Already playing Ingress? Want to earn #ingress activation codes that you can share with your friends?

I've finally done it. I've hacked into the NIA computer system. I now have access to this powerful tool that can grant any existing Ingress agent an arbitrary number of #invite codes. These can then be shared with your friends via the OPS->Recruit panel in the Ingress app.

So now you are asking... how can I get some of these magic tickets?

To earn your #ingress invites, just write a description of what it has been like to play Ingress and share it to the #ingress  stream. What has it felt like to play? Feel free to include photos or anything else that helps convey to others what it is like to experience Ingress.

I'll private message the writers of the best stories and playing experiences with instructions for how to claim the activation codes that they can share with their friends.

Have fun out there! The real world is a magical place. Save it for humanity.

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