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Launched! Our NianticLabs@Google team just launched our first product: Field Trip.

If Field Trip doesn't delight you with cool information about your neighborhood, then you live in a boring spot!

Available now in the USA via the Google Play Store. As we add more content publishing partners we'll expand internationally.
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Pretty cool app, but it doesn't respect me locking the orientation on my tablet.  I keep getting screen flipping from portrait to landscape.  But very cool app, love all of the historical info you have on Detroit!
Great work with the commercial there guys. I can't download the app myself yet, but the 2 minute spot hit pretty hard with emotions of wander and sentimental memory.
Jeff F.
So, this is a Google app? What is Niantic Labs???
The app looks great!  I love the idea.  This confirms my city is not interesting, as we don't have a single place of interest found, so I'll have to try this out on my next field trip.
+Jeff F. Niantic Labs is a small team inside Google that is building location-based and social mobile apps.
How do I get to work at Niantic Labs?  App is great, well done.
Jeff F.
Very cool app... I like it!
This is so awesome!

Even though not available here in Norway yet, cough... +Brandon Badger ... cough, I am looking forward to it being so in the hopefully not too distant future.

Hmm - how about a Field Trip POI planner/content creator?
+Brandon Badger I've got some great data around the national parks system that would be a great fit.  Can we chat offline?
If Field Trip doesn't delight you with cool information about your neighborhood, then you live in a boring spot!

No POIs here... I'll go cry at a corner now.
Also, +Brandon Badger: doesn't this app kind of overlap with Google Local (which shows you nearby recommended places? and Google Now (which also shows you POIs? What's the main difference between this product, and why not just add it as a feature for both of them?
+Anthony Webb Hi. Yeah, we're looking for more great content publishing partners. Just shoot us an email at
+David Prieto Field Trip has more of a focus on pushing interesting content to you as you move through the real world. So instead of an app that you open and browse on your phone, it's a background process that runs as you live your regular life or visit a new city. It then buzz's you to notify you when you are near something cool. As a user you can tune the types of content that you find most interesting.
is there a place where we can get a reminder on when this app will be available outside USA?
+Brandon Badger I feel the whole skeuomorphism type look doesn't suit well with Android, it looks more of a iPhone thing.. sorry.. But again its Google so I'm eagerly looking forward for it in India.
+Brandon Badger thanks for your reply. As far as I know Google Now also has a feature where it detects your position and which interesting spots are nearby.

It just shows it to you on a card instead of notifying, but honestly: I'd rather have Now were enhanced so that I could tell it to buzz me when something cool's close, than having to install a separate app for that.

In other words, I'd rather have it as a feature than as a product.
Amazing ad, and I love the concept! But will we be seeing this in India? I love Google, but many apps and services are unavailable here.
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