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This is hilarious. It seems like something from the Onion, but it's honest to goodness from the Wall St Journal.
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Dru Morgan
Those people look pretty sad for making over $200,000 a year. I would probably look a bit happier. 
Cory Lu Lu
HA! Those poor people, having to only take home 4 times the median household income (before taxes @ 44k) after their 250k gets taxed down to 190k. 

How can they manage with only quadruple average income?
i'd surely try out the single parent / two children scenario with a $260k income. one tenth of that amount is probably a more realistic average for single parents.
If I made over $100,000 a year I'd be a pretty happy camper.
Is this from the Wall Street Journal?  They really know how to relate their stories to the common man.  
but dru, 
they are being taxed! 

the great part is that it's trying to hit all the demographics, yet at different income levels. The other nefarious part is that the people with no tax increase are Black. 
Shouldn't the family of four have the nanny hold those kids?
We don't make as much as anyone on this graphic. Nice to see we don't even rate. 
Dayrk Flaugh
"Sorry, kids, but we have to sell one of your ponies."
How will those poor people survive with only $150k/yr they are practically on food stamps. I bet they don't even get their french fries imported from France.

ladies and gentleman, we proudly present: propaganda!
Has to be a typo! Removing a zero on the income would make way more sense.
Boo-freaking-hoo. It's just so tough to get by on a measly $200k.
I'm very sad that the first page of comments doesn't have a single person questioning the numbers.
Hah! Of course its true, in America the hobos dont see themselves as hobos but soon-to-be millionaires.
I'm supporting a spouse, two children, and two retired adults at around the medium household income. What I want to know is how this will affect me.

I guess it's all relative, though, since I live in a fairly low cost of living area.
Bear in mind these people bringing home six figure salaries probably spent the first 30 to 35 years of their life in some kind of school and have huge responsibility in their professions. If I make 250k and they take 60,000 in taxes that's a fucking shit ton of money to hand to the federal government to fund foreign wars.
That family of they get by on $650K a year is a mystery. Oh these troubled times.
Tristan S
So that would still be leave me with 186k to raise two kids on? I know people raising kids on 22k a year. Sounds pretty doable.
+Bowser MacPherson 

Eh, I'm not disagreeing it would have to be some massive investments.

But, why do you think they aren't paying taxes? obviously Caymen Island accounts >.>;
This is after the deflationary policy hits the U.S. dollar of course......
+Tristan Smith Yeah, considering the medium household income is 44k, I think you'll survive.
+Cory Lu Lu Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. 
what if i tell you that a family here makes $12.000/year, prices for food are higher than in the US and they still manage to survive...
Yeah it sucks that their taxes are going up, but the percentages are really not that bad and if a $21k Tax hike on a family of 6 making $650k/yr is going to break their budget then I really think they are doing something wrong. 
+Richard Petron i don't think anyone in this thread is arguing that the tax should or should not be a lower rate. we still have to get past the unrealistic income figures before the flame war on taxes can begin...
Davis Centis
I may be a silly foreigner, but this seems off. They don't show anyone under $100000 per year, which, if I am correctly informed, have no tax increase whatsoever. I may also be uninformed, but I do believe that the number of people living under $100000 per year greatly outweighs the number living above that number.
+Michael Merrell And these are the same people who tell people making less than them that they are poor because they live outside their means. Oh the irony.
Right there with you +Allison Gamblin. I keep wondering how the other half lives, but I'm pretty sure I'm not even part of the half I thought I belonged to? :/
Poor couple.. only making 650K and getting a tax increase to top it all off!
I don't see a problem with late career professionals who work in finance making 500k salaries. I'm a physics student studying to eventually get my Ph.D in quantitative analysis. The salary at the end of that rainbow is enormous, but why shouldn't it be?

The problem is the federal reserve, and fractional reserve lending and the incorrect notion that money is a commodity instead of a means of exchange.

If you want to get rich work with money.

If you are a general laborer then you're just probably not going to make a bunch of money because you don't have a novel or meaningfully unique skill.

Lobster fisherman up here in Maine eat lobster that would go for 30$ a pound in some markets but that's the product they work with. The closer you are to the money, the more you make. It just makes sense.
+Cory Lu Lu It's amazing on little money you could actually live on if you needed to.   But I guess inability to keep a balanced budget doesn't have blinders to income level.  

I did once read a nice article (wish i could find it) how our society favors you living in debt and that it can actually hurt you if you don't.  
I agree with you +Richard Petron I dont have anything wrong with poeple making 500k... complaining about a tax increase of less than 5% at that point is kinda lame though... it's not like taxes in the US are really high to start with.

Try looking into Canada's tax rates... compare yourseles to other countries and you'll feel less sad for those top 1%
What single parent actually makes $260K....? oh wait. You said New York. 

David, that 650k family ended up paying like 33% of their total fucking income to the federal government. That's fucking insane. I don't care if other countries are higher, thats fucked up. We spend more money on bullshit than we need to. I'm all for social programs, but as a war veteran I am deeply familiar with the fiscal hemorrhage that is the us defense department. 
The wealthy are the ones who should be paying more, but everybody should be paying less, period. We need to rework our financial system, perhaps freeze it, like China, and take control back of our currency from the federal reserve.
I agree with everything you said there +Richard Petron.  But Government reform is something that is addressed in an election. Right now, you have 2 parties who don't really want to reform, they just want to make small tweeks to the system... a system which is spending more than it is earning... so much so, that taxes must go up a little and expenses must go down a little.

Once you stop your deficit, then maybe calmer heads can look at how this whole system is just so inefficient and needs an overhaul.

And FYI, a Canadian making 140k (after deductions) pays the top bracket of 49% income tax.
The deficit is an illusion. Its a reflection of how much currency is in circulation. If we, the average American tax payer, were to pay off that deficit, we would all starve. We don't have enough money down here to pay it. It literally has to come from the wealthiest 5-10%. That can't be done through taxes though, too much money, we'll never get it from them. We need fundamental solutions.
Bryan H
You gotta work at Niantic Labs or something to earn that much money a year....
I think it is amazing that by having two children, I can actually increase my income despite having fewer hours to work and two kids to look after! Must try that sometime! :p
+David Cloutier Government reform is never addressed in an election.  That's why the system is so fucken broken.  Instead after each election the government tries to make new power grabs, raise their own salaries, and take more taxes from people.

The real punch line is that if you include all the unfunded government liabilities, the US Government, like many around the world, has in debt that is at least triple the value they are telling us it is.  
Lou B.
Uhhh income over 600000 wow!! I wish. If they cant afford 20000 in taxes somebody is smoking crack
They're all crocodile tears!
with today's interest rates, the investment income is significantly skewed.  WSJ used extreme hypotheticals to make their point.
i tried.  i really did.  but where was the "onion-like" aspect of this?  or the funny? 
What about a family of 5 with one special needs child. On less than $120k income. With a home in foreclosure and a $75k+ in medical expenses. That would be realistic.
It's onion like because of all the wealth envy/hate everyone has.  If these families were small buisness owners, then yes, it is possible for them to have this much income.  Problem is most people in america gave up the big dream of owning their own business and settled for being corporate slaves or had their family business killed off by a faceless corporation they were unable to compete with.

My family came to america poor as hell, we built several restaurants and made a small fortune when the business was good, but sadly now it all has  to be liquidated because we couldn't compete, business went sour with the economy, and my dad got dementia which lead to legal battles over property rights, inheritance, etc. which only ended because court appointed conservator came in and said "liquidate it all." As a result everything we built is gone and we can't ever get back all the money we lost in trying to save the business.

Yeah, it's an unfair world, but seriously, all this envy and hate needs to end because it's only allowing those people we should all really be against gain more power in our lives.
 "Medium income" is not what "Medium people have as income"... Where the riches gets richer and the poors poorer...  That's where statistic show what it wants to show...
If having a total of 4 kids would net me an extra $600,000 a year, I would gladly have 2 more.
I don't really understand the point of this post lol. (As a side note, all of those people make a ton of money!) lol
+Davis Centis You are not "correctly informed". Everyone who gets a paycheck saw a tax increase just recently.
Kyrie 5
* rolls eyes *  here's some advice, find a cat ear, on a map and stick it where the sun don't shine.
I read somewhere that $75, 000 a year was the happy spot. 
Only $230k for a single person? Makes my salary look like crap, and I am much happier than they look, what an odd infographic.
If it has the name Wall Street in it.. Come on how many americans would KILL to make half of what these people make. I was reading the comments no WSJ site and I love how rich people say hard work can pay off when 80% of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
+Jake McGrane I saw this article this past weekend and thought that yeah this is not an accurate representation of most of America, but keep in mind it is a Wall Street Journal article. While I don't make anywhere the money any of these examples do I did feel the tax increase as we all did. My concern is the increase will not be managed properly and my tax dollars will go to waste.
The Parents look so annoyed because the full time live in nanny wasn't there to deal with the kids
It is amazing to me how so many people talk about how are they going ro get by on these large amounts of money that most of us will never make, but nobody is talking about goverment waste and that they keep needing to take more and more money from everyone (rich or poor). Rich people are not the problem, the problem is that america lost it's way. If you're rich or poor I want you to keep as much of your money as possible cause you earned it. Our government is the only government in the world that uses the word trillion, so if that doesn't make sense to you than you need to learn more.
Kyrie 5
urge to purge rising:P  No really.  I'll just /facepalm.  It's easier that way.
Kyrie 5
Finally. Sheesh.
+The Onion  would never put something out this lame ... bad choice of clip art (not to mention the fact that it's clip art), strange demographics and socio-economic status.. .who is this supposed to represent? Looks like all these folks might have to cut back on the country club and caviar, no wonder they look so depressed.
+cap'n flummox It's Onion-like because the examples the WSJ uses are of people making more money than 99.9% of the world's population and they have depressingly sad looks on their face for having to pay a tiny bit more in taxes to help society.
Its not even a tax 'increase' is the end of a tax reduction
Kyrie 5
Or maybe, everyone is just sad and needs to wake the eff up and help each other.
Kyrie 5
Just a thought.  Tiny small insignf. one.
Leo Lee
Tax looks like very reasonable for those incomes, for me.
Where did these people go to college?
Kyrie 5
Fuck if I know
If they cut back on their filet mignon I think they'll do just fine
Kyrie 5
And maybe learn to speak whale
Such injustice! Grandma & Grandpa is only paying 13% taxes vs. 28%-30% for the other groups. Make it a flat rate of 35% for every person AND business is the only answer I guess
How come Russia gets by with a 13% flat income tax.  Why do we need to pay 35%.   Maybe we are "buying" too much government?
I'd be pretty bummed too if the government took $64,590 from me, but I don't think I'd be miserable if I still had $230,000 left over. $230,000 buys a lot of gummy bears and more than adequate storage for them. 
And none of them even look happy.
The other graphic accompanying the article is even more absurd, it doesn't include a single example of a middle-class working couple. Ridiculous.
I would like to see their faces when they were making $30K 
Yeah no shit +Randy Apuzzo - these people are BANKING! If a married couple of 4 kids are making well over half a mil, they can afford a little increase I'd say... 
And a single person making $230,000? I live in Los Angeles with a lot of single friends "in the industry", doing pretty well for themselves and they don't make that much... 
That's assuming, +Brandon Badger, that those taxes are actually being used to help society. I don't consider most of the things my taxes fund (looking at where taxes are spent per the government budget) to be "helping society."

As such, I think those folks have every right to be depressed.

And, as an aside, just because one makes a lot of money is not a reason they cannot be upset with poor decisions by their government. That argument could be made for anything at that point. "They're breathing and still have their legs. They shouldn't complain!"
They might have to sell off three of their smaller yachts just to get by! 
The best thing about this thread is reading the various rationalizations used for the justification of taking property from others.
Bravo, Merica.
Where's the single parent making $35,000 a year with 2 kids? Or the couple with 3 kids making $65,000 a year? The single making $22,00 a year?? The retired couple making $40,000 a year? Anyone? Anyone?
Where do these people live to make that kind of money?  Do they all run (or did run in the retired couple's case) porn sites?
Really! Where are the real people? Like the one's who make 35k to 45k a year?
So the take-away from this is "Obama hates kids"? Probably for running on the White House's lawns all the time.
Hah. Somehow Ingress comments end up on no matter what thread I read.
They are with the retirees ,NO increase.  Show me one single mom with 2 kids makes $260,000. What there are like three of them in the whole country?
Maybe they are catering to what they think is the "typical" Wall Street Journal reader?
$180,000 a year RETIRED?? The single mother making $260,000? Is this a Republican fantasy?
Those "poor" kids look so sad. I guess I would be too if my parents spent all of their time at work. As seen in the family of 6, with the pant suit. 
Thats as about as good as throwing feces at a piece of paper and calling it art.
I apparently need to apply for a job with the WSJ, everyone there must get the same salary as the CEO.
Has NOTHING to do with REAL income levels! 
I'm with Jeff.  

The problem is, nothing goes up but Cost (inflation) and American's don't make enough to curb that cost with taxable income.
My heart breaks for those earning $200k. It must be a burden 
lol im glad we moved 2 switzerland :)
I think it's simply against family!!
Wow are they really that out of touch and think the average american makes anywhere close to those numbers... haha New york gotta love it. How about single parent 20K now that's an american stat.
These "rich" demographics are the ones with disposable incomes to buy the goods and services that we as low wage earners provide. That's 3-21k each that will never reach our pockets. 
+Mark Craddock I think it's cute you think that couple's too old to run a porn site. That there's some specialty porn!
+Bob Maloney I don't steal anybody's money, that's an uninformed statement. All it takes to make a bunch of money is the ability, the dedication, and you have to choose that path. If you decide you would rather not pursue higher education, or if you decide to work in an industry where there simply isn't a lot of money to be made, or you simply weren't born with the faculties to take on high responsibility/high risk work that's nobody's fault. People who take risks reap the benefits of their investment. There's nothing saying you can't work at a gas station your entire life (and many do), but its wrong for them to hate people who make more than them because they never reached out and grabbed what was right in front of them. There's a lot of issues with education, people feeling unempowered.

Dr. Edwards Deming said that 94% of a company's issues are sytematic, and 6% are the fault of the worker. This applies to workers at all scales, and in this example as well.

The system is broken, but the participants at the top of the scale are not any more liable than the ones at the bottom. You can't fault a smart, capable, risk taker for taking advantage of all of the things available to him in life. We expect a lot of our wealthy, as if they were not human beings. We expect them to be altruistic, and have all of these qualities the vast vast majority of any group of individuals do not possess. There's a bell curve in every peer group. I'm not saying that they shouldn't, or trying to defend selfish people, but the out and out hate is crazy. How many of you go out and blow your tax return on a new TV you don't need? Nearly every single person in this entire country is fabulously wealthy when placed next to the rest of the world. We need social mechanisms in place that create incentive to help each other.

When we ask someone who makes 600,000 a year to contribute 200,000 of it to taxes, they honestly aren't seeing jack shit from those taxes. They probably pay for private school, we aren't in any of the danger we are supposedly in, etc. etc. So where's the return on their investment? From their point of view they're just pissing away 30% of their income for a bunch of people that hate them, and even if they want to pay those taxes (and I do want to pay my fair share, absolutely 100%) they know that the taxes are misappropriated and mismanaged. People with money know how to use money, and it doesn't take a tax law degree to know that our money is being frivolously spent.

There are a very, very, very few, the people who run the international banks, that are truly responsible.
People, you do realize this is a cartoon? Those aren't real people up there crying? Lol
And yeah, 80% of Americans make under $100K. So think how many people live in your town/city, and figure out how many hundred / thousands of people make over that. 
On a second look, this art work looks like propaganda. Class warfare stuff out of Europe.
Oh, how sad for them. It must be rough. How will they ever manage with more money than anyone in my extended family has ever had? I make $100 a week with a kid and no help at all from anyone, in terms of child care or finances, aside from my impoverished mother's occasional gift of about $25. These whining first world fuckfaces can go cry about how they have fewer cars than they used to. A lot of America has already become 3rd world, my neighborhood is bigger than the suburbs. I also can't afford medical care for my son nor qualify for any kind of state insurance, and so he stays sick forcing me to stay home with him so that I can't work. State told me I "make too much money for help". Wouldn't see anything like that in the mainstream lie machine.
+Derick Williams That's really true. That's the problem. There needs to be motivation for the top to spend that money. The answer isn't to tax (which is out and out theft, taking money against their will), but to provide incentive to free up all that capital at the top. I don't know what that incentive is, honestly. But there's my concept.
seriously ... i've seen LESS mournful faces drawn in the pages of "The Walking Dead" graphic novels
Married couple, $650,000 ?!?!? Who's perverse keyhole of reality are these people looking through?
Wow is this scary.  Even scarier are the comments up at the WSJ website on this graphic and the article.  Very few people there seem to think that these numbers are insane.  I am married with 1 child, well educated and I make less than that retired couple.  Talk about unrealistic!
So how many families with 4 kids that have an income of 650k + do you personally know of?
I'm married, with 3 children, and running on 1 salary, these numbers are basically double our household income... and I'm in MA! WTF!
Which planet did you say this came from??
I doubt I know anyone that exceeds the income of the TAXES of these people (except the retired couple)
How about a chart with realistic incomes?
+David Issel this is a publication meant for those who invest heavily. People who make 20-40,000 a year and don't make large investments probably don't read the WSJ.
The single parent is me and I sure dont make that much I need her job!
Who the F makes that much....COMPLETE BS
income 21,500(taxes 3,800) reality
This thread appears to be full of people who have never lived in NYC. 
because we all clearly have 10s of thousands in investment income. pricks.
This is BS. All of those people make WELL over 6  figures per year, which is nowhere near our national average. Most single couples make around 60k - 90k COMBINED per year. Its funny, because part of its right (the part where an uneducated couple can have multiple kids and get 5k or more back at the end of the year), but sad because these families that have multiple kids and not enough income take our tax money, pays for their family, all while denying medical, education, and monetary benefits to the hard working, non-exploiting, non-over-kid-bearing people, and giving them to others that are more of a burden, because they would rather have kids than work. Our laws help people exploit this.

If you are a single, tax paying, hard working american, you get NO benefits, no help, NOTHING AT ALL. 

BUT, come across ANY border into the US, and get full education, cash aide, food stamps, section 8 housing, GR, rehab, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc..... Fuck that. 

Im out. 
I love how they're all sad.
I'd have the biggest shit eating grin if I was single and making $230,000. That chick is just straight depressed for no reason.
I wish I could complain about paying that tiny, little percentage increase, no such luck!
Why not just crop in photos from the great depression.  

I've never felt so depressed about my substancial income then i do now.
Wish I had 35K for retirement investments...Oh, wait - I don't make NEARLY that much.
And those numbers are as fake as the cartoon people.  I don't know anyone, that makes more than $50K a year tops.  And they got kids too!
fek 'em!  is what I say...
I normally make more than that, but I am an engineer for a living, and I dont know anyone else on my level that I did NOT meet at work. All of those numbers are bullshit. 

Wall St. Journal? haha. That makes sense now. More like Lie St. Journal. 
Wish I made 1/4 of what that single person makes let alone the full 230K.
+Dan Fluehe Most people in these situations probably make about a tenth of these numbers. 
Not a single one of those sets of people have anything to worry about. With that kind of income, I'd do a happy dance sending that tax check to Uncle Sam!
I make about 27K. So a single making 230K should have nothing to cry about is all I'm saying.
Married couple that makes $650,000 a year? Do they know that Walter & Skyler are fictional characters?
I see so many sad Americans, driving their Mercedes and talking on their app-phones. However can they manage on a paultry... $230,000?!?! Sweet Jeebus, her federal tax is more than.. uh, a friend of mine... makes per year.
Drop a 0 off each number and suddenly it becomes reality.
That wouldn't be accurate though, +Eric Holden. The taxes would change drastically if you were to drop a 0 from the incomes.
let me repeat again, if these bitches are making this type of money and are complaining and feken sad about it, FEK 'EM up a creek!
Many of those sets of people probably make about 3-4 times the stated increase in their potential taxes.  A single parent with THREE 20-hour-a-week part-time minimum-wage jobs (because no one wants to pay for health care), would work 60 hours a week and gross $22,600 a year, or $435 a week.  That'd just about cover child care, housing, and ramen noodles.
What a wast, but that Wall St. Journal for you. Most of the 47% of public live on less then $40,000 a year, but most are happy to have that much, The people shown in the paper could learn to be less greedy and help support our country. 
Its propaganda.  Sorry to say but the households in this graphic just DO NOT represent the average American family.  However they do represent the average RICH family. 

An earlier poster was correct: Typical income for a family of four with two working parents is in the $45,000 range.

Why can't I choose a -1 for something I don't like?
I want to see them live on my $650,000 to me it looks more like the increase.
How do you count deductions as income? That's dishonest accounting. Show gross income, and/or net income then show what portion is investment income. Don't "include" deductions.
it represents the average salaries of Wall Street Journal readers. This reminds me, I really need to subscribe.
It sucks to be the employee who was being paid with that $21,000.
The income field seems a tad inflated, don't you think WSJ?
Seems to imply the only reason people get marries is they get knocked up. Then they are still miserable.
Obviously, the is a reason nobody on here makes that kind of money. 
+Gato Surplexus No.  Nowhere close.  The median American income is about a tenth of these numbers.

$650,000 a year based on a 40-hour work week is $312.50 an HOUR.  Many Americans do not make that in a WEEK.
yeah, don't I feel sorry for those down-trodden soles earning a measly $650.000 annually: don't they look worn out? must be soooo tough. Notice how every one in these pictures looks so worn-out: "Wow is me!"
Mike E
A single mom making $260k a year?  What dimension is this from, did the #Doctor mess the with Time Vortex?  The Wall Street Journal is NOT TALKING TO OR REPORTING ABOUT REAL PEOPLE.  I got a nice chuckle out of this    
Did Mit Romney write this? "I know what it's like to be poor and only make 300k a year!" 
They all look SO sad. How will they feed their children? I have to get back to work so I can continue earning what most of these people pay in taxes each year. Wait, I'm a public employee! These folks pay my salary! THANKS average WSJ reader! 
Most would cry if they had to actually PAY taxes instead of receiving a Tax RETURN that they blow. :-) 
Those are Obama supporters. 
+Roy Mastboom Just to play a devils advocate here, do you realize the work and stress that comes with earning 650K a year? you don't just get that or work up to that by sitting on your ass it takes years of both education and scholarly work as well as real world experience and long hours. Not to mention that is just their INCOME who knows if that is even what they need to operate their business. Most small businesses need to MAKE 250K before profit just to stay in business. I don't get why people like to demonize the successful. 
I guess its the age old war between the haves and the have nots and the envy and jealousy that ensues 
+Gato Surplexus, you have no idea what is an average American family if you believe this image to be the average. You are lost and severely misinformed.
I think this was only supposed to run in the special "1%" edition
+Chris Trinchini as much as I agree that a -1 button would be ideal here. I think Google is trying to protect people from cyber bullying by not letting them see how many people don't like their posts
Pat, the problem is that's their (not all) measure of success on this Earth. As though money is what we should aspire to as thr human race.
+Patrick Ryan For anyone who has to actually work for a living, there is no viable career path that can get them to $650,000 a year.  No one in the actual workplace doing productive work makes $300+ an hour.  Heck, most consultants and lawyers can't even BILL at those rates, and they have a 60-70% overhead factor.

And we're not talking about small business income here, we're talking about individual income.  The small business owner, by and large, is not taking home anywhere near $250K a year.  And their business will be taxed differently from the personal income they derive from it.
+Nate Hoy There are privately owned trucking companies that make well over 650K
Well hey, got to get those fat cat rich people paying their fair share! 70,000 a year isn't enough!


Give me a freaking break with some of these posts guys. 
Earning over 200k in america yet still not happy...yeah life's tough.
+Patrick Ryan, I don't believe anyone is demonizing the successful. We are merely pointing out that these wealthy wages are 1) not typical for the average American and 2) not worth complaining. The argument about business expenses you pose would be covered in the "deductions" part of the statistics listed.

+Gato Surplexus, just because you believe a lie doesn't make it true.
One thing I rarely see considered is where the person lives.  In some parts of the country 260K for a family of 4 is not upper middle income... in others is it very upper middle.. 

Living expense vary greatly across this country, yet the tax rates do not reflect this.

If we had a VAT.. the cost of living in different areas would be accounted for.
+Patrick Ryan But do their owners make that directly?  If they do, then they can probably afford to pay about 10 hours' worth of income in additional taxes per year.  If they don't, then whatever the company makes is irrelevant, because we're talking about the profit of the owner and employees (individual income) here.
Don't know lot of retirees who make $180,000. Most after the Bush years are making $30 to $50,000. 
If I made $230,000, I'd feel obligated to pay my fair share.  That's ridiculous.

$230,000 a year is me set for life x 2.

NOBODY making these amounts of money has the right to complain.  Not one shred.

I believe the contrived accusations of entitlement when it comes to situations like this.  These people benefit the most from society, therefore they should pay.
Dont feel bad for any of them
Why are they so unhappy with those incomes? I know people who can't even afford shoes.... Shame on them.
I wish I had been a fly on the wall in the art department:

Editor: Good job on the diversity, but make them sadder. Make them look like their new puppy and 80 year old grandmother got run over by a socialist, welfare queen, food stamp fraudster.
G+'ers et al. who are not feeling bad. This is merely setting a wrong precedence.People below 100K are next in line. The Taxation always works downwards. TAX the rich and everyone is yay!!! because most of us are poor and below that range and eventually it comes and bites us. This is an old way of how to tax the poor in reality... Although I am not making that much but I know sooner or later I will be affected by this- Especially if these are business owners, they will increase the price of their product and/or service and I will be paying more...
2/3 of the country makes less than $35k
This isn't trying to suggest that $250k is anywhere near normal it's just exhibiting the tax changes in an unfortunately detached way.
If you make $250k no matter where you live in the country you are no longer middle class. There are places where it is more expensive to live, but if you are living there you aren't middle class. 
This is ridiculous. The people who keep spouting this bullshit should be shunned, if not tar and feathered. 85%+ of the population is destitute? How stupid are these people? Or are we stupid for not believing them?
Yeah man, not sure if this is Onion material...
They did not specify whether or not (for the busy married couple) they were making $650,000 per three years; lol  
Mark C
A single parent earning $260k?  Is this based in Never-Never land? And BTW what drugs are the author of this article doing?
these woodcut people look so sad and oppressed! Who would have thought making large incomes would be so devastating!
sure can tell Ruppert owns the WSJ. Reality is not a place he visits.
Oh those poor people that make more than average! /s
I'm not complaining that people make 200k plus a year, but for gods sale stop bitching about paying your taxes.
Where and how did this research find all of these incomes? They all seem a bit higher than the average income for any of these categories. Anyone shed some light on this issue? Thanks.
You wanna make this real, then just take the last zero off each of these incomes and there is your REAL 99% AMERICA! Whoever put this graphic together is definitely a 1%'er and has no idea what is really going on in this country. This graphic makes me so mad!
Poor rich Americans. Maybe we'll start another war to gas up the SUV.

There is never any support for the Lothario making over $500,000 a year.  That's why I just hop on my boat filled with strippers and wash away the pain with a bottle of wine that cost enough to provide healthcare to a child for a year.

Y'all treat me like a stranger and it feels so ruff.
if those numbers were any real, i'd throw all my ideas about how fucked up the us is and move there ><
single parent earning 260k a year? \o/
If I made that much $ I wouldn't be sad just live well !
The more I look at this the harder I laugh...

Look at the retired couple lamenting their sweater vests.  I'm pretty sure many retired folk are force to live off of $200 a month, government housing and trail mix - what the f*** is Carlton there so upset about?
It reminds me of the CA news anchors freaking out about 40 degree weather.  Whoever made that is so out of touch with what a real "middle class" person makes that it loses all sense of meaning. 

Yeah, I feel so bad for them only bringing in a half million a year after taxes. 
This is so completely and utterly devoid of accuracy that it's manipulative agenda loses any credibility
All these number game infographics just don't compute to me.  They almost never address where I'm at as far as income.

I make less than 60K per year, with a family of five.  Does that mean I'm poverty level, or does everyone else in the world make over 150K per year, and I'm just missing out?
Where is the caption on how people who make only 50K per year paying $1,700 for SSI thats paying for 0bama phones and free cable. We will never get to use what we payed in due to giving all away to entitlements to underserving slugs who vote for hime.
The fed is playing you... jealousy and envy ... the feds favorite tools to exploit your opinion. 
heh and what's investment income?
money made from money invested?
so apart from earning shitloads they also have two or three fortunes invested? I mean a 10% profit is massive these days and even with 10% the single person would have 250k invested?
holy fucking shit... and you guys moan about having to pay taxes and slow economy... this thing really tempts me to write that stupid 3 letter acronym i never write with the two l's
How does it seem like an Onion article. This is the reality of Obama's regime. Fucking Socialists.
You'll notice that residence is not mentioned. Someone living in Manhattan would barely be scraping by. A two bedroom apartment costs $4,500 a month!
Good old WSJ! So sad, can't get upgraded wheels on their new Benz. 
It looks like they just added an extra 0. It's really the fault of the copy editor
+Alex Middleton Yeah, I feel so sorry for someone who makes only a paltry $230k. Gosh, so oppressed. How unfair of them to be expected to contribute!
The 2012 Federal taxes looks more like the real salaries
+Tod Harter "expected to contribute"? This is an INCREASE. Let's take a few grand out of YOUR pocket after you've worked your butt off to get there and see you like it. 
Notice the large difference in Investment income between these four.
So yeah someone's out of touch with what mean income is or didn't care. I guess they could be targeting their audience if they have that kind of profile on them.
Did anybody notice the biggest increase is on the groups raising kids . 
Everyone I know of would trade places with the one that makes the smallest income on this list. I'm just saying...
Fewer entitlements for the rich. You might have to let go of that undocumented housekeeper.
No one seems punched in the gut about the parents with kids? They are paying more tax percentage wise than the other examples.

The other piece of the puzzle is expenses and the parents will inevitably have more expenses, such as child care if they are working.

I would also be interested to see a summary that shows one parent working and the other parent at home. Does that even happen anymore?
I'm sorry, $650,000 for a family of six? $230,000 for a single person? This chart clearly doesn't apply to my demographic.
Who are these people?! Oh so extra 3k$, barely evem miss it, i'll bet!
racist the black ppl dont get raise  and there federal tax stays the same RACISM 
How on earth do the rich get "entitlements"?  Are you arguing that the money they (and, subsequently, I) earned doesn't belong to them?
This is why Republicans are almost irrelevant now. With this kind of out of touch cluelessness, they won't be winning many national elections any time soon. 
That must be the most well-off single parent ever. Where do you find these ppl, WSJ? The Hamptons?
+Dennis Betzel There are cheaper apartments than that in Manhattan (although anything under $1000 a month is rare... but then there are programs like Mitchell-Lama)

The other boroughs do have cheaper apartments.  

You can rent a house for $4500 a month in NYC.

But let's say 40% of income goes to rent.

Retired preppy couple probably owns a home.

Let's pick the single Tiger Cub at $230K.   40% of that is 92K.  Divide by 12...  $7,666 a month.  That's a mortgage payment.  She'd be too smart to rent.  Maybe too busy to own a house, she'll buy a co-op apartment, pay the service fees, maybe buy a second property somewhere else for escape.

And... make some smart investments, donations, and other deductions to cover the $3K in tax increases.  If she's feeling snarky, she'll arrange it so she pays less than she did in 2012.
Those (hypothetical) people probably have to work a lot for that kind of money. I doubt they want their hard-earned money spent on some unemployed 21-year-old's unemployment benefits.
Poor family. They make 650/year, how in the world will they be able to afford a 21k increase. Why, then they would have to live off of 629k -- just how in the hell does Obama expect them to survive!
I'm from the UK, can you tell me incomes, lower, middle, top? Also what is the average house price?
I just love all the comments
Pete S
some of those investment incomes are peoples regular income even less
+Will Steuber It's not about what their survival, it's about not charging them more because they are successful. They've earned their comfort, just as how some others may have not earned it yet. It's not the government's job to relocate their wealth to unemployment benefits. That's the job of the communists.
Ha! Yeah, what about married couple making a combined income of <$100K?
Perhaps people who write and edit the WSJ think these are representative salaries? If so, how do I get a job there!? I don't live in NY, but I'd be just thrilled to have half of the smallest salary on there!
I think many of you have missed the point. All of these examples fall in the same demographic (albeit it a wealthy one) - people with single outcomes well over 200K (and the resulting retired couple who had a high income and this high retirement income). Within this bracket, the tax changes hit single parents and families more. That is not fair.

I'd like to see similar analyses for truly middle class examples. 
موقف العزبة ابو قرن
I learned I should hire the AARP to lobby for me.  Obviously they get the job done.
These numbers are completely insane! The source of the information, according to the picture, is: The Tax Policy Center; Kogod Tax Center at American University. They must've polled everyone in Beverly Hills and Greenwich, CT.
Here's what's really sad: No matter how much American's make, we still seem to spend it all and feel like we don't make enough. On top of that, we want the government to have ten thousand different programs to take care of us because we can't (since we can't seem to manage our spending), but then get upset when we are taxed to pay for all those programs!
Re Mi
Not a typo!

If you read the article, they're not kidding :(
Oh my god, I must be poor as dirt and not even realizing it since I only make about a quarter of what that sad single lady is making.  I should start not being happy and be miserable due to my apparent crippling poverty.  Oh wait, sorry reality just snapped back in, nevermind.
Republicans refused to allow Obama's reduced tax rate for these folks.
one mountain of gold is not enough apparently 
Wow! I am severely underpaid then, whats the poverty level based on those numbers? $80k? That graphic is nuts! Are we sure thats in dollars?
for a "newspaper" to be that out of touch with reality is discraceful.
yea these can't be logical income amounts.
And people called Romney out of touch. :)
I think these numbers are supposed to reflect the future, when rampant inflation has sent the whole world into a black hole of despair :-)
These four examples aren't meant to be average people.  All are people with very high incomes.  People who shouldn't be affected by the additional tax.  Unless they aren't managing their money well.
Who they hell is making 20% on investments these days?!
+Eric Muller french fries arent actually from france, they're called french because the way they are cut, frenching
More like: Married Couple $650k income - 4 children, 2 nannies, personal chef, and car service.
+Mark Renouf Who is making 20% on investments? The Bernie Madoffs of the world. It's the going rate for a pyramid scheme.
Wow! I am the "married with 4 kids" category, but make WAY much less than that amount. 
+Garion Evans The wealthy earn a large percentage of their income from investments. Investment income is taxed at a lower rate (15% on average).
Lower income earners make most of their money in the form of a paycheck. The payroll tax rate is much higher than investment income tax. The payroll tax is levied on income up to $113,700 annually, so it is a tax felt more by lower income workers.
That's why (for example) Mitt Romney's effective tax rate was 14% for 2011 whereas lower income earners' effective tax rate was much higher at 20% - 25%.
In my opinion, income is income and should be treated equally.
That is what I meant by entitlements for the wealthy.
It is strange that many people talk about entitlements for the poor but not many talk about the entitlements for the wealthy or corporations for that matter.
hmmm it seems I am a little behind the curve my family of four does not make 650,000...and I thought I was doing pretty good
These ppl are rich to me!!!! Me = 66, single SSA disability due to bad knees, income less than $15,000 well below the poverty line!
ter nea
These people are "completely" out of touch with the reality of the "working" class....
Love it. Love the New Yorker.. political cartoons usually rule! Lol
Lol, all single moms have a rich stock portfolio!
Please give to the U. S. government because, your hard earned dollars are a terrible thing for them not to waste.
the middle class works their ass of to make it a year hell if i had 250,000 dollars im set for a good 4-4 years for 70,000 a year use. rich people arnt effected by this at all they should increase it even more for those people who can live without struggle make it 41% instead of 39%create more relief for us and balance it all out so we can kill our deficit
Well, seems I fall far short of the WSJ target demographic.
To get to a taxable income of $650,000 you would have to gross well over a million dollars.
Who is this representative of? Even in New York?
a rich family can take a whole year of income and give it to the government and live on savings for a year
I would love to make a measly $180,000 a year.
Rita B.
Damn, I'm in the wrong business. I would love to make that much money. However, I work for the board of education. What the heck?
+John Fitzmaurice I agree ... of course the people who have huge investment incomes make up the tax code. Income is income regardless of the source.
Married four kids, income 650k. taxed 196k  wow and....?
lol Kimber Maietta must be all the money they have....I hear it is really over rated
I can't believe some of the insensitive comments on here. I don't think you guys realize the hardships incurred by the families who barely scrape by. The single mom, who makes only 260,000 a year, must we see her taxes go up almost 1.3%? And what about the single worker, trying to get ahead in life on a measly 230k? Now she'll have to let her beamer get repossessed, and hope she won't lose her upscale condo - for shame, what humiliation she will have to endure from her colleagues due to her meager state. And the family of 6 with bills to pay? Why should they have to sacrifice their summer home in the hamptons? We should all be ashamed........... </sarcastic rant>
Does the picture reflects the new Obama budget only the whites and the Asian see their taxes raised, while the black family not?
Perhaps I don't make enough after all.
Is this real? Can't believe it'''''
only the middle class knows how it feels to be struggling and live day to day
not the rich they have no worries they dont have to go day to day worrying if they get fired or hurt on the job. my dad got hurt on the job, no compensation for medicalbills no time off he worked through his pain to provide to us and not get fired because you got 3rd world degenerates who come here and take our jobs and send us bills to their family and get us out of a job WE need
4 kids are expensive. How much are they really keeping?
If you're making over 180k a year I think you'll be just fine
Holy crap. Where are these people working?
This is an outrage!!!!! I can't believe that that poor single person will be out of about $8 per day. Certainly she wont be able to afford her Latte at Starbucks anymore, what a shame. No wonder she looks so pissed.
if you make half a million a year you can blow 500.000 of your 600.000 and pay for those kids and still have money left for everything
I don't know many people that make that much, Obama killed the economy!
My family as a whole 2 adults and one child, all working never approached the money earned from the retired couple let alone what it says we should make in the correct category when we did work. 
You obviously don't know the cost of living in NY. So, how much of my tax dollars do YOU suck up?
Why is it that everyone seems to have a vendetta against others who make significantly more money than themselves? There's almost certainly a good, well-deserved reason for each household whose combined income is $200K or more. Is it as simple as pure jealousy? 
Anyone who invests to make an income will be paying higher taxes on it. It is going from 15% to 20%. Single incomes $400,000.00 or greater will lose their reduced tax rate and the percentage goes from 35% to 39.6%. Dual incomes $450,000.00 or greater will also lose their reduced tax rate and, again, the percentage goes up from 35% to 39.6%. Everyone else's income will continue to enjoy their reduced tax rate, and the percentages will vary depending on the income level, but will be lower than the top rates given above. The catch is that everyone will see an increase of Social Security tax of 2% on the first $110,000.00 of income. Since the employees and the employer pay equal shares, for the Social Security tax, both will bear the brunt of the 2% increase. I believe this WSJ illustration was only attempting to cite examples for what is expressed above. It wasn't meant to reflect the incomes of the 98%. It has been taken out of context.
no its the fact that wesuffer when they never do they turn to selfish snobs and cheat us
To be fair, if you read the article you will find that it is specifically about people earning over 250k a year. At no point do they try and say these are average incomes. It's a bit of a punch in the face that the artist decided to draw them all like they are suffering like starving lepers.
They ought to double check their income figures...those are 1%ers. (more or less) Except the retired couple (though my wife and I don't make that much).  I love how they look like they are suffering. I to feel bad for these people? I can't think of the last time I met a single mother of two who made 260K a year. That's awesome. 

Or a single late 20 something making a paltry 230K/yr. Very sad indeed. The best part is to read the comments over at WSJ.

 The world is going to end. No really it is...just it is going to take a few billion years.
650,000. No problem i can spare the 21 grand. Was this supposed to make me sad for these poor people?.....LOL
yea scott they dong suffer a bit hell not even a morsel tax them even more till they give an amount equal to the tax we pay / for the amount we make per year you tax the rich a far greater amount to eaqual the percentage rates 
Based on those $$, my wife will think she married the wrong person!
Holy crap! Where are they working? I'd like a job that pays over $260k!! Where do they live? The magical land of Oz? Willy Wonka sure does pay well!
Wherever they are working, I want to work there too!
You guys had better to pray God no European sees this picture, or the next stereotype joke will be:

''Do you know how to spot a poor American from a rich one?
The poor one washes its Bugatti Veron himself."
Oh my, the comments here made me nauseous and did the opposite of improve my outlook for our nation.

Not surprised, after all we are the nation that reelected our current idiot President.
The single mother will get a free Obamaphone in compensation for her taxes increase. ^^
and they can't live on 1/2 million?  pitiful MF'ers.  How do you know they work 'a lot'?  and +tyler burleyson so you think everyone on unemployment is 21 years old?  you better get out in the world maybe become unemployed yourself-see what that feels like, think?  People it seems that complaint a lot about taxing the rich or the ones that or either rich or have never been in the gutter working their way out.  My friends I've been poor and climbed out and couldn't have do so without big brothers help.  I say tax the rick AS MUCH as I'm paying and be done with it.  I pay 1/3 of my income to taxes and don't even come close to the numbers listed above.  And I'm a few thousand shy of 6 digits.  I don't mind paying my fair share as long as we all do.  Looks like that's finally happening to me. Thanks to the POTUS :-) oh and btw: fuck the GOP! religious, racist, rapers, rich MF'ing lying SOB.  
Wow, the 47% who don't pay taxes are really offended by this article.
I have absolutely no sympathy for anybody with a mid-6-figure income whining about increased taxes.  Society costs money, and those who have more should pay more.  Don't like it?  Move to Somalia. 
I wonder how many people at the wsj make that money.. does ms laura sanders even make it to the list?
What single young person is hauling in 240k?

And maybe if we weren't all bitching about guns, we could've been pressing Congress to stop the cliff. 
haha, bs, single person should be around 14-20k
+Andre Raiche Kid... do you even pay taxes? Or realize just how much your life is dependent on people paying taxes? 
Fowl language is not allowed..gross..
Its hard for me to feel sorry for the 180k + wage earners. Try being a single mom working at a grocery store and then start whining about your taxes.
What job pays this much... So I can apply
Bonfire of the Vanities. I assume the artist went down the the soup kitchen to make these images of these poor put-upon folk.
who in the hell makes that much money?
None of those figures are anywhere close to our household income.
So the rich don't want to pay more taxes to give the poor people a break because the mentality is 'Not my problem'.
Guess what! When times get really tough, it becomes your problem. Poor people have nothing to lose and rich people have the goods.
It's just a matter of time until there's a revolt. 
Happened throughout history and it is bound to repeat again.
rich people are bitches about tax my uncle make like 6-7 figures a year but doesnt pay tax cus he invests almost all of it into actual charities not is own like most people and he pays for my college and stuff
Was the WSJ info graphic artist on crack? What sort of norm is that??
I know why the figures seem high!  The amounts are in pesos...

They could only afford one summer home... oh the humanity!
That "poor" suffering family of six brings home 900k before taxes. That's more than I would make in a decade at my current income level and I am supposed to feel for them?
Oh boy man debt slavery sucks thanks Obama
Jay Cie
Poor married couple with 4 kids, having to bring home barely enough money to buy my house twice a year.
Single moms need to divorce government daddy
Seriously, they could buy my house in cash and the money left over would be orders of magnitude more than I make
Think of how much more use they get out of the country they are paying taxes to. I don't have the time to enjoy the things my tax dollars buy, but I would bet they do ...
Not sad enough they will be looking even worse when they can't be allowed to bear arms to protect themselves
They want you to believe two lies here. #1 The rich are just hard working people like you and me and are scraping by.  #2 The rich will be forced to supplement many of their meals with dog and cat food to make ends meet.  The people depicted in the pic above are not the ones they are trying to protect from these "outrageous taxes".  If the Wall Street Journal was honest, they would have images of Paris Hilton and Donald Trump, (who are probably eating dog food right now, so they can pay their electric bill, I'm sure) There isn't a violin small enough for this whining.
I actually read TFA and it appears to be directed at explaining tax increases for the top brackets anyway.  Hard to tell though.
WTF? Where did they get these incomes from? Most single moms I know make 23 - 35k  My wife and make about one-eighth of the married couple in this example. The average family income in America is like 60k -these people are in the top 10%
I feel no simpathy for anyone making more than $200k that has to pay a few extra grand in taxes. Smallest violin in the world is playing. Maybe they'll have to have to trade in the BMW or Merc for a Toyota such a shame.
Yes im very sorry for someone making 200, 000 
clean your ruffled suits wipe that frown off your faces and pay your taxes. 
It's a shame because if we take that money out of public sector then there is that much less for schools and infrastructure. Those things help grow wealth for the middle class -in the end we could end up like Haiti 1% rich - 99% poor and no safety net other than a smidge of charity. Remember Haiti is the most privatized nation in the Western Hemisphere.    
Dreams are now becoming nightmares, Reality hurts,
I know! 
If I made that kind of money I would not bitch 
Why is being successful a bad thing all of a sudden ? You people are jealous. Tax more and grab your guns so you can't do a thing when it gets out of control. Say no to socialism.
If I made in one year what any of these people make in one year, I could put that money to work for me forever and take a 10-year vacation.
Should anybody really feel happy about being taxed more?
If it helps guarantee a fair and prosperous society -then yes. Somehow we had little problems paying higher tax rates in the 1950's.
Retired couple should be happy. Uncle Sam left them alone.
Nobody paid the highest brackets in the 1950's.  High taxation has nothing to do with prosperity.
John J
So stupid 
A single person making $230,000!? What the hell is she doing? Experimental neuron psychological rocket engineering for defence?
maybe she spelled defense right
This article has reached its objective. It is so absurd that it got all of us talking.
My heart breaks for those families making 650k a year.

Lmao..... Retired couple with $180k income.
Are they serious?
Please pay me 250K, I will happily party the extra tax and still have lots more money than I need. Note I used the word NEED, not want. We need little but want lots.
These people aren't counting their pennies; they don't even count their hundreds. This ongoing recession meant they could only buy 2 new cars last year instead of 3, and had to give up one of their country club memberships. Have people like that ever had to live on a tight budget?
This is insane, what percentage of people actually have incomes in this area?
id be happy if I make 650k in the next ten years let alone one year
WTF their taxes are higher than our gross income in Northern Michigan. Somebody is out of touch with reality.
Is it safe to assume that the person who wrote this article is married with four children?
Yeah if your point was to make me feel like going against the government for being evil I would be more than happy to do so whenever I make that much amount of money...I am married with (2) kids and my wife and I barely crack $100k a year...I'll worry about these rich people problems when I get there...
I cannot believe these earnings,  too high
My heart is really bleeding here. Wait...wait here come the crocodile tears.
There are over 10,000,000 people in the US that earn over $200,000.  Not sure what you guys find so unbelievable about this graphic.
For the WSJ, The Poors earn between 180K and 650K
Yes, over 10,000,000 considering that there are over 300,000,000 living in the U.S. Lets say that amounts to about 3% of the U.S. population. 
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+William Gunther what is wrong with those in such high income brackets paying their share? Simply because the numbers are large is no excuse, no matter how you look at it they aren't being harmed in any way and it's fair no matter how much it causes greedy sphincters to pucker. I would gladly pay 1/3 of a 600,000 + income. I can remember making $5 pr hour in college during the eighties and after SS/Fed and state taxes I only brought home around $127.00 out of $200.00... that was brutal. 
+Garion Evans I do not mean to appear contentious here, but I don't understand why those with higher incomes should expect the percentage of taxes to decline simply due to the amount increasing as the income rises.... it's not unfair. 
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