuckin retarded are you to flame peolple because the smoke weed ? Fuckin Alcohol is way more dangerous than weed - so think first and talk after or the best way is: STFU
PS: Looool saw your profile - little boy without RL ? posting more shit like any other person ive ever seen !! haha
+Felix Palmen Similar to the Android fanboi crap that shouldn't be tolerated, the iPhone fanboi crap shouldn't be tolerated.

Terms like Crapdroid or iFail have no business in Ingress.

Ad Hominem (denigrating the person to win the argument) is one of the worst forms of debate, but apparently its the modus operandi for the Internet.  Leave the insults and abuse to the Android and iPhone forums where they can fester in peace.
just did the same like he does...nothing more - sometimes these ppl need that - but in the end i agree with you
any update on this?  It would be nice to hear something about its release.
hmmm how hard can it be for one of the biggest and richest compenies in the world to make an iphone app? If Alex-Alex (from ios-igress) could do it on it's own, why would it take Goole this long?
I think this is just to keep us in the dark and there will never be a Ingress app for the iPhone.
+WJenMoon terVeld Don't confuse Google with Niantic.

Google owns Niantic, but Niantic is a self-funded startup for now.  Until it starts showing that it will make a decent operating profit, Google is unlikely to sink more funds into it.  Therefore the developers are stretched across products.
Let's just hope they finish it to day ;-)
My portals are crumbling down or being taken over!!
So where can we petition for INGRESS for IOS . I wanna play it now with my husband !!!!!!!!!!!
am I the only one that is actually excited for iOS ingress?

To be clear, I can't stand iOS, I have been given an iPad and I gave it away. It sucks and you can't do anything. 
This is why I don't post while driving. I meant iDevices :p
Again a weekend lost without hunting for portals :-(
No pressure, but ... ehmm hurry hurry.... ....
Please hurry. :)  I love the game, but playing tethered on a tablet is a killer. :)
hey, my company decided to switch from android to iphone, thus i had to hand over my galaxy note 2 for an iphone 5, I cannot play anymore!! please hurry with the iOS version!
Seems we will be searching easter egg's this weekend instead of portals..
How's that "secret project" coming along? I've got one of those from work. I have tried bringing up the Ingress Intel map on it, but if I was running the app I'd probably have to start dragging around my tablet for that.   ;-)
I'm beginning to lose all hope! :-(
Why should it take so long?
+WJenMoon terVeld Honestly I think the client is done. But they're still having to upgrade servers to cope with the load, and iphone users will double it, so they're hesitating. 
I have faith they'll get it done. It's a matter of having everything coded correctly to make sure nothing goes wrong at launch.
I forgot this thread was even posted. Lol
Niantic appears to be operating in Valve Time as well...
It has been quit for some time now? How about an update? Not that Brandon EVER did a post here, but you'll never know :-)
So did niantic send the app to apple and we must wait its verification ? 
This is taking too long :-(
May be it's a hoax after all ...
Why the 26th?
Well I hope so. Then I can stop checking the appstore every hour :-)
Still nothing :-(
I borrowed a Huawei just to be able to keep playing and leveling :-)
But still I the iPhone App..
We must wait other time , but one day it will come . I Hope soon !!!
+Brandon Badger  take a vacation, play around and forget the version for iPhone. Will be bad to live with these people using iphone.
+paulo breim
I thought we were past that "hate" station. Really why judge people on there phone? Man if this goes on like this soon there will be a ku klux klan for phone users.. pfff really dumb.
But enough about this..
The good news is that it might be near.. :-)
I was right. I do not understand why players who use Android should be penalized by the decision of Niantic to encourage new players to iPhone. This virus destroys the portal within 72 hours prevents to keep all portals. I'm seriously thinking to stop playing.
Well I think you should stop playing. If you don't have the brains to think any more.
Humm probably you are a resistence player. ;-) Or play only from into your house.
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