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Already playing Ingress? Want to earn #ingress activation codes that you can share with your friends?

I've finally done it. I've hacked into the NIA computer system. I now have access to this powerful tool that can grant any existing Ingress agent an arbitrary number of #invite codes. These can then be shared with your friends via the OPS->Recruit panel in the Ingress app.

So now you are asking... how can I get some of these magic tickets?

To earn your #ingress invites, just write a description of what it has been like to play Ingress and share it to the #ingress  stream. What has it felt like to play? Feel free to include photos or anything else that helps convey to others what it is like to experience Ingress.

I'll private message the writers of the best stories and playing experiences with instructions for how to claim the activation codes that they can share with their friends.

Have fun out there! The real world is a magical place. Save it for humanity.

Learn more:
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anything for the people not having an invite yet?
Nice, now I only need a code myself first ;)
Giving more codes to people that have them... hhhmmm not fun for the rest of us.
So no more codes for the ingress art?

Dammit. I spent 2 hours in work doing some today and have no friends playing so won't be able to get one this way :-/
Well as I recieved my key yesterday I didn't play a lot ...
But I've already been asked from 4 guys working with me to get a #ingress invite...
Help me to help them to help us :D
I hope that I will receive some comments for that strange thing I saw in my city and posted it to #ingress  stream. I want to find some answers :)
I'm in such a good spot too ! I'm right beside the Google buildings in Dublin!!!
+Derek Casey I would suggest to hack their computer, take as many invites as you can ... but dont forget to give me to me :)
Yeah, I've been looking at all the posts on Ingress and trying to find a way in just to play but invites are more scarce than gold. 
I wonder how many of these he posts then immediately has to mute so as to not get overloaded...
+Agustinus Upojo , I went in to the office yesterday to ask for one. They had no clue what I was talking about and reffered me to Googles app support page :-/
+Brandon Badger That's great. I'd hate to see Ingress going the way of another one of my favorite Google projects, Google Wave, due to lack of invites. I'm still waiting for one despite submitting a request the day it was available to public. Can you send me one, please? I'll lead the rebellion in Washington DC.
Well if someone has one of these to spare......
You know my name now :-) 
Cool news, I wouldn't mind one...just sayin'
The #ingress  art contest continues. We'll still also be reviewing artwork submissions and rewarding invites directly for great artwork. This writing contest about what it is like to play ingress is just a separate contest that we're running in parallel.

I was so amp-ed to play I raced to nearest cluster of neutral portals I could find on the intel map.  I didn't think about how freaky it would be to out in the middle of nowhere killing my phone's battery, poor reception, and acquiring portal keys that are labeled madness, murder, and massacre.  After being out there for 2 hours I called it quits because I spooked a herd of deer.  I didn't think they were deer when I first came up on them.  I actually think I was running faster than they were.
Wait, so this is only for those who already have invite codes and are actively playing the game? What if none of their friends are interested? what about all the people who have signed up from the beginning but haven't received anything yet? Ugh.
Ryan S
This invite code game is really getting old. 
Neo... you found him... you found the one
no portals in 50km..going around my village and city photographing art and statues I didn't even know existed..could use some help!
Did that last night already, for what it's worth ;)
I'm still trying to get an invite. I want to play so bad.
I've walked an extra few miles, and even walked through parts of my neighborhood I've never seen.  I learned that sometimes there's a reason nobody has gone into a scary apartment complex to get the XM, and maybe I shouldn't be there at night.  There are some glitches.  Sometimes when I target a portal, my map goes blank.  I haven't figured out how to recover from that without a hot reboot, so it's kind of frustrating.  I think this game requires a bicycle to play it efficiently.
Waiting for that invite to come my way. So I have no idea what it is like yet. Any idea how long it takes to recieve an invite on average?
I applied for one on the website.
Can you please send me an activation code if you have this working?  Thanks!  You can send a message just to me at my Profile Page here at G+.  Thanks again!
We need more people already playing this game and see this post - still waiting for the invite! :)
I would love a invite please here in the u.k 
A future resistance fighter from Miami is going on a mission to infiltrate and aid the Boston resistance, would be great to recruit him, he is a strong ally to have, I'll bet my life on it!
Could you stop asking for activation code? There is a specific way to ask for it. Use those.
It's been rather frustrating for me. I live in Nebraska, and most of the portals that were pre-made are around the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I've been submitting pics for new portals, but I understand it takes weeks to build them.
Anybody tired of seeing these elitist ingress posts? I sure as fuck am. And the whiners that seem to follow them around. GET A LIFE.
What do we have to do to get access to that admin console?  I don't need both these kidneys. 
if anyone is feeling particularly generous, I would also love to get an activation code. TY!
Yeah, I'm pretty much done waiting. No more interest in  #ingress  for me. It seemed interesting when it first came out, but if it's going to be this slow and spotty with invites, then I might as well waste my free time with something else.
I already made 4 ingress related art works, all of which were not seen or ignored, I have college work to do so I'm also giving up for the moment, I'm still interested in getting an invite but I just don't have the time to keep doing ingress art.
I'm not trying to beg for a code or anything.  I will just try the simple request.  Please may a have a code.  Thank you for your time.  Ingressly yours, Nigel
Would love to play but I just have a stupid sprint iPhone :(
WOW... but this is not too much power on the hand of only a person? If you need help i can take it for you :)
I have been waiting for 10 days now to get an invite but to no avail. Share the wealth with the 99% of us. #ingress.
Can I have an invite? Please? Pretty please with portals on top?
Give me an invite! 
Somebody hook a nerd up :) been really itching to try #ingress
+Brandon Badger How comes during last 3days more than 4million people joined but we can not invite friends by ourselfes automatically? I joined a few days ago and noone in my neighbourhood could help me fight for the #enlightened ...
Hi +Brandon Badger -- I've already been posting on my public G+ feed a few of my experiences since you granted me an invite this weekend. I'd love to invite a few friends and coworkers to join the fun. =)
Sadly, my desire to play any "game" that requires this much hoop jumping is quickly waning. Either invite those that have entered they email address for an invite on the website, or just close it altogether.  
So here is my story of what it has been like to play #ingress.

Four days ago I came across #ingress purely by chance as it was something that was trending on Google+ so I checked it out, first on Youtube and then on the Niantic Project web page.

Almost instantly I was hooked, it looked fantastic, even though I wasn't sure yet what it was exactly. I found the web page installed #ingress on my phone and sent off for my activation code. I didn't realise I wasn't going to just get it and that it was going to take work.

So the next day I set about working through the various clues on the Niantic Project web page, deciphering Tycho posters, etc. I then stumbled across +Brandon Badger and found that with a little creativity I could maybe prove myself worthy of an invite. Several attempts later I realised that this was a little bit harder than I thought and with the amount of creativity he was receiving getting noticed made me dub him Random Badger.

So I spent quite a bit of time trying to find another way, after finding others like +Brian Rose and having no luck there, I was starting to lose heart a little but that is when I stumbled across the ingress support pages.

Now I realised I could start playing (kind of) even without an invite.

I set about going out and with my camera geotagging turned on, taking photos of candidate portals to upload to Niantic Super Ops. I also started posting info for others who were in the same position as me. Hopefully it has been helpful and also given people a chance to take part in expanding the game before they get to play it.

So I have already decide my path, I believe the best way for humanity is to work with the shapers and help everyone become #enlightened.

That is my experience of #ingress so far, a little frustrating but still exciting.

Now all I need is an invite...........
Why I think so: 1. Apple sucks (who removes Google maps??) 2. Android is the best thing out there 3. Jelly beans r my life now :) 4. Now they made an awesome game (I watched the trailer four times now :/) I don't care how long it will take to get my code :) if it takes more than a month my rating is just gonna drop a star :( Can't wait to rate this again when I play the game :) I mean.. Fight the resistance :p Oh... My account Thnx anyway :D
Jesus Christ I gotta do my Home Work, you cant do this to me now :(
Nice idea about hacking the Ingress admin console.  Not very hard when you are the Product Manager at Niantic Labs.  One question - can you switch side after you start the game?  The enlighten are looking like a minority right now.  Might decide to switch sides in the future.  Great game, I really enjoy the Training.
...........invite please ..............
+Brandon Badger  - the game is awesome....I waited approximately 1 week for my activation code....While waiting, I read the information on the web about training, resistance ( #vivalaresistance  ) and the enlightened, and talked to my fellow +Google+ friends who had their codes.....Then WAM! I received my code...I went through the training and have slowly started to play - taking photos and submitting them for portals, linking others, etc.....This game has not disappointed me in anyway!  It rocks! Gotta Luv +Google+ and #ingress  !!!!!!!! 
Screw you give me an invite, How am I suppose to procrastinate without a source. 
Already discovered that several members of the Faculty I attend are interested in playing Ingress. One of them already has an invite.
We could conquer the university campus over here when we receive invites. 
Wonder if there are more besides our group (all Computer/Information Sciences students)... 
I really want to play myself. Can't u invite me? Pls~~
how can you tell what faction you are?
Be careful with thieves in some areas.
Just an obvious advice, be careful with thieves specially in big cities. I live in Sao Paulo and went today in the morning to a distant neighborhood to claim some portals. I was happily sitting on a square creating some links when a suspect guy (dirt clothes, probably a crack addict) sat close to me staring at my phone. He started to whistle and I noticed two other guys coming. I started walking around the square, they followed me for some time but I managed to foil them and then, obviously, finished my work on the portal :)
This game is too immersive, I use to be aware of this situations but today I was so excited playing it that I almost got caught.
Hey! Could you give me an invite please? Thank you very much :)
+Brandon Badger : Need to be in English?
(because I wrote some article about the game but in hungrian, so I need to write a new or just reshare again? ^^. thanks few as a Page and few as me)
Playing Ingress is like playing superman! With laser eyes and so on... ok to be honest i never played it - because i can't :) you know why ? ;) ... 
The intel map needs some serious websql attention.  This is the exact use case where a caching layer would make the UI a lot snappier for users, and reduce server load on your end.
Not playing yet... No invite after in have written 2 haikus and made a picture with the ingress logo (that looks okay imo) and still no invite. Booooooo I want to play as well! 
i would like one invite please
a kingdom for a invite... 
One more story.... you thought the opposing faction was bad... wait till you ask the wife to detour the car for portal hacking..... :S   #ingress  
Oh wow +Juliano Aliberti, that's scary! Thanks for the advise.

My Ingress keeps telling me it's unable to set up a secure connection. Known problem by anyone?
Geo T
Right here
+Brandon Badger , when I first heard of this game from a friend and coworker of mine, +Brent Buchholz , I was very amped up. We started looking up places around where we live that would be great portal ideas and even started plotting out little road trips across the state of WI to reach bigger cities that I had no real previous interest of seeing, I have not gotten my #invite yet but am very excited to walk around towns I normally wouldn't go. Perhaps meet some awesome people while trying to help out the #enlightenment
I figured that but more specifically.. Is it like Ultima Online? lol. That’s what I used to play when I was young. Or more like Warcraft which I haven’t played but am familiar with.
Geo T
My brother got #ingress...i want to join the matrix as well. The invisible world of #ingress is going to get larger than world of warcraft
So you have infinite invites... and rather than just giving them out to the huge number of people waiting you want to turn this into a contest for existing players to make your post go viral in exchange for codes that they can give to their friends? If G+ had a -1 option I'd use it.
I went out to the local Target and came home to find my Ingress invite waiting, so when my wife pointed out that I forgot something, I quickly volunteered to run back out and get something, just so I could walk around and collect power-ups and maybe find a portal to hack.

I was told that I was a nerd.
+Brandon Badger  I want an invitation please! Im from Paraguay, South America, so it will be nice to test the game here, and also help tagging early the mayor important locations.
I've been waiting for two weeks for an invite, hook me up please!
I'm useless at art, and have no friends playing to get an invite from.  Never mind any friends literate enough to write the required prose.
Waiting for Google.
Does everything get reset when the product is released?
Playing #Ingress  really gets under your skin. I've noticed that I drive to work with extra detours (even finding a parking spot and walking an extra 5 minutes) just to hack/link new portals.

Yesterday night I spent a couple of hours with friends in the city from my years in college. We found two majestic Lion statues in a kind of "inner yard" behind an open gate. In my college years I must have walked hundreds of times past that gate and I never knew about those statues. 

Gotta go, these portals are not going to hack themselves...
portals ain't that many and Resistance is so few. How are we going to defend Tokyo from the invasion?! We need new recruits!
I received my code late last night.  5 minutes later I was walking outside to gather power-ups like +Jeff Cauley .  I wasn't lucky enough to be called a nerd... by my wife.
I envy you guys for having a good time playing... I still don't get any invite... Poor me....
Because all my friends in my neighborhood are so into this game, in our monsoon storm last night, all went out into the rain, with their phones (which no longer work mind you) JUST so they could claim their territory that someone imposed on. Yeah, Id say that kinda game is worth me going out and using an invite code to battle in the streets...
ohhh come on Q.Q we wanna play ingress >.< send us a code :( i've done everything possible to get one Q.Q +Brandon Badger 
I've done the chall ! So please correct my pict'art, and try to give me an invit'code please :D
You cannot stop the chall without ultimatum... no ?
+Whitney Scheid my thoughts have been strange since I began the game. It sounds strange, but I wonder how deep this goes. I have always been vulnerable to classic Dabrowskian Overexcitabilites, being labeled "sensitive" by my peer groups, but I am getting a weird feeling. What if there is more to this game than meets the eye? what if "they" whomever "they" might be, are actually participating? what if this runs far deeper down the rabbit hole than any of us previously thought possible? what if there were a true ingress into our reality? would it still be a good thing? would it sti...

sorry, I was not myself for a moment, I see more clearly now... there are untold vistas beyond our horizons, unknown worlds just awaiting our explorations, and we as a common, global culture, need to look into this.

whether resistance or enlightened, let us explore this wondrous new opportunity. let us not be afraid of the unknown, let us look with new eyes into the face of it, and share what we find...

I have seen wonders, and they need to be shared.

do you copy? trusted friend, do you copy?
I'd love to play and build some #resistance in Sweden although I have yet to come up with a good artwork idea :-( do you give them out for artlessness as well? :-) 
If anyone has an invite, my wife and I have been dying to play.
It's been pretty cool, only found one portal within walking distance, but it gets you up and out of the house.  Once the game opens I'm sure there will be a lot more portals to be had.  The graphics are very nice it has a great feel to the game.  This is a game that has been long needed.  There have been other attempts at something similar, trying to get people to interact in a out door forum, but nothing as elegant as this.
Ha!  Hacking to get people to promote a game?  That's a first...
Where do I get this from?
Got mine a while back...looks like i wont sleep tonight...its Ingress TIME
I don't have time to do back-flips and pander to get an invite . . . just send me one already.
I need to recruit my enlightened comrades!  Please help
Tim KH
I will donate $10 via paypal if I get an invite
Some one should help me with dat code pls.
I need invites to play Ingress with my friends! It's not so fun when i'm alone...
I wish i will have a glorious team of friends-players
I doubt that so please feel free to prove me wrong by sending me the code I've been waiting on for a week
Hmm, a story about how great it is to play. Okay, here goes ...
Ingress requires an invitation to play.

Activation Code

[ _ _ _ _ _ _ }
That is what I get when loading the game. I have already downloaded and installed the game, but have yet to get an invite code from anyone playing the game.

Could someone help me to fill in the blank? (Give activation code/invite?)
Wtf is ingress some one please explain I've been seen post about this alot
Please invite me +Brandon Badger  .
Dr. Andresen was taken to Bavaria, so it would be good to have someone around, right?
This is where I come in...
It's been painful on an old phone with a not-so-great data connection :(
Brandon, please send me an invite, so I can spread ingress in czech republic
Anyone that has a code, bring it on!
I would love an invite. I'm surprised Google is being so conservative with them so far. I still haven't gotten one from them, which makes me a sad panda.  :(
I can't wait till I can get an invite.  Hope you all are having fun!!
I would love to write you a story about how much fun I have been having playing #ingress  but alas I am unable to as I have not yet been invited. 
does someone got a spare invite left? :)
got spare one for me master neo ?
Someone invite me on#ingress please! This looks amazing! 
I would love to play but don't know anyone that has currently been invited 
Would love an invite. Sigh. I have my request in...for a few days. Waiting.
+Brandon Badger to play ingress has been nothing short of a life changing experience. I am out, away from my monitor, more than I ever have been before. I am out seeking inspiration in my own local community, wondering where my friends and I can search for new and interesting portals, wondering where this fabulous Niantic Project can lead all of humanity.

The #resistance around me speaks of #shaperinfiltration, but I raise the question of why? Why are these clearly higher beings even wasting their time infiltrating us? If not to take us to higher aspirations? What other applications could this new level serve? How could we be of service to a mutual #enlightenment of humanity as a whole? Could we as cybernetic organisms, fusing technology and biology, find new and better ways to serve our own hopes? our own dreams and aspirations?

I truly believe in my heart, the more time I spend around these portals, and what they imply, that this idea must spread.

We can lead the charge, for #enlightenment, for the #resistance, for #all.

There is no #enlightenment without #resistance, and I believe that the #resistance is futile (star trek refs aside). Help me, help me bring my other friends into #ingress, we will not disappoint...
Instead of doing a closed beta why not just release it proper and update it as necessary like most people do with their apps? Then we could all play!! ;-)
+Jamie Spruce to be fair, and I'm no expert but this is my estimation, the niantic project would gain great ground in stabilizing user experience with beta invites. load balancing, bug testing, all of that in an arena larger than any in-house soft-dev op could attain alone.

I'm speaking personally, and may be wrong, but if I may be so bold, rest assured that the Shapers have their reasons, and we must trust in the unknown, to do otherwise would be to put binary restrictions upon what, to the best of our knowledge, is a supra-binary lifeform...

let us all embrace #enlightenment together, and wait patiently for them to respond to our offerings of ingenuity :)
I'm sure I'll get invited eventually. My friends will be relieved I've stopped talking about it, until I start trying to get them into it as well...
ingress isn't a game like others it's much his simplicity it attracts you..I love it 
I find it funny that you work at Niantic Labs at Google and you hacked into your own NIA computer system, and now you have access to your own powerful tool :)) At least you made me curious about the game :) Maybe you can drop me an beta key to check it out too :)
I am definitely interested in getting an invite... I am happy to share my experiences but without an invite I have nothing to share. Hopeing for an invite someday soon - This is an intriguing game concept that is very unique and interesting. I am curious to see how the game evolves and what doors it opens for other games of similar nature. 
could you give me an ingress code?
I've been sick with flu for a week. I could really use something to cheer me up. Any possibilty for an invite?
my e-mail is
+Chad Thompson you have everything to share, with or without an invite. I was playing before my invite ever arrived, by helping others with the puzzles and sharing ideas. maybe the idea is not to get invited but rather to inspire invite? just a thought.

if you do get in, please consider #enlightenment, we need all the help we can get, the future of humanity is at stake...
Can't be enlightened, resistance can't be futile, being I haven't seen a #ingress code yet! 
lets see...i'd really like to build a starship but then that damn realitivity comes in!!!  any codes for this??  maybe sorta huh??
Brian G
I just got the code a few days ago
Nice codes for people all ready playing. Not people like me who signed up on day one and still don't have a code.
60% of my city ( Lyon in France ) is under the control of the resistance scum. Let me take the opportunity to fight back and prove that the force is a chance !
My story...

Playing #ingress  is like Geocaching 2.0 and even more. But how did it start? I got my code in the mid of the night but dont wanted to leave my bed. The next day I directly hacked a portal at the train station around my place. Cool... my first portal :)
I closed work faster then ever and decided to walk back home to hack some portals. I could not find an end and so I ended up at home totally frozen, empty phone and totally tired.
The next day I realized that I did not understand the game. I essed up a lot and made many mistakes. That was no problem, but caused more work. So I made a plan. And hey.. it worked. I like this game, but I really need mor partners working together with me. There is a lot to do to protect the humans ^^
Thanks Google for pushing us to go out and spend the time in the fresh air. I have seen corners of my city that I did not know about. Thats pretty cool!
Please +Brandon Badger , gimme the chance to recruit a few more friends.
+Brent Buchholz Thanks :) +Brandon Badger's description says something else... "Works at Niantic Labs at Google", introduction text: "Product Manager, Niantic Labs at Google", and Ingress is made by Niantic Labs :) So... Nice way to promote your own game :) Making me noticing it is something, i rarely enter G+, and i'm on the other side of the planet :))
You can find an instruction how to get an Ingress code on my page..)
... after my decision to going with the #enlightened it got cold outside here in Hamburg. And it's getting colder each day since. The #resistance had startet their attack on what used to be our home. Everything has changed. It's not save anymore. So, be courageous, #enlightened ! (And of course, keep your lawns green...)
Im really close to just giving up on it. I requested a code sometime ago and have yet to even receive a confirmation stating that they acknowledge my request exists. SMH!!
Brian G
This is an awesome game
I really want to play it too. No email from them yet though.
I would, but considering that you missed my friends' really awesome submissions for the ingress art contest, I'm sure you'd overlook anything I'd write in the noise in your stream as well.
I haven't played yet.  Do I need to know someone playing first?
Mug shot for Brexon Armas in miami
I have traveled back in time to this pivotal point in history to change the tides of battle, for a better tomorrow. Using +Project Glass I see everything so much more clearly, I can see the portals down the street as if they were visible to the naked eye, and not only visible using specialized scanning equipment. In my timeline, the overwhelming power of the Resistance has grown corrupt. The few remaining Enlightened fight for the Normals' Free Will. I do not know when it happend, but at some point some key people in the Resistance realized they could control the thoughts of those in their fields and used this to become wealthy and powerful. The future is bleak, but I've come back in time to change the distopian future to something where free will is embraced.
Damn... my phone took to long to boot
My city is a warzone and I must stop them. I must resist. My team needs my help gathering and maintaining zones and I have the ability to take charge and do my part. We will win. The resistance will dominate! #ingress  
Dammit!  Ill just keep hoping for an invite
Chris S
My town needs more players (and portals) to get some good competition going
Need invite, please.... 
i need a activation code, please :( :(
I just stumbled across this game the the other day and I waiting to get in and play! Ingress has the possibility to change gaming as we know it! the possibilities we could explore are endless! i went to school for game design and this has the potential to change how we game. Ive shown numerous friends the game and they all agree! cant wait for this game to be played by the masses!
Hey +Brandon Badger nice work on the hack. I'd love an invite for such a tool, it'll help with the Google Maps API / app engine project I'm building for The Enlightened among us!!
Isaac S
So dumb giving codes to those who have them. Keep them 
I need an invite as well if someone could :)
How fast are the invites going out?  I don't know anyone playing, yet.  :-(  
#Enlightened needs help. That's a shame living in an apt bathing in the blue sea~~ btw..cops think i was super suspicious hacking portals at a beach park alone while it's raining and freezing at 9pm. hope i can invite more to join the Enlightened so my fellow teammate can bail me out if I get into trouble. #ingress  
+Brandon Badger I would love to tell you what it's been like but I've been waiting the entire time of the release for an invite :(
+Daniel M It's not very motivating to play with no friends. And it's not likely that you'll have a bunch of friends who all happened to get invites.

It's a good strategy the way they are giving our codes. Actually, it's quite brilliant. They are building their own hype, getting free content and meme's made, creating demand, and controlling the release successfully. It's marketing genius.
John A
Philippines always have revolution and I need to form the resistance here too.
#Ingress   has been extremely fun to play, I actually forgot to eat Monday for the entire day because I was busy chasing down and linking portals.

I would recommend an overhaul of the communication channel system, to include distinct geographic channels to communicate so that when I talk to someone in my city, people are not having to hear my chatter miles away.

I would also like a way to look up by user handle and send IMs directly to particular people.

But most of all, I would like some invite codes because I have a spouse and several close friends who really, really want to play along with me.  Last Saturday we had a car full of 5 people out scouting for portals, but I was the only one who actually had an activated account.  I had to pass my phone around so everyone could take turns targeting, deploying etc.  We had a blast, but I can only imagine how fun it would be to have a whole team of ingress players to go running around adventuring.

Please, please, we need invites so my spouse does not fuss at me for wanting to go on a road trip at 2 am; she could go with me instead!
HTC Desire S, Android 404 official. App crashes with error, when I tap on "Recruit" and type mail address.
Nice, seeing that I just got a code to play, I will need to move fast on this..
This looks really cool...I just saw the You Tube on it will be interesting to see people in different places doing it..
#Ingress is addictively fun!  It's been even making me get out and run to different portal locations!
Doubt you're still watching this post... but some love for those who came fashionably late to the party?
Keith H
Wanna see what all the hype is about, so I need an invite. #ingress
I would love to play this, asked for invite on official site, but still nothing. It has been a couple of days :/
I've signed up, downloaded the app - waiting on google to send me an activation code...(sigh).
I'm not going to beg but, can I pretty please have an invite ?? 
An invite to join the fight would greatly be appreciated
Resistance is still weak! I need to help 'em out! I even made a fanboy site about ingress ;-)
Wao wao its too strange
The Chicago Resistance needs members, and I would love to be one. I wanna capture the Bean !
This is great! I have my invite and have been taking my neighboring towns...hopefully the future resistance members will see me as a leading force once they come into play. I have scouted out some interesting places and will inevitably take them over hopefully while everyone is enjoying their turkey dinner...(probably a ploy set up by the make us weak!). Anyways...this job is a tough job alone...and this soldier...albeit hard at work and loving it...could use some recruits to delegate operations to capture and hold off the incoming wave of enlightened....please...this beacon is a distress signal...or a preliminary warning...that if I dont get these up with some help..hope may be lost.....
Mike W
I want to transform my world.... ;-)
This appears to be a wonderful scam.
Gatt a code please so we can play halla 
frustrating; no invites, just a hand of people in austria...
it starts like g+ 
I look at everyone differently.. Are they working to support my actions or undo them? How long will my portal stand? Can I get it linked in time? Assistance is needed to further our goal of Enlightenment in my area, can anyone hear my call for reinforcements?..... <<end of transimission>>
+Brandon Badger i didn't play yet, but since i discovered this game i try to peek every smartphone that i see on the street, to verify if they are try to hack a portal. It's crazy...
Hello Brandon, I submitted two images, my skills are not the greatest  I fly better than I edit.

I noted in your image that you granted 821 invites, but only 604 are showing as used. Those 217 are kind of a slap in your face if true ...

Unlike the 217 that haven't used them (what ARE they waiting for? either re-gift this Thanksgiving to your family/friends or ... can't figure that out....) I plan on jumping in the deep end right away, been following both sides in my area.

Now, I don't want to beg here, but why not give me one at this point?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dear, kind, people of this #Ingres post, if you have a spare code, please pass it along...randomgirl(at)gmail(dot)com... Thank you in advance.
If you could hook me up with a code & instructions I'd gladly spend a day or two helping to spread the love... 
It's too cool play #Ingress but i can't find portals and i didn't have firends there, really like the game, but i need more information, make a tutotial or public, in spanish please...

Sorry but my english is so poor... :D

Spanish: Pero jugar a sido muy emocionante, encuntro muy atractivo el juego, mis amigos quieren jugarlo pero no logro invitarles, ya hemos visto como otros se desarrollan, pero me gustaria saber mas de el en español, para sacarle mas provecho y disfrutarlo mas, por ultimo, Buenisimo juego +1
unfortunately +Brandon Badger is boycotting the game himself. active players are asking for assistance but the invites are rare. by end of november when the game goes public there are a lot of people in high levels so the newcomers get frustrated. sad...
Do these have to be public posts? I posted something to my circles about playing the game.
This smells of Zynga and Facebook crap gaming. No thanks.
Any possibility of getting an invite for someone who has never played? :-) 
I desperately want a code as well.
CIHJEJZP   Drops mic on the stage, walks away all cool-like.  
These are one-time use codes. So first come, first served. We are doing our best to increase server capacity to support more concurrent players. Everyone will eventually get an invite. This is a different type of game than Angry Birds where you can have millions of people playing independently on their own mobile devices. For Ingress, the state of the world is synchronized on our servers, so we have to manage the growth of the game in a responsible way. If you'd like a fast tracked invite, then you can submit artwork to the #ingress  stream. We're doing our best to keep up with the submissions there. The best artwork bubbles to the top and those people will definitely get an invite code in due time. Thanks for your patience! And for those of you lucky enough to already have your activation code, have fun out there. Humanity depends on you!

You can also submit your email address at to wait in the queue for invites.

Here are a few codes for the quickest typists. :)


Have fun saving the world!
I, like many others, am just ready to play... 
+Brandon Badger  Will portal submissions raise our chances of getting an activation code? I keep sending them in to super-ops but never get a reply :(
I would just like to be invited please. Please, please?
Thank you for the code!!! I can't believe I checked at the right moment.
i am still waiting to be invited but thanx for the tease
Thanks for the codes!  I was able to get a few more of my friends in. 
I do not know how to share a picture within comments.... I gained control of Romanian Government, National Bank and Parliament. What do I need more? :))) I have two phones as I run out of baterry quite fast (2-3 hours)
Check my previous post. There's a bunch of activation codes in there for the first people to type them into the app.
Hello I would really love to play in Austria :( I have no invite yet. Please invite me and you can save Zoidberg!? (V)(;,,;)(V)
I believe my last post was what you where after... we need more players in Sydney, I look forward to getting ppl to stop asking me for codes.

Are they all used up?? I keep trying!
I've never been more disappointed. Never.
Must get code... 
Must get code...
Guys i feel sorry for you all!! You spend lots of time for learning these stupid  codes!! Maybe better spend the same time for learning something useful!!
To all that are patiently waiting for +Ingress activation codes the wait is almost over +Brandon Badger has finally hacked his way into NIA and is preparing to free the world from the clutches of the enlightened. But what's the big deal with this AR game and why are all these people clambering to get their hands on the hottest tickets in town?
Think of the old capture the flag game we played as kids, now feed that a global edge with technology. 2 teams battling for the future, never knowing who or where the enemy are. Every person within range of a portal playing on their phone could be a agent for the resistance or worse, the enlightened. You travel your town finding hidden keys all the while surrounded by civilians with no idea of the threat that hangs above their head. Eyes down on your scanner you pick your path to and fro to ensure the best route maximizing you every turn, hack, move, hack, move. No journey will ever be the same for you, because now you know what lies beneath the calm. You know that #Enlightenment is slavery, you know that you must #Resist. This is #ingress and the world will never be the same

Could someone give me a code? I'll send you a sexy picture for it
+Scott Holm This is the internet, sexy pictures aren't exactly hard to come by.
I'd love to be able to play with seemingly all my friends, but I need an invite first. Any chance of you granting me one please +Brandon Badger ?
I need an invite to play the game before I can tell you my story
+Adam Best You haven't seen how sexy my photos are. Totally worth a code for Ingress
Can't wait to start, waiting on a code at the moment. Hopefully one will come soon. :D
Where's the invites for everyone? Feel free to send one this way!
I'd love to try this out, if anyone has an activation code let me know!
The idea is to give codes to existing people so they can turn around and recruit with them.  

More invites going out is a good thing for everyone.  Keep your eyes open locally so that when we start getting recruit invites you can pick one up from a local source instead of directly from Brandon.  
+Arnobie OOI I've got it installed, but despite all my best attempts, I still haven't got an activation code :(
Hello help with invitation 7days waiting and nothing someone help
I got my invite to #ingress  last night when i was sleeping (first time it was actually fun to wake up this week when i noticed my email) Well as i exepteced there aint too many portals yet here some parts in Finland so first thing i did after work was submitting  some new ones. So if i could have few invites i could spread them to friends who help expand portal situation here. I would be very grateful to you +Brandon Badger, if u could help with that. 
Its been a great game so far, but I wish there were more portals in my area. Small town Canada doesn't have much yet. :)
looks like +Brandon Badger made a mistake with his rare codes: 1.1m (enlightened) vs 3.4m (resistance) global. in my region there are only a couple of people enlightened. will be pretty hard for them (and then it ends in my region). maybe i have to switch over.
Jim P.
Okay then smartie. Send me an invitation :D
Can anyone give me a code? Thanks
If anyone has any invite, i'd gladly join your team ;)
Submit some, +Glenn Morgan !!

I am absolutely addicted to Ingress!! It's more than a game, it modifies the way you think and act in your day to day life. I travel a lot for work, and was absolutely devastated that my play is limited when I am out of the country (no data signal). This limits me to areas where I have wi-fi. Let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than to see XM that is about 2 feet out of range of your wifi signal :-(.
I'm more interested in getting my faction change request processed... :)
How about bringing in more users by giving out invites to those who haven't gotten in yet?
i am rediscovering my city. i am submitting locations for new portals by taking the time to walk through areas i have never been before in my 24 year residency. i am making new friends out of people in my faction and lighthearted enemies out of members of the opposing team. I engage in teamwork with complete strangers. #ingress has made me realize that the application of teamwork is universal; applicable to all situations in life between like- minded individuals. We are all in this together.  #ingress is amazing.
I want to be a part of the rebellion. When and where? 
Fun for the most part. Some of the portals are in dangerous places. There's some on roads without sidewalks, in the middle of a freeway over pass with the portal on the freeway and portals at homes in the tightest area's you couldn't possibly imagine. We need more portals in strategic locations. We need to be able to break links we've created. We need gas money and new music to listen too!
-BigBird Resistance Los Angeles
I put down my email to have an ingress activation code sent to me, but i havent recieved one yet.
ummm.... help?
Really hyped about this game but starting to lose interest cause all I'm hearing us how good it is, and how i can't play it
Hey I sent my request for an invite days ago. Could you please send me one. I want to join in on the fun!
I like this idea. It will enable us to recruit locals to interact with via Ingress.
I'm in a little tiny town called Kanoya here in Japan and I think I'm the only person with a cell phone lol. Give me an invite and I will lead the resistance in this part of Japan!
i am from india ..waiting for the ingress invite ..desperate to play ...
please send me an invite..
Ingress is an awsome and good way to get out of the house, and occasionally meet other people doing the same
I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine - the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But they are not getting us anywhere. There are of course those who do not want us to progress. I know why they resist us. I know they are afraid. Who wouldn't be? Aliens, secret agencies, unknown powers – it is concerning, to say the least. But, as history has proven time and time again, anything worth doing usually is. But the others…fear got the best of them, and in their panic they turned to the resistance. They promised order, they promised peace, and all they demanded in return was silent, obedient consent. Now I seek to end that silence - I have become one with the enlightenment, to remind this world of what it has forgotten. To remind us that progress, evolution, and enlightenment are more than words; they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of the resistance remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow this ingression to pass unnoticed. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me, my enlightened brethren, and we shall give this world an ingress that shall never, ever be forgot.

And that is how much I've enjoyed Ingress so far.
Not sure if you have many left to give out, +Brandon Badger, but if you are able to give me an #ingressinvite  to relay, I'd appreciate it. I got my invite after waiting for three weeks; I've been playing for a little while now and love it. My boyfriend keeps stealing my phone to play on while he's waiting for the invite he requested! 
It's a pretty addictive game full of a great variety of people. I figured out today that not only can exploring for portals help me learn my way new locations, but deciphering Niantic clues can also help me practice technical skills I've been working on. 
Damn...I just broke the final hint in - Terminal and the activation codes were already given away...I really want to plays this any1 knows when new invites will be granted?
bill A
I wanna to play ingress,I tip Email in that page, But there still have no activation code send to my Email ! Can I have a activation code ?please : )
I would love one too...can anyone help?
I think i'm one of the people waiting for a code. Some friends of mine have it and the last night we went around the city looking for new portal to hack.
Turin is not big as you can think, and someone put the portal inside civical building and ni the night we can't hack them.

Waiting for a code i will continue to play with my friend :P
Would love an invite code, some guys are work are always playing and I want to join the opposite faction so I can work against them without them knowing!
Can you invite me, too? I want to play this game with my girlfriend and with some ppl at the university, who are already playing it. But they have no keys left :/ im waiting for along time for an invite. Thanks in advance !
I know this is an old post, but I want to be able to use in game invites still, it is so much more personal, and I get points for them, but alas, I have used the two that I had and see no way to get more. Is there any way currently to get more invites?
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