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Brandon Aki
Possibility favors a prepared heart!
Possibility favors a prepared heart!

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#Quote: You must first accept everything you ARE before you are truly ready to become everything you CAN BE! #AkiQuotes

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Quote: In dating you will only attract the love you feel you are deserving of–it all starts from within! #B_Aki

Mornings can always be good mornings when you choose to start them with gratitude and positive expectation! #B_Aki

#Quote: Your aptitude to be loved is measured by the quantity and depth of the love you give. #B_Aki

#Quote: In dating, half the battle is won when you first make the decision to become better than you once were. #B_Aki

#Quote: Great romances begin with a dream, grow with respect and flourish with creativity. #B_Aki

#Quote: Despair is only truly overcome by embracing possibility–through it, hope opens the door to opportunity. #B_Aki

#Quote: I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I'm marrying my dreams. -Unknown

#Quote: In dating, friends are often our greatest influence–make sure their attitude is positive and progressive! #B_Aki
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