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+Martin Geisler Sending you an #ingress code.
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"the source is the picture and the picture is the source!" - Ok, props for that one.  Talk about recursion!
Instead of begging for an invite you guys should get creative and share it with #ingress  hashtag. It might get you an invite but certainly not the begging here!
+Stefan Hoth I agree with you completely there. I enjoy looking at these posts and seeing how creative people can be but all of these spammers are incredibly annoying. Why can't they just realise that they are spoiling things for the rest if us!
Thank you for the invitation, the application is otherwise useless.
Hi... i'm an italianboy and i'm searching for an invite... Ingress italia forum said me that you can help me for a code of ingress.. can you do it, please?:)
I would like a fire engine. Wait, this isn't Santa's page! 
+Brandon Badger I've been waiting for an invite till 28th November isn't fair that we must wait so long for an invitation. What is the method that you use to invite people with the website man? Just curious... 
Watch me for the invitation ... Enjoy
Damn I would love to try this. Can anybody help me out with an invite? Pleeeeease :-) 
Darko Z
Invite please. Thanks in advance 
I know there are gazillion of people waiting for invite code, is there time frame ... or I get it when i get it ...
everyone has a invite , im the only one here in amsterdam who doesnt have one... i realy need a #ingressinvite ... is there anyone who can send me a activation code? please
I want to enlist! 
Hurry +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Ingress Draft me! I'm proud to serve! 
What a neat idea. Self referential in true Goedel Escher Bach style, I just love it!

After seeing such a marvelous effort how dare those others expect an invite just for begging? Annoying SPAM. The best and the worst of human behavior illustrated so close together...

They ar3 trying to st.0000o´p me!
But I knoW..]/]/]/]]  Th@t t|-|ey can't ] ]][[]]do IT.

Eu quero um código de acesso para poder utilizar o #Ingress , estou muito ancioso!!! Pls..!!
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