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Today I got up, and I did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on.

I finished the final revision on A Memory of Light early in the morning Saturday, then sent it off to Team Jordan. And I was done. Team Jordan will handle the copyedits and proofreads; I might have a chime-in now and then on how a passage should be tweaked or how a continuity issue should be addressed, but essentially, my involvement as a writer in the Wheel of Time has come to an end.

Now, that doesn't mean my involvement with Wheel of Time fandom is over. I'll have my appearance at Dragon*Con this year, as well as the tour in January for A Memory of Light. Beyond that, I intend to frequently attend JordanCon and be available to WoT fans for years, even decades, to come. I intend to talk a great deal about the experience of writing these books, perhaps even post some blog entries about the subject.

But the writing is done. I'm still a little in shock about that.

Just about five years ago, I got that fateful call from Harriet. Since that time, I have always had a Wheel of Time book that I needed to be working on. Occasionally I would take breaks, as I did to write The Alloy of Law a couple years ago. However, the knowledge that I soon needed to be back to work on the Wheel of Time was always there.

That work has been my constant companion. For reference, when I got that call, I had only released a couple of books: the second Mistborn novel had come out the month before. I had written others that were awaiting publication—including several Alcatraz books, the last Mistborn book, and Warbreaker. I also had a draft done of The Way of Kings, another done of The Rithmatist, and some preliminary work done on a book called Steelheart.

Yes, I'd written a lot. I still had only a handful of books out in stores. It had been two years since Elantris was released. I was brand new at this.

I still feel brand new. Yet, oddly, I also feel weathered. Finishing the Wheel of Time has been a wonderful experience, but it has also been grueling. I have always respected Robert Jordan, but now I respect him even more—and for a multitude of reasons. One of those is the fact that during most of his career, he was able to release a Wheel of Time book every year or two. That's an awesome amount of work. Doing three books has worn me out.

For five years, whatever I've been doing—whether it be going out to dinner, sitting down to write, or checking my email—I've known that there was more to do on the Wheel of Time. I've known that I gave my word to Harriet and to the fans that I would work hard to get those books out quickly, and I carried a weight of responsibility for the book being split and people being forced to wait years beyond when they expected to get the ending. For five years, I have worked long hours because of those reasons. All the time I could find, I dedicated to the Wheel of Time in one way or another.

And then, today, I did not have a Wheel of Time book to work on.

I've reached the end of the journey and set down my burdens. It's wonderful, relaxing, and solemn all at once. I love the Wheel of Time. It's also great to be done.

And so, today, I officially take a step toward a line. I step away from being pilot of this series, and toward once again being just a fan. I will never cross back over that line—whatever else happens, I will have written three books in this series. I will continue to support and engage with Wheel of Time fandom. However, an ending has arrived for me, and it is time for my attention to be turned elsewhere.

Now I stroll back into my workshop and find that a little bit of dust has gathered. Out of necessity, the Stormlight Archive has been neglected. I am pleased I made the choice to work on A Memory of Light instead of Stormlight 2. However, it is time to pick up that story again and make this series all of the awesome things I've dreamed of it being for some twenty years.

The stories of Mat, Rand, Egwene, and Perrin are now done. Returning to the stories of Kaladin, Shallan, Jasnah, and Dalinar will be my next major project. You'll also see me doing revisions on both The Rithmatist and Steelheart this fall—as I've made arrangements for both to be published next year or the year after. You'll probably hear more about them in the days to come. And yes, I WILL be doing a sequel to The Alloy of Law.

It has been an incredible experience finishing the Wheel of Time. I hope that some of you who were with me on that journey will join me for the Stormlight books, but I want to note that I don't automatically assume that if someone reads the Wheel of Time they will read my other work. I occasionally have someone come through one of my signing lines who feels guilty for "only" having a Wheel of Time book. There is no need to feel guilty for this; I love the Wheel of Time as you do, and we share that. I'm glad you've enjoyed some of my writing, and I feel as close to those books as I do to any I've written. Yes, the Wheel of Time is not mine. But those three books are mine. I love them just as much as any I've worked on.

I look forward to continuing to meet many of you at conventions and signings as the years move forward. Thank you, Wheel of Time fandom, for accepting me in and putting up with my mistakes. (There have been many.) Thank you, Brandon Sanderson fandom, for putting up with my deviations in the Wheel of Time universe. I know it has slowed down you getting your books, but this was something very important for me to do.

Robert Jordan was a great man, and was the single greatest influence on my development as a writer. What I have done these last five years has been an attempt—a sometimes flawed but always earnest attempt—to show my appreciation. This entire genre owes him an enormous debt. My debt to him, and to Harriet, is greatest of all.

Mr. Jordan, may you rest in the Light. Everyone else, take a breath and get ready for the end. May you find his final words as satisfying to read as I did when I first picked them up five years ago. The very last scene is his, touched very little by me, as are significant chunks of the ending at large. I have achieved my goal in writing the books so that they pointed toward this ending he wrote, allowing us to include his words with as little alteration as possible.

Once again, thank you. May you always find water and shade.

Brandon Sanderson
Written July 30th, 2012
Posted August 1st, 2012
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Sy Roman

Stormlight Archive is awesome! Can't wait for part 2. In my opinion book 1 was the best book I have ever read.
Now just make sure to come to Florida on the book tour. I need more NOOKs signed. :)
As a reader who has been awaiting the ending of the Wheel of Time for over a decade, thank you.

You've contributed immensely to the series, Robert Jordan's memory, and the fantasy writing industry.

I can not fathom the weight you chose to bear and for that, again, thank you.

You will never pay for a drink in my presence, sir.
Fantastic.  You're a class act, Mr. Sanderson.  Congratulations on finishing the project. 
Thank you Mr. Sanderson for your work on this project. You've picked up a colossal work and done an excellent thing with it.   I can't wait to read it!
That is awesome.  I will finally be able to put this series to rest.
Thank you for your time and energy.
The stories of Mat, Rand, Egwene, and Perrin are now done.

I've been following this series for so long, I don't even know how to begin to describe how I feel about this.  In some ways, it'll be good to see how things finally end, but it's also going to be saying goodbye to characters I've known for most of my life.
I am thankful to you for finishing The Wheel of Time series and I am thankful to Harriet for bringing you in so I could discover your books.  I am very excited about Stormlight 2!
leo kun
my respect goes to you as well! i can't wait to read your book! (yes, it's yours now.)
Congratulations for finishing the WOT!! I am one of the few who read WOT because you were finishing it, so I will definitely be reading your other books. 

Also I know this is probably unlikely in near future but is their any chance that you will visit India any time soon?
I can't even imagine writing a book never mind finishing someone else's.  You sir, are awesome.
Your influence in this series and your own stunning creations are breaths of fresh air in the fantasy genre.
So excited, both for the upcoming release of AMoL and for the fact that it means you'll be progressing on your own series again.  As always, thank you so much for putting so much into your work!
Grants on finishing the books. It have been an awesome experience following a writer with the technology of these days. I am super excited for the last book and have always thought that it was a good choice dividing the book into three parts! Your own novels are on my to-read list. My only question is if you dont forget the Netherlands in your tour this time as I would like to thank you in person:)
Like many WoT fans, I had "concerns" when I found out that a writer I'd never heard of was taking over for RJ. I picked up Mistborn to check out your stuff and really enjoyed it, especially the unique angle on magic. I've since read the rest of the Mistborn books and Elantris and have become a Brandon Sanderson fan. :-)

As so many have already said: Thank you, sir, for picking up the yoke and finishing the job. I have always preferred to wait for it to be done "right" over getting it quickly, and I think you've accomplished that.
I can not tell you how excited I am for Stormlight 2! You are by far the best author I have read in a long time, thank you for these great books!
Thank you, Brandon, for all of your hard work.  You've done the story justice thus far, and I am both excited and terrified by the impending release of the final installment.
I have a big thank you and a small thank you for you +Brandon Sanderson :
Big Thank You:
Thank you for finishing this series. When Robert died I was devastated that I would never see the completion of the WoT series. You have done every fan a great service.
Little Thank You:
Thank you for pulling back on all of the hair tugging. I can't tell you how that little thing made the story so much richer for me since I no longer have to read while experiencing an annoyance at every mention. :)
Amazing news! Congrats and thank you, Brandon.
I cannot wait to get this in my hands.
How random it was that I find myself in the last ~50 pages of The Hero of Ages after last night and come into work this morning to find +Brandon Sanderson miraculously in my stream. Google knows what I'm reading! =P

Thank you for an amazing trilogy and I'm looking forward to the next.
I'm in the middle of the WOT and i like it, i will finish the series, But Stormlight rocked my socks off. I also love all of Brandon Sandersons books. To the WOT time fan who love it so much, Brandon's other books are just as amazing. I'm glad that the WOT is at a end so that the Stormlight series will be one of his many focuses. SO stoke for the 2nd book!!!
Congratz and Thanks of finishing.  I need to speed up my reread in preparation for this one.
Thank you! Good work! Can't wait!
Cannot wait to read the final installment! Seriously been reading this series for almost 20 years. Thanks for stepping in and completing this amazing fantasy epic!

If you take away all the words and the magical glow of the sword, that guy would look really stupid.
Thank you so much for all your hard work these past few years. You've made a new fan of me with Storm light, but I will be forever grateful that you're finishing what I started reading 20 years ago.
Ack! Ok, how many books do I need to get through to read this? I think the last I read was 10? 11?
Grats man!
Wow, I can't believe that the series I started reading as a freshman in high school is about to conclude. Thank you, Brandon, for finishing this series. I have greatly enjoyed your contribution to it, and I look forward to the conclusion. 
I think you did justice to the series and I look forward to reading the conclusion.
Sweet teen jesus, about time this monstrosity came to a close.
I'm on the 13th book, so hurry up!
Hi Brandon.
Well done and congraluations on the huge milestone to convert the late Robert Jordan’s outline notes to form the final chapter in his epic series and the 14th and final book of the fantasy series The Wheel of Time.  
It would be fair to say that "The Eye of the World", Mr Sanderson, is now on you and waiting for Jan 8, 2013, and  the book release.
So with the tough job now done the waiting game and the promotions ramp up.  You are in good company to make it a success but don't forget to post often and let others shout out for you too.
Thanks for the heads up and good luck with the publication.
Gordon Wood
Never heard of this looks very cool.
After reading the Mistborn trilogy, The Alloy of Law, The Way of Kings and your WoT-work, I'm considering promoting you to my favorite writer. Not much in it for you, other than a heartfelt thanks for all the joy your writing gives me. Thanks!
I just want to have own copy of this book!!
If you haven't read the Wheel of Time series, you should give it a shot.  It can be daunting as there are currently 13 very large books published, but they are fantastic.  Brandon has gone above and beyond to finish this series out after Robert Jordan passed.  Many of us found Brandon because of this, and I'm so very glad we did.  
Congrats Brandon, looking forward to reading it.
Thank you for stepping in and finishing this series, Brandon. Your hard work is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to seeing the end of the Wheel of Time and reading more of your writing in your own universes. I first heard about you when you were named to finish the Wheel of Time, but I'll continue to read your work because of how excellent it is and how much craftsmanship you put into them.
Brandon, I thank you so much for all of your hard work and creative energy. As excited as I am for the final #wot novel I'm also looking forward to more of your original works. Get some rest and once again thank you so much.
One question, when doesn't the book come out, and also Mr. Sanderson would you have any interest in writing an Age of Legends series? :-) Something to think about isn't it :-)
Congrats, Brandon! You've done Mr. Jordan proud, in my opinion. I cant wait to read the last book. Also thank you for making a sequel to "Alloy". I found all the characters very interesting and lovable. I need to know what happens next! :)
About how much was written by you and how much was written by Robert Jordan?
Congrats!! Really appreciate the time and care you've put into this. I'll be re-reading the earlier books in preparation for your final book. Thanks.
Thanks for taking up this series Brandon.
oh no... now i have to listen to more and more and more of my mom's "nerd story" as she calls it
your contributions to literature are very much appreciated. really looking forward to stormlight archive round two!!
Thank you Brandon. You've done a great job.
Thanks for your contributions to The Wheel of Time. You've got a fan in me!
look forward to reading it. Thank you for finishing it.
Congrats Mr Sanderson !

I've loved every books you've writen so far.
Thanks a lot from France ! 
Happy days, I've been scouring the shelves to fill in the gap until this book is launched, cannot wait.
Look forward to seeing an elegant ending to this cycle of the wheel of time.
May you always find water and shade and thank you for allowing us complete the journey Mr.Jordan intended.
Awesome!  Congratulations!  I've read all your books except Stormlight so far.  I've enjoyed them all.  Keep up the good work.
Congrats and thanks for finishing the series I just started reading this series about 6 months ago and haven't reached your books yet but what I have been told by other fans of the series that its worth the read to get there thanks again its an amazing series
Jeez, that was protracted, you can tell he's a writer...
+Dave Mac if you didn't have anything positive to add to the discussion why add anything at all? 
+Brandon Sanderson, I started with Mr. Jordan's The Eye of the World when I was in 8th grade (so it must have been about 1992 or 1993?), and I eagerly followed it through the years, reading the new books as they came out.  It was with sadness that I learned of his passing, and trepidation that I heard another author would be finishing the series -- but I want to thank you for your effort and faithfulness, as your volumes of the series are every bit as splendid and inspiring as his.  In places they read just like Mr. Jordan, and in places the flavor may be a little different, but they are amazing and wonderful throughout, and the differences detract nothing, and maybe even add something, to the world.  Thank you for a job well done, and a tribute to a great writer that could only have been completed by another great writer.  I hope you continue to take great satisfaction in its completion.

I look forward to your future works (in particular, I am impatient for the next Stormlight volume!), and your continued success as a writer in your own right.
Thank you for finishing the series. As Robert Jordan was a writer with such an expansive and profound vision for his narrative, it would have been an utter shame to have compounded the tragedy of his death with the concomitant death of his narrative. Thank you for keeping it alive, treating it with the dignity it deserves, and bringing it to its final closure. Thank. You!
Thank you for all the hard work and time you have invested into finishing this series. But when this epic series ends, we have Stormlight to read for years to come. I'm looking forward to the end of a great story and seeing the continuation of another one in Stormlight.
Its exciting and somewhat sad at once.  I look forward to the conclusion of The Wheel of Time, but have enjoyed your work on the series immensely.  The books you wrote were among my favorites.  I'm sad to see the series be done, but cannot wait to see how it ends.  I am certain the Robert Jordan would be happy with how Harriet and yourself have taken such good care of the series.

I'm happy that you had this opportunity, as it introduced me to your other work.   I'm very excited for you to continue on the Stormlight Archive.  

Congratulations, and thank you for giving us all these great stories to enjoy.
I can't wait to read it. I will savor every word knowing this is the end. I have been reading from the very beginning. 
Thank you for your words. I have been looking forward to this book for so long, it almost makes me feel sad that it will be ending soon. Wheel of Time was the first major modern fantasy series to garner my attention, and it will always be my favorite. I thank you for your hard work on these last few books, and I look forward to possibly jumping into your world after I have finished my first few read throughs of this last book.
Wow man, congrats.  You've been working on WoT for as long as I've been aware of you (pretty much when you started coming around Reddit).  I wonder if you might revisit the "writing in other peoples' worlds" concept on Writing Excuses sometime after the book is out, where you can give more detail without tripping over NDAs?
it looks like a great book and all but i have no spare time to read it  i have 2 jobs kids and messes to clean at the house cant u imagine how tireing that is
Well done!  I can't wait to read it!
Dan Ray
I haven't read a single Wheel of Time book but somehow this post makes me want to get started.  Congratulations on your accomplishment. 
Brandon, words cannot express my, and many other fans, deep gratitude for the immense task that you partook. You have gained a career fan in myself, and I am sure many others. For that, I thank you.
Thank you for completing this amazing journey begun by Robert Jordan, continuing in a fashion of which I am sure he would have been proud...never like to see great things come to an end, but am looking forward to the final book...
Its been so long since the books have been read..Im looking forward to the final closure of the series..
Thank you for taking on this herculean task.  The WoT holds a special place on my bookshelf, and I am thankful for all that you have done to bring the series to the conclusion that Mr. Jordan intended.  

I am also glad to say that your involvement in completing the series led me to your own work, which I have enjoyed thoroughly and look forward to enjoying for years to come.  Without Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time this may have never happened, so I am doubly thankful for that.
Yes, thank you for all your work in completing the WoT.
I cannot adequately describe my excitement! I couldn't possibly begin to imagine what your feeling . . . I can't wait to read the final volume, but I do not look forward to having no more installments on the way.
Well, I kinda wish you'd rewrite the earlier books too. :P
There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of time. But it was an ending. And one though I have waited near 20 years to come, saddens me that it is here and there will be no more beginnings.

Thank you for finishing the journey for us.
I came across Brandon Sanderson by means of Wheel of Time. Can't wait for the finale. Although it will be sad that the story is over. Since then I''ve devoured the Mist born series and will eventually catch up with his back catalogue.
A great author with a knack for telling a good story.
As a fan of the series I find myself wanting to read about the history and the back story of the world.  I hope one day you get to make a slew of companion novels to share more of the rich, intiguing world that is the wheel of time.
Congratulations, and thank you for doing a great job with a series I've loved since my young teens.  I've also been glad for the opportunity to read some of the Alcatraz books, and Warbreaker.  Great work!
It is so exciting and saddening to know that this is all about to come to an end.  Fortunately Robert Jordan is immortal thanks to the WoT Series.  Mr. Sanderson you helped complete his immortality and in the meantime forged your own.

I eagerly await more in the world of Mistborn and I cannot express how much I would love to see the Stormlight series come out quickly.  I've fallen in love with your new series and have brought on multiple other readers who are also WoT fans.

I have this distinct feeling you will have a series to rank as highly as WoT in the coming years.

Good Luck!
Feels like the end of an era. Maybe the Mayans were just referring to this series? LOL Thanks for everything Brandon
Alloy of Law and Way of Kings blew me away, I am sooo looking forward to the next installments.
I am humbled by your imagination and not least your hard work. I have read your books with enormous joy, the way of kings tightly dueling with the painted man ( +Peter V Brett  ) being the best book I ever read. At the same time I am eagerly awaiting the second book in the stormlight archive, I can't appreciate enough that you took up the tough work of finishing the wheel of time. I am loving the news that you will begin the work on book two of the stormlight archive :-) I can't wait!
Time to write more of your own stuff! Have dug everything so far, keep it up!
Congrats and thanks for the hard work. You life life Harry potter in your picture btw
As a matter of fact, it was your participation in the WoT series that turned me on to your own work. I needed something to get me through between volumes, right? I picked up the first Stormlight in the interim . . . FLOORED. Very impressed . . . picking up your entire catalogue as a result.
+Dean Montague it was just (i thought) a whitty observation, keep your hair on mate.
When can we expect to see the book in the stores?
A hearty congratulations to you, mate.
Thank YOU Brandon Sanderson!  Your writing is incredibd and I can't wait for more.  

Reading this just made my day, I've been a fan of the WoT series and re-read them over and over again and your writing is a perfect fit to complete Robert Jordan's work.
Thanks Brandon. Can't wait to have a read :)
I was with my father when I picked up a free paperback copy of the first half of the eye of the world back in some long ago year. Since then we have read, fought over, and fully enjoyed WoT. I saved money from my paper route and first "real" job to buy the books in hard cover.

Granted its a lot easier (and almost disappointingly so!) to buy the hard cover editions now, but WoT will always have a place on my bookshelf.
I lost my son 6 years ago (age 31) was a genius but  dylexic, The first one was the first book h read start to finish and had them all when he died, my youngerst son has them now, all har cover
Let's hope it is a step up from the "drag it out and cash in" lunacy that was WoT book eight to eleven.
congrats! I was really sad when Jordan died. He was a good man (so I hear). And of course, i was also worried for the series, and whether or not you could pull it off. Lets just say that when I read the next book in the series, I was so pleased with your work that I read most of your books while waiting on the next WOT book :)
I don't think I could thank you enough for finishing this series. 
Looking forward to finishing up the series that I have been reading for the past 15 years. Thank you for picking up the torch and carrying it to the end.
Congrats Brandon! You have done an amazing job and have been true! I look forward to moving forward with you and looking forward to things that can bring as much joy to our lives as WoT! Thanks so much!
can i ask what age this book is marketed  for and idea of what it's about please ?  Thanks 
Thank you! I greatly look forward to reading this!
I can't wait to say I have a Wheel of Time book to work on again, even if it is just to read! Thank you, kind sir, for finishing the story, and for returning to other wheels for their story!
Ya been waiting so long.
The end of a long, familiar road; the beginning of new possibilities on a new trail!
Well then my friend, thank you for giving us and the fans these years of your life. 
Thank you for guiding this long series to a clean ending.
I can't wait for the book! I am only on book 10 though. 
Thank you!  Looking forward to reading this final installment!
Always made me mad. Robert Jordan could of really had a legacy if he'd just finished it. Like being the next Tolkien legacy... But he kept slowing the story down, adding more and more books, and then died. He'll alway be a great; but never what he could have been.
Always made me mad. Robert Jordan could of really had a legacy if he'd just finished it. Like being the next Tolkien legacy... But he kept slowing the story down, adding more and more books, and then died. He'll alway be a great; but never what he could have been.
So take a vacation and then come back and write something new and spectacular........sheeeez......can't be that hard if you've pushed one story 14 books ......... ;)
I got so annoyed when the books never ended because I loved the characters so much I felt they deserved closure.

To be honest I never believed there would be a good way to end the series but my cousin convinced me to read what you wrote and your words managed to rekindle my excitement for the series.

Thank you for helping us all by giving us not only closure but also fantastic books.
Thank you for helping complete this series.  I can't wait!
comments can't express the gratitude I have for the work you've done. seeing as I started the series in junior high I think it's safe to say you're bringing my childhood dream to life
Makes me want to cry... finally after all ... these... years!!!!!!
Awesome. looking forward to book 2 of the storm light archive
Since Jordan passed away, I'll pass on this book.
Thank you, Mr. Sanderson. Thank you. 
It feels like I've spent many years of my life waiting for the next Wheel of Time book. Can't wait for Memory of Light, then I'll start again from the beginning!
Great job and a heart felt congratulations.  The jump from Jordan's writing to yours was almost seamless.  They could not have made a better choice about whom to pass the torch.  Since your name first appeared on a Wheel of Time book, I've read everything else I could find of yours because I knew I'd be getting a great novel every time. 
I got goosebumps and teared up a little. Thank you, Mr. Sanderson. The Wheel of Time was an important part of my younger years, and I look forward to eventually, finally, being able to do something I've planned since elementary school: Read all of the books in a row.

Thank you for making this possible.
Hopefully, your experience with the WoT will be your very own "memory of light."
Yes! Absolutely mind blowing! I've read every book twice, its better every time!

+Brandon Sanderson  - Thanks for such an informative post about the process and the journey you have been on for the last 5 years. Not being a writer myself, it is an eye opener into how the stories I love are actually taken from the mind they are conceived in to the books that spread those ideas. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and will definitely be taking some time out to read your other work. Thank you for finishing this awesome series for Robert Jordan and for us.
Darnit - I got dust in my eye there at the end.
You are an inspiration to us all
Have been listning to the audio books of this series on - got about 3 books to go before I need this one... wonder if it will be on audio by then.. probably not im guessing.  Something to look forward to then :)
Thanks Brandon. No pressure but I have six of eight people in my family waiting on more Stormlight and the only two holdouts are age 7 and 8.  They will be there soon.  Don't keep us waiting longer than you need to!
YES! Can't wait to finish reading the series!
You do a damn good job. I was impressed with the WOT work that I started reading your other work. I did not stop, you pull me in and make me want more. I have said before, stormlight archive: The Way of Kings is one of the best books I have ever read. I am on my 6th reading of it, or is it 7... Keep up the good work, and I will keep reading!
I can honestly say I forgot about this series, but now that it has a definite end I have to know how Rand and companies journeys end!
Rand has it going on with the babes for sure
May you always find water and shade, Brandon. I will be eagerly awaiting for this last book of a great series.
This is good I saw this when I was like 32 years old
Congratulations and thank you! It's time for me to read the wheel of time again.
So psyched for the end of WoT, and even more excited for more storm light. Thank you for your hard work!
Wow! I can't believe it's over and can't wait to buy it!
Thanks so much brother. can not wait. 
Really looking forward to reading it.
joe m
Yay! Can't wait for the book! 
Thank you so much for finishing these books. I can't wait to read A Memory of Light.
I will own up to having read some of your work before the first of the last WoT came out. I wanted to know 'who' you were in that way before I even considered to finish the story. Thanks.
I have read through WoT three times now. I choose to do that when the next edition comes out so that I maximise the continuity (a foible perhaps).
I have had it in mind to write you about Stormlight and ask when I can expect furter installments.
I have complete faith in the completion being all you say of it. Congratulations for carrying Robert Jordan's work to it completion. Once upon a time I made an anguished sound when I had to put down the final Lord of The Rings book - I marked it as the greatest tale I had read and regretted having to put it down. The feelings I have for WoT surpass by many fold those of LoTR and I say that with all respect. The characters, the quirks, the humanity, the magic....
I've read everything you've written except wheel of time. Rock out stormlight...
Congrats on this accomplishment! I, like just about everyone else, am so excited for the conclusion. While I've been waiting I've picked up the Mistborn books, so far they are excellent. I imagine you'll do a signing here locally and I plan on attending. Congrats again.
Everytime a new WOT book has come out I've re-read the entire series. Every person I've ever introduced to the books has become hopelessly addicted. Every ending left me breathless for the next. Mr. Sanderson, as a fan for nearly 20 years I look forward to your last installment and know it will not dissapoint.
+Brandon Sanderson I have read both the WoT as well as everything you have written to date.I have also followed Writing Excuses with a fair ammount of frequency and have this to express; If Mr.Jordan was your teacher then the student has truly become the master. Keep up the good work and know that to aspiring writers you are every bit as inspirational as Robert Jordan was to you.
Robert Jordan did create it, but you are he one that brought it back to life. I look forward to reading your final effort on this, but also know that I will be reading your other work as well.
Thank you Brandon for your work. WoT will not be this good after Jordan without you.
Beautifully written Brandon. I sincerely appreciate the work you have put into both this and your other work.

Thank you!
Thank you. Cannot wait to read them all. 
+Brandon Sanderson , your work, independant of Mr. Jordan has been top notch. And that you rose to the occasion after that fateful call, under the weight on so much fandom, and the burden of such a legacy speaks volumes of your character and dedication. This undertaking was an historic event in the eyes of fantasy fans and your peers. It is never easy to take on some one elses words. From me and mine, and indeed from all of us who wait in drooling anticipation of Memory of Light, Thank you.
Gave up on this series after 10 books.

thanks so much for finishing it for all of us :)
A novel set in the Age of Legends. I would both purchase and read. I would read it so hard.
Blood and ashes, I can't wait!
Amazing! I may have to finish this series after all...
I haven't had a chance to finish the series, but I look forward to reading the ones you wrote. Taking on such an intricately detailed series must have been an incredible challenge!
I hate to admit that at first you were "the guy finishing WOT", however after following you on twitter for 2yrs, reading the mistborn books, elantris and the way of kings (not to mention your two WOT books), I have to say you are now one of my favorite current authors and I look forward to reading many more of your books in the future.
I can't wait. Someone please publish this book.
I've been reading this series since 1995. Once the last book comes out it will be like a part of my life will be missing. Thank you for finishing this epic journey!
I cannot fully express my gratitude for what you've done in this series Brandon, thank you. Also.......come on with the next Stormlight Archive!
Congrats on finishing one of the most mega fantasy series around. I've been reading WoT since I was a kid, and it's great to finally see the end. Like others, I can't wait for Stormlight 2! Truly, it's one of the best I've read in years. You and Patrick Rothfuss are really killing me with the waiting! I just know that when it's finally here, I'm going to be disappointed, because it will have been read in a couple of days, and I'll be waiting for part 3.
Hi, I'm portuguese and a big fan of Wheel Of Time books. Unfotunately, there are only 4 books translated to portuguese and I'm really looking forward to know what's going to happen. Robert Jordan was a master, I wondered how could you follow his steps, it must be really hard sometimes, but I think it will be great, as always! congratulations
Thank you, Brandon, for taking on this've done brilliantly, and you've done the entire genre a service. Duty is heavier than a mountain, and I'm sure you've discovered that first-hand. After reading ToM I read the Mistborn trilogy and loved it; after I read aMoL I'll read Alloy of Law and Stormlight Archive and continue joining you at Salt Lake-area signings. Thank you for everything you do and everything you will do. You're an inspiration.
This is sweet music to my ears.  I am eagerly awaiting and so very excited for the second book of the Stormlight Archive.  It is hard to put into works how much I enjoyed reading the first book. 
I cannot thank you enough for your amazing contributions towards the wheel of time world. I was 14 when I first read the eye of the world. Now at 26 I am excited with the knowledge that soon I shall be reading the conclusion!
Thanks for sharing your insight. You are truly one of the great fantasy authors of our generation.
This makes me so incredibly happy.
Can't believe I haven't found you in here before now. Thank you for finishing this series!
Congratulations and Thank You!
This is fantastic news. Winter's Heart was the last book I purchased and had to drop the series for some reason or other. I've always had the intention of returning to it and now seems like a great idea to start from the beginning. Good work and congrats on pulling through.
Thank you for your hard work.

Can't wait to read it
Looking forward to reading Memory of Light and extremely excited to hear about a sequel to Alloy of Law. That one just might be my favorite of yours!
Awesome, I think I need to start from the beginning of the series again!
Thank you so much for everything Brandon. As I said to you at Supanova in Melbourne, you are an amazing writer and have succeeded in continuing the story in a way I wouldnt have thought possible. You are a true gentlemen, and a fantastic author.
Thanks for your contribution to the series -- I'm sure RJ would be happy with your work.  Your style is different from RJ's, but I think it worked well in your race to the finish.  I still don't see how you'll tie together all the threads in the Pattern, but I'm certainly looking forward to reading the final book.  I also look forward to the remaining Stormlight books, Alloy of Law 2, and the other items you have in progress.  And, I'm still hoping that the rumors of an Elantris sequel turn out to be true...
Thank you for taking on Mr. Jordan's series and allowing us to finish the stories we had grown up with. And I will be following you for Stormlight as I've been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Way of Kings since, I don't know, five seconds after I finished it! (But I'll settle for some Alloy of Law annotation to tide me over!)
Congratulations, I am ecstatic to hear this and now have an excuse to re-read the series in preparation. They certainly selected the right man for the tall task of finishing this epic series. 
Thank you!!!! Because of your involvement with WoT I risked $5 on Mistborn at a closing Borders, and before halfway through, I rushed back to buy the other two. No author has ever grabbed my attention the way you have, and if just because it introduced me to your genius, I am so happy that Harriet chose you to finish this amazing legacy!
"get ready for the end"...almost made me cry Brandon
I so appreciate your commitment to this series! Thank you for helping us all experience such an amazing world!
My mother in law is reading that right now!
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