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I passed out last night while investigating the web site at a local cafe. When I woke up I had this strange mark on my neck. Freaky. Going to a doctor now to see if it can be removed. #nianticproject  
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You really should be more careful considering your line of work. :)
Was there some probe on some part of your body???maybe this was a transdimensional abduction...
We need something to tell us when were near these things!!!!!
Your fieldtrip app could do something like that...
Its a cool tatoo, you could let it there...
Bruno: Field trip is really cool app and I use it on the road 24/7....But we need something with some "Bite"
J Doe
Guys, not a real tattoo. That's photo
edited, or drawn on at the simplest guess
Oh I bet its real alright....He might be the first of many I'd bet.
Was anythyng or anyone strange at the cafe +Brandon Badger . Tell, so we can be more aware of the dangers...
That appears to be some ancient symbol of the sun or of enlightenment.
Gee so now we have to keep an eye on our own people!
horus eye, i think...maybe if he saw something dofferent in the whereabouts we can hel him find who did this...
it looks kind of like the eye of ra
J Doe
Its not Egyptian. I can promise that. Not sure what it is.
I copied out the and made the tattoo black and white and did an image search with it but nothing relevant came up.
i'm thinking some kind of native tribe like aztec or something, now that i think about it it may be a hybrid symbol? it looks like it's showing rays of light shewing forth from the eye. But at the same time i can't help but be reminded of a bird or butterfly as well
no no the eye in the center looks a lot like an egyptian hieroglyph. tried using google goggles with no luck
ummmmm.... illuminati?
Yes +Bruno Nunes is right.  We need more information about where this happened in order to help.  And to protect ourselves!
Crazy!!! Can you tell what are you seeing??? Maybe drawings...
Oh dear hope your visions don't torment you too much and I hope unlike Joe Philley said no more ppl get weird marks like that....But if they do they should let us know here ..hint hint
Hey, are you ok man??? Im worried about this vision thing and now you disappear..
joe, you wouldn't be talking about zagat would you?
Brandon, were you at the Church Street Cafe?
I've spent the last 3 hours drawing and sculpting objects (not normal activity for me). The unknown influence brings with it a burst of creative energy. I'm unsure if I should embrace this Enlightenment, or Resist it.
Embrace it . creativity is always the enlighted way for mankind to progress. Share it with the world. Show your work to us
I think that I have a few days before I have to choose which side to embrace...
You should resist this until we know more!
Resistance is never futile..I just want to see  what it is we're dealing with.It could be good or bad.
I get the feeling that we're all going to need to make a choice soon.
Be careful. I've had strange thoughts lately, too. I think there's something they're not telling us.
After the thing at the Getty Saturday I'm not sure how I feel anymore!
Well I did not want to say anything.But I know the Getty and this time it seem different.The Monet looked so much brighter and I could seen to understand the Art.Something has changed !
Oh and my memory seems better!
Wow - that's... I could use a memory boost... do you think this has to do with the phone, or something... bigger?
Yes but at what cost !  and what effect will this have on other people ?
Maybe everyone doesn't react the same way to the influence? Could there be side effects?
+Joe Philley hopefully it is... only good.  And others... do you think there are others?  And someone mentioned a Tortion Field - do you think that could be linked to what you encountered? +Niantic Project 
+Brandon Badger there are always side effects when dealing with the human body - it is so complex - look at cancer and how many do the "same things" and have different reactions.  Why do some have issues with say high power lines and others don't?
JoJo I think you might have come up with something there !
+Joe Philley you mentioned this happened when you where in Malibu - do you know about a Cognidyne Corporation?
 Anatoly Akimov is there but I think its another Cognidyne...but how did you know that ?
+Joe Philley I seem to be coming across you name quite a bit... Hows life in the garage?
+Joe Philley we heard about this cognidyne while investigating Niantic...Since you worked there maybe you have a contacct or two who can help establishing the connections...
well cleaner does have a couple of possible references... was he clean up
something that needed to be taken care of...
It think it could be some sort of branding, a marking to determine the next "John Doe" maybe they picked you.
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