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+Rolf Glaettli Bees have been known to be infected with the Shaper mind virus too. Be careful. Sending you an #ingress  code.
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Wow, this was in long has this been going on??
how did they get the bees to do that. lol
I observed it for a few years ;-) sometimes more often .. I think it was there longer than we think;-)
Take a close look at these fields in the middle of the map, it seems to be a major mutation in the nature...
finally, a real answer for colony collapse disorder!
I need activation code ingress?
I need an activation code as well. Thank You!!!
How do I get an invite to play please help me get an access code
reading about Ingress.... looks AMAZING cant wait to get involved!!! Great Job!!!
Please ingress myself, as I can dominate the world! Anyway, I'm serious. ;)
I'm seriously interested in #ingress.  I go for runs all around my city so it would be awesome to play along while I'm doing so.
I need an invitation code please. 
Blablabla ingress invite blablabla. Getting out from ingress... luck buddys
I need activation code. Please!
Hello, I'm interested in Ingress too. Can you give me the invite code please? Thanks !
I sincerely hope that you can give me one code...I wait for this for ages.... my email is Thank You so much!!!
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How would one go about obtaining one of these "codes" that are so eagerly sought after, Mr. Badger?
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