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Tor dot com has posted the single-scene excerpt from the prologue of A MEMORY OF LIGHT that Harriet read at JordanCon.
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Very awesome and yet so tantalizing. Where are you 2013?
+Brandon Sanderson , you sir are a tease. Not only am I near bursting with excitement for AMoL, but I saw you have begun the next Stormlight book. Then seeing the mood trailer for Mistborn... I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing the feelings of a strip club full of virgins right now.
Awesome, thanks for letting us know! So excited for WoT, Little Orbit's Mistborn game, and more than the potential birth of my first child: the next stormlight book. 
Thanks for sharing it with us Brandon and! And thanks to Harriet too!
Amazing read...of course...Thanks Brandon, for finishing this masterpiece!!!!
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