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+Tony Simons It can be a little random. To prove that, I'm giving you an #ingress  code.

It sort of depends on what I can catch in my stream. But the really good stuff usually gets noticed eventually and rewarded with a code.
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No, I'm the toast guy from late last night. ;-)
Haha, there was a guy who made the Ingress logo out of bacon.

Actually, +Brandon Badger seems to be going by the fanart posts in chronological order, so I feel kind of stupid for asking that question. Patience! He might yet see our posts.
Hahaha. This JLP meme is great. I sent one in a similar vain to my buddy who got recruited BEFORE me, despite not knowing about Ingress until I let him know about it 
He might. I've just been going around town and sending possible portal locations from my local town. Whether I get a code or not at least the portals will be known to all. 
Someone should draw me a cat riding a T-Rex with a nuclear explosion in the background with "Can I haz invite" clearly written below. This is internet after all, they should have made people submit pictures and drawings of cats to get in the line for an invitation!
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