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First Day With Glass

I wore Glass all day today.  It was light and didn't bother me to do so.  The battery truly lasted all day.  I didn't however take long videos or hangout for very long.  I am also not very popular on G+ and most of my email goes to my business account so I didn't mind the "ding" when I got an email or G+ comment.  Most of my co-workers were excited about seeing Glass.  Some were a little uncomfortable about it.  Overall the reaction has been positive and people aren't bothered by me wearing it in meetings and such.  I do live in Silicon Valley, so your experience may differ.  I found that my habits will nee to be modified.  For example I just need to tint my head back (which turns on the display) and I can see the time.  No more looking for a clock or pulling out my phone.  I also don't need to check my email on my phone or computer.  I found myself from time to time hearing the chime and then pulling my email up on my computer and not Glass.  I am over that now.
Low light video and pictures aren't great but that shouldn't come as a big surprise.    Maybe I should try shooting video with my hiking headlamp on.  It actually, to my surprise, works well in sunlight.  The Google Now feature is great.  It has already learned my commute and gives my the traffic before I leave in either direction.  The speech to text for email and text messaging works really well and is quite fast.  I assume it is using the standard Google speech-to-text service.  The microphone works well when talking on the phone.  The bone conducting speaker also work quite well.  There was no problem hearing things with background noise although people near you can also hear it.  No listening to the game in a meeting!
There is a interesting feature that I don't know has been discussed yet.  It is how you join a wifi network.  If you would like to connect to wifi that requires a password you need to use myglass.  You type in the wifi SSID and password and myglass presents you with a QR code that you scan in with Glass.  Because there is no keyboard interface I guess this is a reasonable way of doing it.  Speech-to-text would obviously be terrible, especially if you are using WEP.
Finally, there are two things that I would change.  First, you can't frame the photo before it shoots.  When you say "ok glass, take a picture," it just takes a picture without a delay.  The camera obviously has very different optics than your eye so I found myself taking about three photos to get the one I wanted.  Maybe through practice this will become more natural, but I would prefer at least a couple seconds to frame the shot.  The same goes with video, it just starts.  The second, which is a small thing.  If someone sends an email with bold text the Glass card in Glass shows the text with asterisks around what wehre the bold bits.  When you use the "Read Aloud" option it says "asterisk."  It should either say nothing or read these bit louder.  I think just ignoring them would be best but having it raise its voice would be funnier.  Anyway this makes it sound a bit awkward.
I plan to dive into development with the Mirror API soon, but I likely won't get time for that until next week.
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Thanks for posting. Keeps informed on you experiences with glass.
(BTW hour you don't mind this "ding" :))
I have QR codes at my house, my parents, my grandmothers, and work to join WiFi. When I saw the MyGlass app the other day using that, I smiled thinking I'm already prepared :P
Great overview of your experience. I'm so excited for this product. I can't wait to get my email to come pick mine up. Does the screen appear in your field of vision or is it like looking up at a tv on a wall?
It sits above your normal field of vision so there is no obstruction. You can however tilt your head down and look through it.
Thanks! I wondered if the image seemed "superimposed" over your vision or slightly above. Somehow all of the infographic pics made it seem like it was much like augmented reality.
Glass sounds awesome! I can't wait.

They should add raised voice for bold text as a lab at least. They could even play around with italics as well. 
Thank You! I eagerly await the day I can purchase my own Glass :)
+Derek Ross did you just type the plain text into the QR code? MyGlass formats them very specifically.
Very cool!  I can't wait to get mine!  :D  Haven't heard anything yet, but I've been studying the API closely.  Can't wait to try things out!

Are you a developer?  Have you tried writing code against it yet?
Yeah.  I was also at the Foundry event.  They tell me the API has changed from what we saw in Feb so I will have to have a refresher read of the docs.
Did they just ship them to you, or did you go get them?
I  picked them up in person yesterday.  It was very festive.  There was champagne and Sergey went around and met with everyone.  It was a blast!
So cool.  I didn't get the request until two or three weeks after others started getting there's so I'm sure I won't hear from them for a few weeks.  

It's great to read about your experience with them though.  Keep it up!
Yep, same price tag!  Explorers are given the choice of coming to a pick-up party or getting them shipped to them.  If you select the shipping option you may not get them for a month.
nice write-up! very informative! so, you're saying that if I tethered my Google Glass to my iPhone 5, I would NOT be able to join a WiFi network that requires a password? i hear that MyGlass is only available for Android phones at the moment, correct?
Awesome post. Glass sounds just as great as we all hoped it would be. I can't wait for a consumer version to drop later this year. I just hope I can afford them!
So no volume control to stop people nearby hearing what you're hearing?
+Kevin Dunseath Glass has a bone conduction speaker meaning it vibrates your skull in order for you to hear. People around you won't be able to hear!
+Joshua Hammer   that's not what +Brandon Allgood  said.  

He said "There was no problem hearing things with background noise although people near you can also hear it.  No listening to the game in a meeting!"

Others have said the same thing- that people near you can indeed hear your phone conversation.. ie both sides.
wouldnt the bone induction thing eventually create a sore spot ?
Great early review +Brandon Allgood    You certainly make many of us jealous.    Your comments point out the opportunity for a camera app that would allow the framing, filtering, etc. you want before taking the picture. ( InstaGlass ?)   The Bold issue is probably a program bug, it would be interesting to see if you get similar issues with italics or colored text. 

What is the Mirror API?   

Keep us posted.  
Aji Ali
Nice and informative post ! 
+Albert Lee myglass is also a website so iPhone users can still get some but not all of the myglass app functionality. 
What's the third party apps like on it now?
Great, thanks for sharing. I wonder, if you connect to a tablet or phone via bluetooth if you can then access the WiFi coming into the device with Glass, not having to use MyGlass. I hope to find out.
+Julia Cozby I am using the bluetooth on my iPhone now.  No problems.  I can use it to make calls, talk no the phone and to connect.  It is just that GPS and SMS don't work through Glass.
Ok. Thanks for the update! Very helpful. 
Just curious what was your GRID number? I signed up but I'm toward the back end of the ~2000 people at around 18xx. Playing the waiting game until I get my offer...
Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing!
Hugo A
i was hoping you could tap the side of the frame or something of the sort to shoot a pic or a vid.
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