At a scoring checkpoint (which occur every 5 hours) the system looks at the current Mind Unit control within the Cell at that moment. Those MUs are the points earned by each faction at that checkpoint.

The running time Cycle score for the geo Cell is a running average of those checkpoint scores. This average is the main competition score between the two factions in the Cell. It is drawn in the large bar charts at the top and also drawn as the horizontal average lines down below in the checkpoint graph.

So at t=0 in the Cycle, both factions have a running average of zero MUs.

At the first checkpoint at t=5hr lets say that the ENL get 10 MUs and the RES 5 MUs. The running average score will be ENL:10 and RES:5 since only one checkpoint has been in play.

At checkpoint two at t=10hr, lets say that the ENL have fields up for 20 MUs and the RES have fields worth 15 MUs live at that checkpoint. So the running average for the ENL after two checkpoints is (10+20)/2 = 15 MUs. The running average for the RES is (5+15)/2 = 10 MUs.

So to win for your faction, you and your fellow teammates need to create Control Fields over population centers and then maintain control of those Fields through as many scoring checkpoints as possible.

The "Top Agents" list is calculated by awarding MUs to the agent who created the final Link in the Control Field for Fields that are held through the scoring checkpoints.
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Can someone give an example of what is measured for the new regional scoreboards? I've read the explanation a half dozen times and can't make sense of it.

My local region (a major metro area of 8million people or so, with plenty of fields) shows 12k ENL and 9.6k RES. Looking in Comm shows more net MU than that captured during the last checkpoint, way more MU than that standing throughout that period, etc.

I'm lost as to how those scores are actually calculated, and nobody on either faction can seem to explain it. Can you help by sharing an example?
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