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Brandon Sanderson is one of today's best-known and popular epic fantasy writers, author of THE WAY OF KINGS and its recent sequel WORDS OF RADIANCE as well as the final three novels of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

Brian McClellan is an epic fantasy writer at the cusp of his career, his debut novel PROMISE OF BLOOD having been published by Orbit in 2013. Brian was also a student of Brandon's in Brigham Young University's creative writing program, an experience that cemented his desire to pursue publication.

Join these two writers as they talk about their newest books, the epic fantasy genre, and writing as a career in a live, online event on May 1st! We'll be taking audience questions via Google Hangout and Twitter.
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Would be nice if you announce "spoilers" in the session, for those of us who didn't read the two books in question.

I'm interested in 'writing as a career' part :)
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Brandon Sanderson

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This book is awesome. I like this series the best
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Brandon Sanderson

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New post up with updates on the Words of Radiance release (less than two weeks away!), creative writing class videos, & Writing Excuses episodes.
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It was well worth the wait.
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Brandon Sanderson

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Here are full details on how to get a signed copy of WORDS OF RADIANCE. The tour, the midnight release, the signing-by-mail, etc.
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I have the ebook, but I'm going to pick up a hardcover as well. Hope to make the signing in Milwaukee.
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Brandon Sanderson

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Another BYU fumble... sigh
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Brandon Sanderson

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2013 Holiday Sales

My store manager Kara has set up some sales in the Brandon Sanderson store that I'll mention below. But first I want to mention that the STEELHEART ebook is $2.49 today in the US on Amazon: and the Google Play store: . THE WAY OF KINGS is also on sale at $2.99 in the US across all ebook vendors; for links see here:

In other news, this week's Writing Excuses episode features Scott Lynch talking with us about Roguishness in front of a live audience at Gen Con: We also announced the 2014 Out of Excuses workshop and writing retreat: It will be held September 29–October 5, and registration will open on January 18th and is sure to sell out quickly.

For this holiday season, the Windrunner Glyph pendant is on sale at $25: , there's a new holiday 2-pack of the signed hardcovers of THE EMPEROR'S SOUL and "Firstborn"/"Defending Elysium" marked down to $38: and Szeth shirts are back in stock and on sale at $25: Plus if you use the coupon code HOLIDAY2013 at checkout, you get $1.00 off shipping and a free 7-pack of THE WAY OF KINGS magnets. Also check out everything else in the store: All of the sales are until supplies last or until Kara decides to end them. And remember to check the holiday shipping deadlines:
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+Dallas Despain hey Dallas... Crazy we'd comment on the same post. Hope you're doing well.
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I have a new short story out this week in the horror anthology Games Creatures Play, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner. When Charlaine invited me to be part of this anthology and explained what it was going to be about, I knew I had to write a story for it. My contribution is called “Dreamer” and is rather unlike anything I’ve ever written—and it’s even a true short story rather than a novella. You can read a preview of it here:

If you like what you see in the preview, I hope you’ll check the anthology out. I know that horror isn’t something my usual readers necessarily read very much of on a regular basis, but you may be surprised and enjoy it more than you expected.

The anthology came out on Tuesday in the US/Canada and today in the UK/Australia/New Zealand. You can find region-specific store links at the link above.

Here’s the full list of highly talented contributors and stories for the anthology:

• Charlaine Harris: “In the Blue Hereafter”
• William Kent Krueger: “Hide and Seek”
• Jan Burke: “Stepping into the Dead Zone”
• Joe Lansdale: “Dead on the Bones”
• Caitlin Kittredge: “The Devil Went down to Boston”
• Brendan DuBois: “On the Playing Fields of Blood”
• Dana Cameron: “The God’s Games”
• Scott Sigler: “The Case of the Haunted Safeway”
• Ellen Kushner: “Prise de Fer”
• Brandon Sanderson: “Dreamer”
• Mercedes Lackey: “False Knight on the Road”
• Seanan McGuire: “Jammed”
• Adam-Troy Castro: “Hide and Shriek”
• Laura Lippman: “Ice”
• Toni L.P. Kelner: “Bell, Book, and Candlepin”
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X . McDonald vb. ,. *

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Brandon Sanderson changed his profile photo.

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New author photo!
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good pic - cant tell if you can see through the rim of your glasses though - i get it - your seeing around it. nice ploy.
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Here's the recording of the live writing video I did last week.
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it is like matt.
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Brandon Sanderson

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Words of Radiance is done! Here's my blog post talking about that and what I'm writing next.
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wow great job ! this is awesome 
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