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I strongly agree.

A lot of this is going to come down to economics (shocking) and durability (brittleness). After those are worked out, the only thing remaining to impede adoption might be texture.

That whole thing about people and glass houses? In a way it might happen.

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I have seen the future (And it's made of glass).

It's hard to think of glass as an area of rapid technology evolution. But it's one of the central technologies that will bring us incredible innovations over the next couple of years.

A combination of new technology, plus a strong desire on the part of major companies to transform glass, will affect nearly every category of consumer electronics, from smart watches to phones to tablets to desktop computers to smart homes and offices.

Hundreds of companies and organizations are working on the coming glass revolution. But here are four companies and one university that announced serious breakthroughs recently, shattering old ideas about what's possible with glass.

Here's my column about how glass technology will completely change everything in the next two years.
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