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"... Beware, Ingress is very addictive. Once you start playing and getting the hang of it, you probably won’t stop playing."   #ingress  
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Ben Petro
Unless you live in the burbs... where there's NOTHING happening :(
I am in the suburbs of Cleveland and seem to be the only player for my faction out this way. Lots of goodies for me though.
+Joshua Cain I agree. I drive my husband around while he plays. If only I get could my invite and it wouldnt make me so aggravated to drive around.
If only I could play. I have located nearly 20 nice places for portals.
I am almost level 6 and it has been a grind to get there.
Hoping to find time to actually PLAY soon... Been busy all day every time. Won't matter if the UN has its way.
I've only been able to watch as others play. :'(
Does someone know a real guide to play Ingress? As I don't got so much time for it by now it's hard to understand the details of the game. 
Can't wait to start playing to make the resistance stronger #ingress +BrandonBadger +JoePhilley 
This blog entry has piqued my interest even more. Ingress+1
Ingress has been trending over a month? So now i know how ling I've been waiting for an invite.
My city (Madison, WI) is a hotbed of Ingress activity, but I can't get in on the action. Just got done reading Freedom (TM) and have ARGs on the brain.
It just dawned on me, if +Brandon Badger is resistance I will never get my invite. Unless he is more of a trekky and I get the invite on wit hahaha
I prefer to think positive about my invite hahaha
Can I get addicted? Please please please? 
Easy enough. Not too hard to play, it seems. Like, I guess Google was pretty clever. However, the gameplay is what will keep me going. The closed beta code thing sucks, though. Everyone probably wants to play. Not like you can't just poof up more codes, right? Even if you can't, guess we'll just have to wait. Doesn't help that we Are at the mercy of the developers. Really, if I got my hands on a codE, i'd be running EVERYWHERE with it.
Excited to play here in LA one I get a code
Creating portal mechanisms need change. I cannot walk to single portal. I can drive there, but it kills the good in game.
I would like to try it out. +Brandon Badger can you share two invites with me and my wife. It would be a great excuse to get outside :-) 
+Brandon Badger  This is amazing! I didn't know that we can submit new portals. I am going to add a few of them this week. :) I was confused because there is 5 portals in my city and 3 of them are 50 from each other. 
Want that addition but how if there is no invitation
Please send one for me
I want to play but no invites yet. =(
Good guide! Can't wait to get an invite, im going out of the country soon and want to play both here before I leave...and there!!!
Can't wait to get an invite hopefully soon
Ah! really want to play it, but currently not available here in Korea.
Beware, once you get stopped and harassed by 4 cops while playing #ingress   you will....continue playing. 
Hmm... I did stopped playing actively (only hacking portals that are on my way). Maybe I have some kind of resistance to gamification.
Sooooo wish I had a code. Finals are almost over and Chicago is my playground
could you send me an invite code please?
could you send me an invite code please?
could you send me an invite code please?
Challenge Accepted about that invite
Sounds great... if I could play. Invite please?
Well, everyone who I know that is currently playing it, loves for me, I'm still waiting for my activation code. lol
was in Clarksville, In over the weekend had a blast playing.. 100% on XM... time to move up..;)
This sounds fun! Anyone have any invites to share!?
Have the phone, have the ambition, have the game, all I need is a code to help spread the Enlightenment :)
I still want, want, want!! Lol
T Mare
Wouldn't know! Still friggin waiting for a code! 
Why don't you guys try to be creative and earn invite? You can take a look at some other work by creative people following #ingressinvite  
no name
All the posting and hype for a beta has killed any desire I'd have to try it. There is such a thing as too much hype and any game that generates the idea that it's exclusive by encouraging people to beg for an invitation to play rubs me wrong. It is rather funny to see people who go on about how everything should be inclusive and everyone should be equal talk this "game" up play while others are excluded. Hypocrisy?
+Ivan Bandić I have tried a few different creative methods.  I have not received an invite on any of them.  So I thought I would try this way as well.  I know your comment was not directed at me, but you shouldn't assume you know everything that people have done, or that this it they only way they've tried to get an invite.
Winters are long in Manitoba without an invite, Eh!
I hear so much about it, but the hard part is patiently awaiting the activation code.
Like most others here, I'm intrigued and would love to play, but alas, no invite yet.... +Denis Calarco makes an interesting point here... I'd love to hear from +Brandon Badger and others on the "inside" to find out if this is a likely scenario. It sure would make the game lackluster for the rest of the players that are just waiting for invites. 

With a game like this, what's the point of a closed beta anyway? It can't be very challenging with so few in the mix....

In my opinion, it's all being done just to create mystery and buzz - and I think it's working. 

Whatever... I want in.
A lot of people have stopped playing already, maybe it wasn't interesting enough.
All this hype about trying to make people be "creative" is getting old
Why do you say that Deepak? As a player, are you able to see how many people are playing in your area, or as a whole?
I stopped playing last week, ended up going to the same portals over and over again and the same other person was doing the same
See... not enough players! They need to open this up so more people can do more things, instead of you having to essentially play chess with one other person.
+P Koester that's how the game is supposed to be, it has to get more and more difficult as you progress, just like Farmville where it takes longer and longer to harvest
Yes, but you could also use Fuelly or another app to monitor your car's mpg while you play Ingress
Hmm. Sounds like I've built it up in my mind because I'm outside the walled garden wanting in. This is the first real discussion about gameplay that I've heard anything other than "oh my god, this is so awesome". It's one thing to sit in front of your computer for a game that requires more and more time and effort as opposed to one you have to travel around for...
With all that said, I still want to try it... 
That's another reason I lost interest in playing
I was amazed to find out that, even being the only player in a big city actually spending some minutes of my day to maintain my portals up and running, I have new ways to play it, just because I forgot to grab a key to some portals not on my everyday trip. Once I tried to recharge it being while under 20% XM, I had the glad surprise my resonators were desintegrated. Not as fast as destroying some other factions' control fields and portals, but added some randomness to the gameplay (not sure if intended or a bug, but I liked it).
Why they wont send me an invite? I posted many Pics and i registered on the Homepage too.....
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