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It's understandable that great enlightenment can bring non-believers. But, you will come to understand the gift that the Shapers bring us all one day +Kyle McClellan.
You mean 4 dead. Oh wait, you weren't talking about passcodes, nevermind :P
Does it mean anything that the copyright is dated 2011?
Does anyone find it suspicious that annie went on a trip just yesterday... just for one day and that a women called the cops.... or am I reading too much into it?
both pictures seem to have clues though I can't seem to figure them out...or the codes are already taken :-/
I've found several codes, but they're all returning invalid :-( cept for the one on the station roof, which returned used
A future written by the Enlightened agenda is not a human future +Dustin Graham , but one shaped by Shapers.
+Kyle McClellan There is no hidden agenda. The Shapers merely provide a heightened sense of things. They open doors, and as you begin to see the future, without resistance, you will see we are all still human. We still live our lives of freedom and choice, just in an #Enlightened  state. Come stay a while, and listen to our stories.
+Kyle McClellan That's a rather pessimistic view. Why can't humanity jointly progress alongside our Shaper brethren. They've been doing so for centuries. I say we're the better for their presence among us.
Alpha encryption +5. I'm going to have to write a little python script to translate for me. :) Saw the +1, too.
while waiting for an  #ingressinvite  i was browsINg the article hoping to be #enlightened , but spent too long VIewing the capital y in TEh 5th paragraph, seems suspicious to ME....
The Y was added to the hidden letters on that note to form a passcode for xm/ap
Soooo +Brandon Badger whens the update gonna be available for those who started playing ingress and now cant update it due to my phones "resolution"? Or are we just gonna get dropped?
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