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Happy Thanksgiving. Here's an interesting article about what it's like to experience #ingress .


"I found the game, which is currently available only to Android smartphone users who have received an invitation to play, surprisingly addictive—especially considering my usual apathy for gaming."

"A few hours later, much of my progress was undone by a member of Enlightened (Ingress helpfully sends e-mail notifications about such things). I was surprised by how much this pissed me off—I wanted to get those portals back for the Resistance, but pouring rain and the late hour stopped me."

"Playing Ingress was a lot more fun than I expected, and from the excited chatter in the game’s built-in chat room, it was clear I wasn’t the only one getting into it."

"On my way back from a meeting, I couldn’t help but keep an eye out for portals, ducking into an alley to attack one near my office. Later, I found myself poring over the larger map on my office computer, looking at the spread of portals and control fields around the Bay Area."

"As it turns out, my parents live in an area dominated by the Enlightened. So I guess I’ll be busy attacking enemy portals in my hometown this weekend."
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Trog D.
You wouldn't happen to have a code you could throw out would you? Happy Turkey Day!
I am si tired if waiting for an activation code that I don't even want to play that game. 
I can't wait to finally get an invite. I believe my city probably doesn't have a lot of players, so I think I will be able to get a great start for the Enlightened.
Happy ThanksKilling. Still waiting for a code...
Joey Izzo
Its so addicting. I'm finding out that for me its best to stick to and maintain one area. Keep it close and on lock down. I also have being one of a few in the area to be in it. I just got home from more hacking, attacking and linking. My feet are cold and I have to be at work in 6.5 hours but I don't regret it. 
Где мой инвайт? Я уже почти неделю жду! И даже креатив забабахал, а ты игноришь, жадина!
Cool. Others want to experience it. So stop fucking with invitations and open it, damn it!
Hah! Pouring rain stopped him (or her) from playing? I was out playing for 6 hours yesterday in the rain. If we were stopped by a little rain, nothing would ever get done in Glasgow :o)
I hope he never told him parents he is not ther to visit them. Just for play ingress
Would love to know what it's like to experience Ingress.  Unfortunately, it's not to be for the moment.  Ah well, I have patience.
I think it goes live in a week.
Oh come on!!! :/ this is seriously so unfair! You are clearly on the resistances side! I wrote a story too, but I guess just because I'm one of the #enlightened .. it's ignored!
Well whatever! I'm still going to do my best into spreading The Enlightened in my empty area!!
#Resistance is futile,
I will play this game if I get the code.
Kevin, you have to realise that there are thousands, possibly millions of people requesting codes throughout the world. Google doesn't have an infinite amount of employees, and of the ones they do, I doubt all of them are working on giving out invites. Be patient, stop whining. Your day will come.
Kevin: It's not just codes that people are waiting for. There are plenty of areas completely devoid of portals. So even once you do get a code, you STILL might not be able to play. And the timeframe for fixing that? 4 to 6 weeks. IF you go round and photograph random stuff and send it in for them.
Would you guys like some cheese with your whine? Seriously, this is a beta game. It's not out there for open use exactly because of these issues. Yes, a lot of places still need portals, including where I am. We have a couple spots that are portal rich, but they are fairly small areas. I will be out this weekend taking lots of pictures to send in. If you're looking for an invite, you might want to be more positive.
This is part of the challenge with so many games offering open betas over the last 6 years. Nobody wants to wait to play. They would rather play the game for free now, complain about something they don't like and then abandon the developers when the game goes live.
+Oto Brachtel once you install the app you will have a new option under SHARE when you go to share your pictures. NIA Super Ops. Make sure you have your GPS on when you take the picture. Then share it using the NIA Super Ops option. This will send the picture to Google and you can provide information on the location and why it should be a portal.
Trust me, they will come back to it when the game does go live. After 3 days of playing 5-6 hours nightly after work, I'm totally addicted. This game is amazing.
Brandon has been kicking digital buttocks with invites. His G+ notifications are flooded and the ingress search is never ending. 
Common I need an invite code ! I know am gonna dominate this game :(
Really eager to play this game! Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of getting an invite? 
Hame has been very addicting. Especially when fellow members you have never met are helping you out on the Grid. #enlightened 
I'm really eager to play this game also. Is there anything I can do to speed up (or at least /see the progress of/) adding a portal? Even confirmation that /someone somewhere has actually seen a new portal appearing/ would be helpful...
Very interesting. Would love to play.
I hope it will never be available on iPhone, in my company a few are pissed off having an iPhone because of this game... they asked me if there is a way to hack the game to put it on their phone "there must be a way" lol
I have been playing ingress for over a week.  There is fun to be had but it is still seriously beta.  There is on average 2+ times a day, I want to throw my phone through a wall because of the game.  The map does not work worth a dang on mobile devices, the game play is frustrating at times due to poor GPS and portal placement, the actual app is missing many key features and drains battery faster than Netflix on 4g, but that is why it is in beta.  

If it went out to the majority of people who are not used to betas being broken as crap, Ingress would get a rating of one or two stars and people would be done in under a week.  I can see the potential of this game and do not want it to die on the vine.

Please be patient and Google please make sure that it goes live soon with at least the portal placement and battery issue partially addressed.
I want to play too but I haven't received an invite.. is this only available in the US?
الجمعة مباركة
I know you're probably annoyed with getting asked this 100 times but I would really appreciate an access code for this game I know it probably won't happen but I'm going crazy waiting for the game which brings me to my second request if you cannot give me a code do you have a rough ETA on when it will come out.
may I have a invitation code?thanks!
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At two o clock fore eigt ducks n ten minits google plus .m ,dragon fly into low fryng ,blind as a badger ,oop s code. ,
Thanks for shering this code been bustard , Brandon Badger ,
I personally think instead of giving activation codes, you give the ones that are already in one invite each. 
any one can send me an invitation ?
Any possibility to get a invite so I can experience it myself?
I live in san francisco, and i'm still waiting for an invitation to play ingress. +Brandon Badger , can i get an invite to play ingress. Happy thanksgiving!
Definitely the lack of portals in my area is a big downfall... Guess my hometown is pretty sleepy and not innovators, which makes leveling or doing anything for my team about a 15 minute drive (to high level portals...).
Trying to think of anything local within walking distance and all I got is a tiny post office and a little shop of crafted items.
I have waited for the code for three days now, I still don't have the code now
3 portals just next to my home. I attacked 2 of them this morning. The other one was already green. I'll do this with my wife every day to have the key !
i wish i had a invite to play that game
#ingress  All I want for Christmas is an invite to Ingress, please Santa - I've been a good boy ALL year, promise.
Proteting pies from hungries sliving my way through turkey in the home city could be fun.
Heh, my residence is Amsterdam and there is no way this is coming near me very soon. But subscribed anyway, hoping for an invite. My kids are going to love joining their dad on a mission to conquer the map. It gives playing outside a new meaning.
Damn it, there's an enemy portal nearby and I'm wasting precious time in the office!
hello, I am a student who is lost in new science and new games. Ingress is very cool, and I want to get an invitation. Thanks very much! The app in my android device for long time without using, I want to make it running, Thank you very much!b +Brandon Badger 
+Gavin Jones Varies, pretty enormously. I know someone who got theirs within 12 hours, and others who have been waiting for over a week.
For those they get an invite: join the enlighted. We need more man power. ATM its 75% of people are in resistance. 25% on the enlighted side... I don't know why but it seems that most people are very conservative.
Damn, another Google app that is not available to Australians.
Please send me invitation! Please please please! :D I am dying to play this!!!
Very few players have invites to give, guys :(
+Mike Toleds Sorry no... I just say IF you get an invite, join the enlighted...

Sorry for misunderstanding :-(
I think I've been in waiting mode for a day maybe... Then I got the mail :)
too bad not available in Indonesia 
J Ice
That sounds like it could be quite engaging. I wonder how they are balancing play and managing invitations.
Hi brandon can you send the ingress code
i really want to play this!! argh~
+Brandon Badger I heard you are the best source for getting this special code. I was wondering if you could send me an invitation at : thanks
+Richard Connor Plenty of people are playing in Australia. Melbourne, for instance, is quite the battleground.
Seems interesting, could also be a good way to explore new places in your city. I can't wait until I hop back to android so I have a chance to play this. 
I'm in Sydney Australia and would love an invite!! 
Seems like a clever addictive hook to data mine, tbh. Virtual capture the flag your way into google mapping your travel patterns and eventually directing targeted advertising in some manner or other, directly or round about.

Call me cynical if you must, but imo its not far fetched at all...people addictively diverting hours of their day to nodes where they might get hungry, etc., and then will occasionally rely on local services /advertisers. Between this and Google thanks...Google already knows me better than does my mother....I will pass on being directed around like a borg consumer...its going to look surreal when the glasses get integrated.
I'd like to know when it's going to be available for Australia :(
I wanna to play this game so badly,plz email me a code
Please DO NOT give me a code!
I really dont know what to do so i get an invitation. :-@
send me an invite please :)
(From India on HTC Desire, Jelly Bean 4.1.2 )
#ingress sounds awesome, my only worry is when augmented reality becomes someone's reality...
There's a big map? Damnit, I need it, I live in a rural area and don't even know where the next portal IS. My XM bar is full and I have nothing to do with it.
I want an invite!
I hope it will be open soon. Otherwise it will be like G+, when first everyone wanted to try it, but it was invite only and they waited so long, that when they opened it, only fraction of those people were still interested.
How about a code for a 19 year USMC vet?

Please send me and invitation to
I will invite you all to my home until the code arrives
Brandon, will you do something with accounts who spoof their locations without "mockup GPS" function turned On ?
Here's an idea.
Instead of wasting time "gaming",
do something productive 
I wanna to play this game
please send me the code
my email:
They should make a augmented reality game called poop scoop, where everywhere I go, my android shats all over the place, then enlightened gamers can come clean it up.. I'm sure it would be just as addictive ;D
#ingress i want to play in this game with my freand in Ukraine, Kyiv. Give me activation code please on a.martunenko (dog) gmail . com
Sounds like the matrix from Neuromancer.
Ryan Ng
Awesome, give it to me
+Brandon Badger  give me activation code, i think #ingress   will help us to go out more often. And in my city green command in leaders, i want help to blue:) I think this is good game and i hope in future it will be more powerful and interesting! Andrey, Ukraine, Kyiv
I would love to be invited and free northern germany from the enlightened... or the resistance... :) 
Please invite me, anyone :)
O.J.Simpson charged in court for murder?
I'm writing this urgent message with hopes of acquiring a code for Ingress.  Rumors or abound that the Enlightened are taking over my current city of Milton, FL and this Resistance member is anxious to get out there and take back my town!  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
When will i get to receive this freakin invite!!! I want to play this game too!!!:(
Already 7 days, and i still waiting for my activation code :'(
Soooo fun not much in my area though, good excuse to drive down to the city (Toronto) =) resistance is futile 
Code plis?? 

Thanks so much!!
Well, the company cannot locate you, if you travel to some parallel dimension, or to the astral world. ;)
How do i get a activation code?
Just got my new android phone. Let's take over the Belgian cities. Enlightened unite! Small problem check the list:

Hardware: check!
Bike: check!
#Ingress  invite key: NO KEY YET

Hoping for a key soon!

#invite  +Brandon Badger 
Waiting on an invite codec as well. Can anyone help?

Sent out request for a week, no response. Invite needed.
Can't get a code so I don't worry about it
Can you give me a Activation code?
Which team is the good team and which is the dark side?
thats what makes it awesome there really is not good guy, one team Works to bring the shapers to our world and advance earth the other works to keep the shapers away and protect ourselves from the unknown
Mine does not work very well. Super buggy. Doesn't track me when I move. Beta for sure
Can you pass the key to an other player then if that's even possible? 
I wanna play...I wanna play... Crap I need a code.. I need a code.. I need a code... Help.!
I'm Dying to get an invite! Can someone please tell me how to get one? Maybe your feeling a bit generous Mr Badger? ;)
I very want play this game,I hope you can give me a code ,thank you. I will continue to support Google.
Hi +Brandon Badger I was just introduced to Google+ and this Circle through +Ralph Uy. I am visiting from NJ where I started my mission with the Resistance. I have been taking photos of portals with missing photos. How can I submit them since these are not new submissions? I would be happy to put my new LG Optimus G to work.
Evan Z
rudy g
Murdoch mugs
+Dino Buljubasic is right... I have waned on which social sites to join, limited my posts on Facebook... and only today finally joined Google+ (largely because of #ingress ). At the end, keep your personal and private data offline as much as possible, direct all your subscription emails to one dedicated for just the purpose of registration and live a clean life.
It reminds me when I was waiting for Google + invitation :( that's sad
Hopefully i can get an invite soon
Fantastic game, been on it the last couple of days! 
This looks fucking stellar :-) 
I think ingress should be played in Israel also, many historical places to augument :)
Please invite!
Installed and emailed, just waiting for activation code :-) 
Sou do Interior de Sp Araçatuba   como posso  conseguir um convite antes de  enviarem o e-mail?
Have been waiting for an Invite 5 days , I think it should be uninstalled.
Invite plz
So I finally caved in. After years of being a true hipster with no social networking account where I staid strong against numerous attacks from my girlfriend and tons of other friends who tried to convince me into getting one, I updated a bit of my google+ account and will start using it to better my social life, but mainly, I hope it will get me closer to an #ingress  invite. So, +Brandon Badger it was you who cracked me, for, because of you, I now exist in a virtual form also. Happy thanks giving man!
invitation needed willing to form an alliance with those who will help out
Forgot to mention. I have a cool master plan in order to restore balance in my city ( #bucharest ). The #ingressresistance  is really low here and I will join them to fight a good fight. My plan is bulletproof as I live in a bad neighborhood and I am sure few will dare to come and take over my portals. Don't forget what matters!  #ingressresistance  
For those that have codes already, how long did it take to get yours? 
Hello could help someone please invite me my mail ingress is
My code took around 24 hours to come through. 
colud you plz help me to get my ingress code i really neeD it to defent my COuntry >> EGYPT
I will say remaining in beta for too long may be a negative… 
Guys, you don't just get sent an invite from a current user. You have to request one from ingress. Com or via the nianticproject. I did both and it only took a day. 
Ffs! Where's the "rolls eyes" button!? 
This looks fun. I am curius
Can i have an invite?
+Brandon Badger may i please have an invite? my brother already has one and he is driving me crazy telling me about the fun and constantly asking "did you get your invite yet" then laughing at me.
+Daniel Hodson I think the issue is that people have requested them on those sites and still have not received one. Myself included. I put in a request the niantic site as well just now so we will see. It seems, however, the quickest way to get an invite right now is to have some type of artistic talent. I really didn't want to go through installing Photoshop on this computer just to get an invite lol.
same here, looking for invite to this really cool looking game!

Thanks if you can.
Good game virtual reality i wsnt to play please send me a code access #ingress
Hi is only for Android SO...I´m sorry for you must be buy a android
Like geocaching just without actually finding anything...
Manny G
Invite any1? 
[insert generic wanting code/invite comment]
+Victor UA why don't you lay face down on the floor and bash your hands and feet.. much funnier tactic when having a tanty, especially in public.
Maybe it's just because I'm in IT security (and thus slightly paranoid), but this sounds like a great way to mug people who are paying too much attention to their smart phones.  Find a portal in an out of the way place, ???, and PROFIT.
iOS version is in development. VERY fun game!
I'd really like an invite for this game. It sounds epic =)
Can i please get a invite
Invite please!!!!! Santa please send me an invite to play this game.....! Merry Xmas! B)
I can't wait for the game to come out of closed beta so then I can try it, because I doubt I'll get to play it any time in the closed beta...
Kindly invite me pls......
I would love to play it. I have a bike and way too much time on my hands. And I really really need to lose weight on top of all that
Someone give me the activation code..
Any plans to address cheaters? It's negligibly easy to disable the Mock Locations check
+Brandon Badger i know you got a million people asking for an invite...but send me one also lol thanks ahead of time..
If you could +Brandon Badger, I would love one.  Not being part of the fun and sitting on the sidelines is TORTURE.  ;)
I would like to see what u see an enlightened my path to to fight the resistance 
You enjoy teasing people, don't you. WE DEMAND ACTIVATION CODES dam it....
I have got myself, and some of my friends and family excited to play... 
The game looks great, I want get a code so that I play it.
This looks so intense!!! I hope I get a code soon to play!@

how to get invitation code, i havnt met anyone that has been paly it yet
Installed the game about 2 weeks ago and still wating for the activation code can any one share me a code if they have one
Can you send me an invite for this game? Thanks

I'd love to spam your wall for an invite. See, that's what I'm doing.
please send me an invite at
Can i get an invite? Kansas city needs my help!
Here is my experience with #ingress , +Brandon Badger .

Ingress requires an invitation to play.

Activation code:
[ ______________________________________ ]


Great game so far. Loads real fast too, took all of 3 seconds to tell me I needed a code. So does this mean I beat the game? (sarcastic) 
Interesting concept. Will give it a try when I get an invite or it opens to public. 
Hey, I'd like an invite so I can know what it's like to play +Brandon Badger . Maybe I'll make some more meme's with your name linked in the post ;-)
Epic. Sad face
Epic. Sad face
I just can't get into this with all the rampant cheating apparently going on
Hey man I've wait for the invitation code for almost a week,plz give me the code to play it
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