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+Ingress Enlightened Pongau Sending you some #ingress code reinforcements...
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I would LOVE an invite!! Pleaaase
That is funny. Buut i don't know the difference cause i need an INVITE. Dropping a hint.
haha it's like high tech vs. stone age!
I need to get some portals approved here. There are none lol. Hopefully can get some pictures sent tomorrow after work. Hard to play without portals. 
Why can't there be an ingress styled farm game? Plant a field of wheat at my local park digitally :D
Be appreciated if I get an Ingress code ^ -^
please please please, i need want have to have a invite please, i just got married , it can be my wedding present, please im dying to enlighten myself sir!
December 2012 on Google+ only the chosen few becomes an invite meanwhile on facebook everybody can play, i``m still waiting for an invite, this is so #@!"*+
Haha facebook the "special" social network for "special" people :)
Any luck with an invite code yet?
Forget it. It was easier and faster to get a Google+ invite. 
Never gonna happen until it actually launches like google plus did
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