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28 hours straight of Ingress in an L1-L8 sprint.
28 hours L8r (speedrun, lvl1 to 8)
This weekend, Munich Enlightened Agent veneficia (+Deborah Tolkien) completed a speedrun from level 1 to 8 in about 28 hours! Before playing for the Enlightened, she was one of the most motivated players of the Resistance and had already reached level 8. Meeting many agents in the field, she realised that most of her new friends were playing for the Enlightened. After a while veneficia applied for a faction change. During the discussion about how long she would need to get back to L8, the idea of a speedrun came up. Plans were made, many Enlightened agents farmed items, and after her scanner turned green, several agents accompanied her to help in achieving this record. 
The faction change was accepted on April the 17th and because of the Shaper-Data event that took place last weekend, she decided to “survive” 10 days without actively playing Ingress, so that the speedrun would start from zero AP.
Starting on April 26th at 10:32am, she regained level 8 clearance on April 27th 2:36pm, only 28 hours and 4 minutes later. The entire event took place in the Munich city center, and a car was only used for 4 hours at night while no public transportation was available. No time was wasted - she only paused to pick up new items, and for coffee.
With an average of 42,755AP per hour, we suspect this is a world record!
She walked about 50km (by GPS tracker), used almost 2000 resonators, created over 600 links and more than 300 fields, and of course our “Bombenmädchen” (Bombergirl) used a lot of XMPs as soon as she reached security clearance level 5.
The speedrun ended as planned at her favorite portal “Steinmänni” where she built her very first green L8 portal and the first L8 Portal ever tagged with her name.

Companions in order of appearance: macrojames (myself), oixc (+Jan Hofmann ), junibert (+Jun Nozaki), Nussmischung (+Lukas Falke ), ThePir8 (+Boris Pirstinger), Meier (+Meier Meier) rokossovski (+Ivan Monahov). 
A detailed field report with more pictures and videos will be published in the next days.
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Did you heard about the time with Nürnberg team leveling a girl switching to Resistence? It was shorter :)
Yeah.. I even heard a blue angel was rising in Nürnberg. And beat that Shit! ;-)
12.5 ist near to 18.5? okay.... ;)

venefic(i)as was the first run with time recorded and until now the longest duration playing without interruption
12h and 23 minutes and some Red Bull too
Erm, time missmatch in my head. Sorry, didn't want to downsize you. 

Also not the Munich action. They were one of the firsts who did it against the time AFAIK. (Of course I do not like them due to their raids over Nürnberg;)
Still, if you calculate time per city citizen, Nürnberg is still in the lead :)
+Adrian Schröter and we did not prohibit linking or attacking of enemy portals, we did it during a normal ingress day without putting portals to L8 to get them destroyed. But this was your tactics and it was a nice way to get a faster run.
Well of course the achievement in Munich inspired us as well 
I'm one of her "old" resistance friends and I'm a little bit sad that we have lost contact.....but what should i say? Girls....
+Dirk Oswald your profile picture leads me to believe that you are one of those "Girls". Might be part of it? ;)

On-topic: the run in Munich was tons of fun, and I'm glad it inspired others to push the boundaries. Game on!
By the way, with the new rules of defense (new shields and links) I think it will be very hard to do it so fast now. But I'm sure some Enlightened agents will find a way :)
So glad I did my L8 all by myself, without neverending help of other highlvl agents.
Oh wait..... I'm a guy :)
These players were already level 8, they just wanted to play in the other team without leveling up by themselves
+Dan Kolář she did it on her own once as resistance, before she saw the light. Unfortunately her mind had been molded to resist, so we had to help her out a bit.
That's awesome! Congrats, also for the wise faction change ;-)
This again? Repost!
Caution, some anomalies may result in reposting a story from April 29th.
it´s really comparing apples and oranges. Portal density, Ingress version, available Players, available transport, preparation time and so on. Just admire the effort of the players involved. Or better: get inspired and get out playing instead.
+Jun Nozaki don´t tell me what to do, you brainwashed slime. Your randomly assembled team is so much inferior in wasting time by reapeatedly stopping by certain locations then our also randomly chosen team which is by all means better, but nearly indistinguishable from yours.....

Do you like this post better? Or should i have included more catpics or meme references? :D
Great job but isn't this old news... I thought it happened a month ago.
Jon L
This was ages ago in internet time
Yes,great teamwork, and it was such a lot of fun!! Gratulations to Nürnberg, but i was the first one who do something like that.... My idea ;)
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