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Some skepticism by an employee assigned to the Niantic Project?   #ingress
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uhmmmm There is some truth in those words...
The Enlightened will be looking for him..... Sounds like he could be of use to us.
That's because he doesn't have an invite yet +Brandon Badger . If you give me couple of them, I'll turn him into a believer.
The more and more I read and listen about #Ingress  the more and more it reminds me of the Reapers' Indoctrination from Mass Effect. So eerie and mysterious.
reading about Ingress.... looks AMAZING cant wait to get involved!!! Great Job!!!
#ingressinvite #ingress ****BRANDON sorry to BADGER you but I need an ingress invite so I can stop those who choose to be against us,I am the choosen one & you can take credit for begining my enevitanble uprize as I conquer those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers and you will know my name when I lay my fingers upon thee. -KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)
Hi, please can you give me a invitation code for Ingress!
Thanks in advance!
Best Regards!!!
hi there ,need a  code,thank you very much
You can send this noble and humble Guatemalan firefighter, an invitation code for ingress please
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