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All right, guys. Come hang out with me on Google+ in 20 min. Circle +Google Australia to watch the broadcast.
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In 20 minutes now? Is Googl+ going to invite us Aussies to the party?
Awesome. I'll join in to watch for a few minutes if I can!
Brandon, make sure they get you some TimTam's & Milo, and show you how to eat them together properly. :)
@Dave I've had some TimTams and they are awesome. Not had a TimTam slam yet, though.
tim tams.....our only claim to fame!
Ok, I'll just post the instructions then. Make a mug of Milo. Bite off opposite corners of the TimTam and suck the Milo through it like a straw. Eat the TimTam before it falls apart in your fingers.
No, you have other claims to fame. You will see that I'm wearing my Acoubra (sp?) for this hangout. :)
Plus you guys have Vegimite! The most disgusting stuff you'll ever love!
Ah, Vegimite. The first Australian friend I had back in college got me with the whole "We eat it like peanut butter" trick.
"I spent the last couple of years building up an immunity to Vegemite." - The Princess Bride
Aussie here, Vegemite is disgusting. The only joy it brings me is getting foreigners to try it.
Vegimite was horrible the first 6 times I ate it.
TimTams taste a whole lot better when you suck coffee through them. Just to be pedantic - it's vegEmite ;-)
@curt Oh, if only it were colorless, odorless, and tasteless like Iocane powder...
Ah, you've never been to a hangout orgy, then, Bryden...
Is a TimTam like a cookie or a wafer?
Like a tube-shaped wafer full of deliciousness.
Brynden*, and I'll stop with the naughty comments now. x.x
TimTam's sort of a chocolate-coated chocolate wafer with more chocolate inside.
Luke, it's like a wafer filled with chocolate and dipped in chocolate.
best trick it to trick my italian friends with vegemite: "its just like nutella, so pile it on!"
They make a tim-tam filled with Vegemite, but that one is... less popular.
it sounds better with each description.
GFP, if someone every tricks me with vegemite, they'd better be prepared for a natto revenge.
What's the difference between Vegemite and Marmite?
All of this sounds interesting. I think I'll have to go to Australia one day.
Vegemite is a yeast extract, Marmite is a veggie extract.
So lost on how to view the hangout. Help?
tim tam is a god particle extract
It hasn't started yet.
Marmite just tastes like concentrated Vegemite to me. And Vegemite is the last thing I'd want concentrated.
So, since I've had and hated Marmite....I still should try Vegemite?
I'm pretty sure rand ate a tim tam on dragonmount before destroting the choeden kal
Once it is posted do we just have to click watch to join?
Ryne - it should just show up in their stream and you hit play to watch (just like a youtube video...but live)
Thanks! I'm just spamming refresh. No idea why I'm sitting at a computer when I'll be at Dendy tonight! Pumped!
Dave - thanks. I'll try it if I can ever find it :oD
Have you found where a missing Talaan din Gelyn is?
Oh, and sniff the open jar before you eat it.
Kim May
I'm not seeing it either.
Not seeing anything just yet - is it accessible only to Australia maybe?
No clue either, but I'm new to Google+ so it's probably me.
it's not here yet, they might be having some trouble over there
I think it is up for the people who were invited to chat, and when they are all set they will open it up for viewing.
First they have to get everyone in the hangout (they only hold 10 people) - then they can set the onair part up.
Like usual I'm going to get really wrapped up in the baseball game and miss the first 15 minutes of this.
I'm delaying watching Eureka, so my wife is getting impatient. :P
Nope. One clue should be that Brandon's stream & Australia's will say they are in a hangout. I'm not seeing that on either one yet.
It is definitely up but not yet public. I can see it on Brandon's account.
do you have to have google australia added to circles to view the hangout or will there just be a button to click on?
Have to have +Google Australia added, Brian.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
I discussed this post with 3 people in a hangout.
Ummm... where do I go to view the hangout? I'm a noob...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Thanks for doing this, Brandon! A lot of very interesting insight, and as soon as I finish your Mistborn books, you have ignited my interest to leap into the Stormlight Archives!
That was very cool, thank you for letting us in on the meeting!
Only caught the end, but thanks Brandon! Always looking forward to the next book! Will need to reread Elantris to see about the "Cosmere" stuff.
Thanks so much for that hangout. It was very interesting. It was also my first multi-person hangout, definitely going to log into more in future.
That was an awesome hangout. I hope you are able to do it more often. :)
amazing talk tonight...came in at the last! You are an amazing writer an I have enjoyed all your work!
I caught the last min and a half, i hope we get to do this again some time
Brandon, I got to watch all the way from the top of Alaska, in Deadhorse. It was a great show, loved the hat. Thanks again!
Thanks for doing that, Brandon. It was a pleasure. I've learned a lot about writing through Writing Excuses and now this. It's carrying me through my first novel. You're very much appreciated. :-D
Any word on this being available for viewing now? Some kind of YouTube magicks or so?
Thanks for posting that link! Now I'll have to start watching Google Plus more often, since I only got the email notification a minute ago. :)
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