WildStar Google+ Competition

I’m happy to announce the start of the WildStar Google+ Competition! At Gamescom 2013 I won an exclusive swag bag full of WildStar goodies, and as promised earlier, I want to give some things away. But you need to do a bit of research or dig into your memory to come up with 5 correct answers! All questions are related to WildStar and it’s awesome community. 

The competition starts right away and ends on September, 16th 2013 at 9PM CET! Warning: that is Central European Time. At the time of writing you have a solid two weeks to come up with the correct answers, so that should give you plenty of time!

You can enter the competition here: docs.google.com/forms/d/12l4BaXB10NMQy4-k8Qp0Kdcp3ncNCGKT2MtxA8uiTNo/viewform

Besides the correct answers, you need to enter your WildStar Google+ Community profile name and your email address. You need to be a member of this community to be eligible.
Your email address will remain confidential and will only be used to contact you in case you’ve won a prize. Nobody likes spam, myself included.
The competition is restricted to one entry per person and multiple entries will be disqualified. Play it fair people!
The prizes will be picked randomly from all participants who provided all five correct answers, their email address and profile name.
The results are final and not open for discussion.

The lucky winners will be announced on this community after the competition ends and the winners will be contacted by email to provide shipping details. All prizes will be sent in letter sized bubble wrap envelopes and they should fit into a mailbox with no problems. Doing it this way will limit shipping costs and I don’t need to charge anyone for it. International deliveries can sometimes take longer than a week though, so a little patience is needed. I know it's hard!

You can sent me an email to bramhendriks at gmail dot com if you have any questions related to this competition.

So, without further ado, these are the prizes you can win:

1 - T-Shirt (size L) - i.imgur.com/oMuk5II.jpg
2 - Bandana - i.imgur.com/BzS9zCl.jpg
3 - Pen and keycord - i.imgur.com/JPsJiAR.jpg

Good luck to all of you!
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Awesome contest. Filled in my application. Let's hope I win!
Good Luck with the competition BW :D Its way to exile for my tastes :p
+Bram Hendriks There are more Exile swag than Doomie at this point. Probably because Carbine want to keep the good swag for themselves :p I kid I kid.
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