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I'm hearing rumors that all of these MODs will be available via Portal hacks starting today. Might take a 1 in a 100 hack though.
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That's odd, I already hacked a Link Amp last monday..
This is great, but can someone please help us to solve the problem with "weapon doesn't exists" or deploying error messages? Should we drop the items causing the error and do force sync? I don't want to waste my l7 bursters? What can we do +Brandon Badger since today the message at the support page has been removed, so I guess the problems at the backend are solved?
Nice - just cleaned out 200 slots from resonator overload
Please don't break Ingress again. Moving Hadrians Wall to London for the Ingress Report is enough for one day.
Finally! Can't wait to get my hands on 'em. :D
I thought they were available before today as I picked up a Link Amp last Sunday on a hack. Picked up another one this evening, but no sign of the others yet.

[Edit: Just seen the confirmation that Link Amps have been hackable since last Friday.]
Is it 1 in 100 total, or 1 in 100 per mod? Because with 5 mods that means you could either get at least one of them 1 in 20, or it could mean that each individual mod would drop 1 in 500.
Got Turret and Force Amp tonight :)

Edit: Add Heat Sink from last hack :D
+Kai Stempfle Remember that Power Cubes also started at 1 in 100, but were later dropped to 1 in 25 as the best interests of the game dictated. Be patient :-) 
1/100 hacks eh! I just hacked 6 portals and got 5 Force Amps :-p
I wish I could hack a power cube... haven't seen one in over a week...
i wish i could hack a power cube haven't seen one in over a week
Got a turret on my second hack this morning :)
4 level 8 portal parties and filling 3 peoples inventories and still no virus or ADA.
Haha my first hack this morning I got a turret :D
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